WWE Super ShowDown Results

WWE Super ShowDown Results (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

The WWE Super ShowDown 2020 special event is now underway LIVE from the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Featured below are live, ongoing play-by-play results coverage of WWE Super ShowDown 2020.


The Kickoff Show gets underway inside the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with the three-person announce team live from a studio welcoming us to the show. Charly Caruso, Scott Stanford and David Otunga are the featured expert analysts here on the WWE Super ShowDown Kickoff Show.

The trio run down some of the matches scheduled for the show before going to a video package that tells the story of the Roman Reigns / “King” Baron Corbin feud, which culminates with their Steel Cage Match here at WWE Super ShowDown.

We are informed that the action inside the ring will kick off momentarily with the scheduled tag-team opening contest.

Byron Saxton Interviews A.J. Styles

We shoot to a live backstage interview with “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles. Byron Saxton asks for his thoughts on the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match.

Styles talks about not caring how many Superstars he has to go through. He jokes about being modest, does a couple impressions — including “Stone Cold” Steve Austin — before vowing victory and a big post-show celebration with The O.C.

Paul Heyman Promo

After the panel talks about some more of the action on tap for WWE Super ShowDown, they kick it to Paul Heyman.

Heyman cuts a promo talking about how Brock Lesnar has done so many things that others have never done, and that was thought to be impossible.

He says Lesnar doesn’t play into the fantasies of the fans. He says Lesnar is reality. He warns Ricochet.

The Miz & John Morrison Promo

Now the panel kicks it to The Miz and John Morrison. The two talk about capping off the greatest comeback in WWE history by defeating The New Day to win the titles. They tell us to “Be Jealous.”

Byron Saxton Interviews Naomi

The panel shoots it back to Byron Saxton, who is now with Naomi. Naomi talks about being in the first-ever women’s championship contest in Saudi Arabia. She says she is going to become a three-time SmackDown Women’s Champion by beating Bayley. She ends her promo with a rhyme.

The Street Profits Promo

The Street Profits now get their promo time. The duo talks about their match tonight against Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins. They vow to win the RAW Tag-Team Titles.

The Viking Raiders vs. The O.C.

Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton welcome us to the show from ringside as we prepare for our first match of WWE Super ShowDown 2020.

Erik and Ivar, The Viking Raiders, will be colliding with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of The O.C. in the opening tag-team contest on the Kickoff Show pre-show.

Both teams make their entrances to the ring, with The Viking Raiders out first followed by Gallows and Anderson. The bell sounds and here we go.

Kicking things off for their respective teams are Erik and Anderson. Erik uses his strength to out-power Anderson in the early goings. Ivar tags in and the two double-team Anderson to further establish the early offensive lead in this opening contest.

Finally, Anderson makes the tag. Gallows takes the hot tag and comes in cleaning house, taking out any-and-everything that moves. As the action settles, Gallows is able to match size and strength with The Viking Raiders, so The O.C. are having their first comfortable run in the lead.

Gallows and Anderson utilizing quick tags to keep fresh men in the ring at all times. Finally, Ivar gets a hot tag and now The Viking Raiders are making their comeback, with the pace and intensity picking up at this point in the match.

The match builds to the finish, which sees The O.C. take advantage of their veteran tag-team knowledge, to secure the pinfall victory. Highlights are shown of “The Best Tag-Team in the World” picking up the win in the Kickoff Show opening bout.

Winners: The O.C.

Final Super ShowDown Build-Up On Kickoff Show

The panel of Charly Caruso, Scott Stanford and David Otunga return in the studio to wrap up the Kickoff Show.

The trio run down the card and give their final thoughts on the matches as they finish up the final few moments of the pre-show.


After a bad-ass elaborate opening video package, we shoot inside Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as an amazing pyro / fireworks display erupts as the camera pans around the building.

Finally, we hear the familiar voice of Michael Cole welcoming us to WWE Super ShowDown 2020. From there, the ring announcer begins the formal pre-match introductions for our opening contest of the WWE Super ShowDown main show.

Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match

The rules are shown via a graphic on the screen as the ring announcer runs them down. From there, the theme music of R-Truth hits and the multiple-time former WWE 24/7 Champion raps his way to the ring. What’s up?!

R-Truth vs. Bobby Lashley

Out next is Bobby Lashley, who comes to the ring accompanied by a very-covered-up / clothed Lana. The announce team of Michael Cole, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton talk about the Lashley/Lana/Rusev issues over the past weeks/months.

The trio now introduce the Saudi Arabian announce team. They get a few moments on camera. R-Truth and Lashley kick off the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match here at WWE Super ShowDown.

Lashley’s power is too much for R-Truth early on. He shoves Truth down to the mat. Truth back up and leap-frogs Lashley. Now he slams Lashley down and fires away at punches to the big man in the corner. Lashley ends up blasting Truth with a right hand.

On the floor now, Lashley smashes Truth back-first into the ringside barricade. And again. Cole informs us on commentary that the Tuwaiq is a mountain in Saudi Arabia that signifies strength. Graves says it is perfectly named for Lashley.

Lashley powers Truth down to the mat again. Graves and Cole bicker on commentary while Lashley continues to dominate the action in the ring. Cole has pointed out a few times now that the fans are still filing into the arena here in the early goings of this special event.

Truth is making a comeback now, showing signs of life by punching away at Lashley. A shoulder tackle from Truth sends Lashley down. Lashley uses raw power to stop Truth’s offensive run. Truth ends up fighting into the contest some more.

He hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle after doing the “You Can’t See Me” gesture. He goes for the Attitude Adjustment, but Lashley avoids it. Lashley waits for Truth to get up. He goes for the spear but Truth moves. Lashley spears himself into the corner. Truth capitalizes and gets the pin.

Winner and ADVANCING in the Gauntlet: R-Truth

After The Match: Lashley Attacks Truth

R-Truth advances in the gauntlet match. An angry Lashley begins a brutal, prolonged post-match attack of Truth. He slams him out to the floor. He bashes him back-first into the barricade. He smashes him into the steel ring steps. Now he rolls Truth in the ring and comes in after him. He waits for him to get up and brutalizes him with a monsterous spear. Finally, Lashley leaves as a beaten down Truth is laid out in the ring.

R-Truth vs. Andrade

Andrade’s music hits and out comes the WWE United States Champion in his return for his first match since serving his 30-day Wellness Policy violation suspension. The announcers remind us that Andrade was taken out via injury angle weeks ago.

We see a beaten up Truth trying to recover on the mat in the ring. He still can’t get to his feet. Andrade enters the ring, the bell sounds and here we go. Andrade locks in an armbar through the ring ropes. The announcers point out that Truth’s left arm is injured after the Lashley attack. Truth is selling the arm big time.

Andrade goes for a running flying knee to Truth in the corner of the ring, but Truth ducks and Andrade goes flying all the way out to the floor.

Back in the ring, Andrade finds himself on the receiving end of the first offense from Truth in the match. Truth fires away with punches and a big clothesline, while still selling his shoulder.

The two collide into each other head-first when Truth goes for a spinning back-fist or elbow. Truth falls on top of Andrade. The ref makes the count. 1-2-3. Truth wins and advances in the gauntlet again.

Winner and ADVANCING in the Gauntlet: R-Truth

R-Truth vs. Erick Rowan

Now as Truth continues to sell his arm while seated on the mat, the music of Erick Rowan hits. Rowan comes out with his mystery covered cage as Graves claims there is no way Truth can make it past Rowan.

Rowan enters the ring, Truth struggles to get back to his feet. Here we go. Rowan runs and splashes on Truth in the corner. He slams him down to the mat and follows up with a big elbow drop. Truth tries scooting to the ropes. Rowan hops on top of him and delivers some ground and pound.

Truth uses the ropes to pull himself up in the corner. Rowan charges at Truth, who pulls down the top rope. Rowan goes sailing to the floor ala One Man Gang / Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the first-ever WWE Royal Rumble match.

Rowan is laid out on the floor and Truth does a crazy jump and dive, splashing onto Rowan. Finally, Rowan recovers and decks Truth with a big shot on the floor. Now Rowan smashes Truth head-first into the ring steps. Rowan with a vicious head-butt. Rowan picks up the entire set of ring steps and blasts Truth with them.

The referee sees the steel steps spot from Rowan, so he calls for the bell. The ring announcer informs us that Rowan has been disqualified and Truth advances in the gauntlet.

Regardless, Rowan doesn’t care as he continues his vicious assault on Truth. He slams the ring steps on him again. He yells “You tried to hurt my friend!” at Truth, referring to his mystery cage. Rowan with a claw-slam on Truth in the ring before taking his mystery cage and heading to the back. Truth is completely laid out in the ring.

Winner and ADVANCING in the Gauntlet: R-Truth

R-Truth vs. A.J. Styles

“They don’t want none! They don’t want none!” Truth doesn’t “want none” of his next opponent in the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match, as “The Phenomenal One” himself, A.J. Styles, makes his way to the ring as he is R-Truth’s next opponent.

Truth has made it to his knees now and is still vey visibly selling his injured arm. He look like a badly beaten man as a smiling Styles enters the ring.

The match begins with the fans chanting for A.J. Probably not the desired reaction in this instance. Regardless, the action begins as Styles mocks Truth’s dancing and trademark gestures before stomping away at the badly beaten down man.

The fans continue to chant for A.J. as he continues his dastardly heel tactics. “The Phenomenal One” keeps putting the boots to a grounded Truth. Styles locks Truth in the calf-crusher submission and he taps out. Styles wins and advances in the gauntlet. Truth is finally eliminated.

Winner and ADVANCING in the Gauntlet: A.J. Styles

A.J. Styles vs. Rey Mysterio

Now, we move to the final one-on-one showdown in the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match. The music of Rey Mysterio hits as the announcers inform us Mysterio is the final competitor in the bout.

Mysterio’s music cuts off. Styles is smiling while waiting in the ring. Mysterio’s music hits again, yet still no one comes out. It stops again. Styles is still smiling in the ring.

Finally, the camera cuts to the backstage area, where we see Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, The O.C. running-mates of A.J. Styles, beating down Mysterio. They attack the WWE legend, leaving him apparently unable to compete.

Back in the arena, Styles asks for a microphone. He gets on the mic and declares himself the winner via forefit. He orders the ref to raise his hand. The ref doesn’t. Styles calls him the worst ref ever. Now he demands the time keeper ring the bell and go fetch his trophy.

The ref talks to the ring announcer. The ring announcer informs us that Styles’ opponent has to the count of ten to make it to the ring, or Styles will win via count out. The ref begins his count, with Styles happily counting behind him.

A.J. Styles vs. The Undertaker

We shoot backstage again, but this time we see Gallows and Anderson are laid out. We see a pair of black boots and a long black coat walk by their beaten down bodies, but we don’t see who it is. We all know, though! As do the fans in the arena. “The Dead Man” appears to be in the building, folks.

With that said, a gong sounds in the arena and the fans go ballistic. The lights go out. Lightning strikes and smoke billows out of the entrance way as the gong goes off a few more times. Some cool blue lasers light up as fire pyro erupts and we see Styles gazing at the epic, legendary ring entrance of “The Phenom” of WWE.

The Undertaker slowly emerges on the stage with the cool lasers and pyro and fire exploding as he begins his slow walk towards the ring. It looks as though Taker will be substituting for Mysterio in the final round of the gauntlet match, as the ring announcer formally introduces him.

Michael Cole says the reports are true, Undertaker is here. Graves also addresses the reports of sightings of The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia ahead of today’s show. The announcers talk about how Styles mentioned being able to beat anyone from any era during his Kickoff Show interview earlier in the show.

The Undertaker is on the top ring step now. He raises his arms as the lights in the arena come back on and the fire pyro explodes over and over again back at the entrance stage. We see an angry Styles ranting and raving. He yells while pointing his finger at The Undertaker and getting in his face.

“The Dead Man” simply grabs “The Phenomenal One” by the throat and chokeslams him. He kneels down, crosses Styles arms together and pins him. 1-2-3. The Undertaker wins without breaking a sweat, or even removing his hat or coat. The iconic music of The Undertaker plays again as the ring announcer officially announces The Undertaker as the winner of the 2020 Tuwaiq Trophy.

Winner of the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match: The Undertaker

The New Day Promo

Backstage, The New Day are shown. Big E., Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods talk about how they are about to show why they are seven-time tag-team champions. They vow to defeat The Miz and John Morrison.

SmackDown Tag-Team Titles
The Miz & John Morrison vs. The New Day (C)

The team of The Miz and John Morrison make their way out to the ring. Miz is out first, followed by John Morrison.

The finish in this one sees Morrison sneak in a chair shot and with a hand full of tights on the pin, The Miz scores the follow up 1-2-3 to earn the victory in sneaky fashion.

Replays are shown over and over again of Morrison blasting Kofi Kingston on the floor with a steel chair, setting up the pin by The Miz, who as noted, also had a handful of tights to ensure he would get the three count.

The Miz and John Morrison celebrate with their newly won SmackDown Tag-Team Championships as the announcers talk about how big of a celebration the two are going to have on WWE Friday Night SmackDown tomorrow night.

Winners and NEW SmackDown Tag-Team Champions: The Miz & John Morrison

Byron Saxton Interviews Seth Rollins & Murphy

After the SmackDown Tag-Team Title change, we shoot backstage where Byron Saxton is with the reigning RAW Tag-Team Champions — Seth Rollins and Murphy.

Rollins talks in cocky fashion about not needing a plan. He says it is his destiny for he and his deciple, Murphy, to walk out of WWE Super ShowDown as the reigning champions.

He talks about eradicating The Street Profits along the way. He walks off as Saxton looks confused.

Angel Garza vs. Humberto Carrillo

The music of Angel Garza hits and out comes who Corey Graves calls one of the most promising prospects in WWE today. Highlights are shown of Garza’s RAW debut and his match against Rey Mysterio, including his DDT to the WWE legend on the concrete.

The self-proclaimed ladies man settles into the ring as Graves talks about his excitement to call an Angel Garza match for the first time. Finally, his music fades down and the music of Humberto Carrillo plays. Out comes Carrillo, complete with the pyro treatment.

Michael Cole informs us that RAW will be in Brooklyn, New York this coming Monday night and on the show, Rey Mysterio will team with Humberto Carrillo to take on the duo of Andrade and Angel Garza in tag-team action.

The bell sounds as the announcers again talk about Garza and Carrillo being cousins. The two lock up and here we go with this contest between a pair of third-generation WWE Superstars. Early on, Carrillo shows beautiful athleticism and is doing a good job of controlling the offense.

Carrillo effortlessly runs the ropes and headbutts Garza on the way down. Garza rolls out of the ring to get his composure but Carrillo comes out after him.

After a few minutes of back-and-forth action, it is Angel Garza who snatches the victory out of the jaws of defeat, rolling up Carrillo out of nowhere after a failed sunset-flip attempt for the 1-2-3 and the victory.

Winner: Angel Garza

Byron Saxton Interviews Bayley

Backstage, Byron Saxton is with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. He asks her about making history as part of the first-ever women’s championship contest in Saudi Arabia. Bayley calls us all sheep and says she’s been making history her entire WWE career.

RAW Tag-Team Titles
Seth Rollins & Murphy (c) vs. The Street Profits

Seth Rollins “burns it down” as he and his deciple, Murphy, make their way to the ring for our next match here at WWE Super ShowDown.

The RAW Tag-Team Champions are settled into the ring now and the music dies down. The music of The Street Profits hit the house speakers now.

We see some cool close-ups of fireworks going off as the duo make their way to the ring for this RAW Tag-Team Championship contest.

The bell sounds and here we go. Angelo Dawkins with a big spear to immediately kick this one off in a big way. Montez Ford tags in and delivers a nice drop kick.

The announcers stress how impressive The Street Profits look against the champions here in the early goings, mentioning their performances on RAW this past Monday night as well.

Finally, a distraction allows Murphy to blast a kick on Ford. Rollins jumps in and helps establish the first offensive lead in the match thus far. Rollins is in the ring now working over Ford as the fans chant “Burn it down! Burn it down!”

After enjoying several minutes in the offensive lead, Dawkins and Ford begin to put together their comeback. They get in a few high spots before going for a double-team finisher. Rollins avoids it.

As the action continues, The Street Profits hit a double-DDT on Rollins. He rolls out of the ring. Ford flies over the top but is caught by Rollins and Murphy on the floor on the way down. They run him and slam him into the barricade.

Dawkins charges off the ring apron to follow-up, taking out Rollins and Murphy. The fans chant “This Is Awesome” as Dawkins rolls Murphy back in the ring. Rollins distracts Dawkins, allowing Murphy to hit a big kick.

As he sells with his neck draped across the bottom rope, Rollins hits a (Curb) Stomp on him. Murphy covers him. 1-2-3. The champs retain.

Winners and STILL RAW Tag-Team Champions: Seth Rollins & Murphy

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mansoor

Saudi Arabia’s own Mansoor makes his way to the ring to a nice ovation from the members of the WWE Universe in attendance in the Mohammed Abdou Arena at The Boulevard in Riyadh.

Out next are the team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. After some early shenanigans, the referee orders Roode away from ringside, as this will only be a one-on-one affair.

The match finally gets started with Mansoor jumping off to an early offensive lead. He lands a nice standing moonsault with a follow-up pin attempt that only gets him a two-count from the referee.

Mansoor gets fired up now that he finds himself firmly in control of the action. A few near falls continues to give Mansoor confidence.

Finally, Ziggler cuts Mansoor’s offensive run short with a well-timed drop kick. Ziggler with a big elbow drop to the chest of Mansoor.

Ziggler slaps a rear chin lock with body scissors on the Saudi Arabian Superstar in-the-making. Ziggler arrogantly stands over Mansoor. He rakes his eyes.

After some near-fall teases and false-finishes, we finally get to the closing sequence, which sees Mansoor execute a beautiful moonsault to set up the pin fall victory after a cool spot where he ran the ropes for a unique flip-over DDT move.

Winner: Mansoor

After The Match: Mansoor Interview

Big win for Mansoor, which the crowd reacted to well in his home land of Saudi Arabia, as we see via the replays. After the match, Byron Saxton gets in the ring to interview him.

The fans cheer and a smattering of “Mansoor! Mansoor!” chants break out. Mansoor speaks in his native language to a big pop from the fans in Riyadh, before switching to English to thank the fans for carrying him and giving him hope.

He claims the fans have made it clear that they are ready for their first Saudi Arabian Superstar. He says they showed WWE tonight that they are here to stay. The fans chant as Mansoor speaks in his native language again before his music hits to end the segment.

WWE Championship
Ricochet vs. Brock Lesnar (C)

After the pre-match video package concludes, we shoot back live inside the arena where Ricochet makes his way to the ring as the announcers sell the fact that him defeating Brock Lesnar right now is nearly impossible. They claim it will take the performance of a lifetime and essentially an all-out miracle to win.

Ricochet’s music stops and we have a few moments of dead silence before finally the familiar thump of Brock Lesnar’s WWE theme plays as “The Beast Incarnate” makes his way out wearing the WWE Championship and accompanied by his “advocate” Paul Heyman while pyro and fire explodes and erupts.

Lesnar and Heyman begin their walk to the ring while a cool giant yellow/gold graphic/light display is shown behind them. The announcers talk about the size difference as Lesnar circles the ring, stalking what will soon be his prey.

The bell sounds and Lesnar swats away an offensive attempt from Ricochet. From there The Beast launches Ricochet in the air with the first German Suplex of the match. The announcers reference suplex city. Lesnar with another suplex. And for a third time, Ricochet goes flying and landing on his neck/back. Lesnar toys with a grounded Ricochet now.

Lesnar hoists Ricochet up like a small child and launches him with his F-5 finisher. That’s it, folks. Just that fast, Brock Lesnar defeats Ricochet and retains his WWE Championship. Michael Cole says this performance by Lesnar was a direct message to Drew McIntyre, Lesnar’s opponent for his title defense at WrestleMania 36.

After the win, we see highlights from the match while Lesnar and Heyman head to the back after a quick day’s work.

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Steel Cage Match
King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

The video package with the dog food clips we’ve seen 100 times, and the rest of the rivalry between Roman Reigns and “King” Baron Corbin airs.

After the video package, we head back into the arena where the Steel Cage lowers. It’s time for our next featured bout of the show.

After both guys make their ring entrances, “The Big Dog” attempts to lock the door behind him and pocket the key. As he does, Corbin attacks him from behind.

The key to the pad-lock on the steel cage door is now loose on the ring mat. Meanwhile, Corbin is slamming Reigns into the steel cage. Now he grinds Reigns’ face into the steel mesh of one of the steel cage walls.

Corbin again slams Reigns into the steel cage. The announcers point out that Reigns grabbed his quad on the way down. Corbin begins climbing the cage, looking for a quick win, however Reigns recovers and heads up to stop him.

The two are now battling it out while hanging on near the top of the cage. Reigns knocks Corbin down and he begins his climb. Corbin goes up as well, underneath Reigns, looking to power bomb The Big Dog off the top of the cage. Reigns avoids it and launches himself onto Corbin.

Again, Michael Cole is pointing out that Reigns seems to be dealing with a quad issue after a bad fall. Reigns fires away with punches on Corbin in the corner. Corbin charges at him but runs into a big boot from The Big Dog for his troubles. Reigns decks Corbin after ten straight punches in the corner, which the fans counted along with.

Reigns is locked-and-loaded now and is waiting for Corbin to get up. As he does, Reigns charges at him looking for the Superman Punch, but no dice. Instead, Corbin reverses and hits the Deep 6. He covers Reigns, but only gets a two count from the referee. Both guys are now slow to get back to their feet.

Both guys fight over the key that Reigns now has in his pocket for the pad lock that was added to the locked steel cage door. As Graves points out, WWE has nothing to do with that lock and the only way it’s getting opened is the key in Reigns’ pocket. Corbin finally decks Reigns and gets the key out of his pocket, which a close-up camera shot shows the viewing audience at home.

Corbin crawls to the steel cage door. He uses the key to unlock the pad lock. He gets it un locked but before he can do anything else, a recovered Reigns grabs onto him. Corbin smashes elbows down onto Reigns.

King Corbin calls for the unlocked cage door to be opened. It is. As he goes to the cage door, Reigns grabs the door and yanks it backwards, smashing it into Corbin’s face in the process. Corbin and Reigns both slow to get up again. On his way up, Corbin grabs the steel chain that was wrapped around the cage door for the pad lock by Reigns at the start of the match.

Corbin wraps the chain around his fist and locks-and-loads it, mocking Reigns while waiting for him to get up. As he does, he charges at Reigns, but Reigns charges at Corbin as well, and the two meet in the middle with Reigns blasting Corbin with a Superman Punch. Both guys are slow to recover once again.

Both guys climb the cage again, and this time Reigns gets as close as either man has come thus far to escaping and winning. Corbin ultimately catches up and stops him. Now Corbin smashes Reigns’ face off the cage. Reigns bounces into the ropes and crotches Corbin. While crotched on the ropes, Reigns charges at him with a Superman Punch. And another.

The Big Dog grabs the steel chain and wraps it around his fist and waits for Corbin to get back to his feet. As Corbin gets up, he is met by Reigns with a Superman Punch with the chain wrapped around his hand. 1-2-3. Reigns wins.

Winner: Roman Reigns

SmackDown Women’s Title
Naomi vs. Bayley (C)

Our co-main event is on deck now, as the SmackDown Women’s Championship will be up-for-grabs in our next match here at WWE Super ShowDown.

As the camera pans around the arena in Riyadh, the neon glowing lights and lasers begin flashing and shining around the venue — which looks unbelievable in this Saudi Arabia set-up.

Naomi makes her way to the ring in a t-shirt and her arms/legs fully covered up for this history-making, first-ever WWE women’s title match hosted in Saudi Arabia. Naomi is “feeling the glow” now as she dances around in the ring to wrap up her rave-style ring entrance.

Out next in a blue t-shirt with her legs and arms fully covered, is the reigning, defending SmackDown Women’s Champion — Bayley. It is Bayley vs. Naomi with the SmackDown Women’s Title on-the-line next. Stay tuned …

Michael Cole references that Bayley is the record-holding 279-day women’s champion of the SmackDown brand. He lists her accomplishments, saying she has won every title there is for a woman in WWE — the RAW Women’s title, the SmackDown Women’s title twice, the NXT Women’s title, a former WWE Women’s Tag-Team Champion with Sasha Banks and a former Women’s Money in the Bank winner.

He then points out that the one thing Bayley has not done is defeat Naomi in one-on-one competition. The bell sounds and here we go with this history-making bout. Naomi establishes the early offensive lead, using her quickness and athleticism to dominate the action thus far.

Naomi with a split-leg-drop on Bayley for a two count. Bayley is turning the tide now, working over the arm of Naomi. Naomi fights her way out and hits another leg drop for another near fall. Bayley with a look of surprise on her face as Naomi continues to have her way in this one.

A big kick to the gut of Bayley sets up a head-scissors takedown for Naomi. “C’mon champ!” yells a confident challenger. With Bayley recovering on the floor, Naomi hits a big dive onto Bayley on the floor. A light “This Is Awesome!” chant spreads as Bayley cuts Naomi off during her attempted return to the ring.

Bayley slams Naomi into the barricade with authority before rolling her back into the ring. The announcers talk about Bayley’s new mean streak as the champion clearly takes over the offensive lead in this co-main event here at WWE Super ShowDown.

The champ hits a belly-to-Bayley suplex but doesn’t get the pin. As Bayley continues to go for the finish, Naomi sprints and misses a split-legged moonsault attempt on Bayley.

Now Bayley locks Naomi’s feet in her shirt and slams her face-first into the mat. She covers her and scores the 1-2-3 for the victory. Bayley retains her title and continues her record-reign in this history-making first-ever women’s championship match in Saudi Arabia.

Winner and STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion: Bayley

WWE Universal Title
“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt (C) vs. Goldberg

After a quick WWE Elimination Chamber 2020 commercial and a check-in with the announcers at ringside regarding updates for the upcoming episodes of SmackDown (tomorrow night) and RAW (Monday night), the pre-match video package for tonight’s main event airs.

The WWE Universal Championship showdown between current title-holder “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and WWE Hall Of Famer Bill Goldberg is up next.

Once the video package wraps up, the iconic theme music of Bill Goldberg begins playing. A knock on the door backstage provides our first live glimpse at the WWE Hall Of Famer. He is accompanied by security as he make his long trademark walk through the backstage area, to gorilla position, and ultimately on the entrance stage, all-the-while the fans chant “Goldberg! Goldberg!” to the beat of his theme.

Finally, the pyro / fireworks start shooting on both sides of the entrance stage as the legend emerges. He stands in the middle and begins his walk as more pyro and fireworks erupt. He throws a kick and a punch at the air, stretches his arms out and begins his walk to the ring as the fans continue chanting his name to the beat of his music.

The music of Goldberg fades down and the chants do as well. The “Firefly Fun House” graphic appears on the screen. It fades down and special “Fiend” version of Bray Wyatt’s theme music plays. The red tint spreads throughout the arena along with red laser lights.

Wyatt emerges from the red lasers with a unique “Fiend” look as the music escalates and the lights start blinking and changing colors as smoke pours around him and he begins his walk to the ring. A very, very unique ring entrance, even for Bray Wyatt. Cool stuff.

The music of Wyatt dies down and now he and Goldberg stare each other down from across the ring. The bell sounds and this one is officially underway. Goldberg hits a spear out of nowhere immediately. He covers him, but Wyatt kicks out at two.

Wyatt locks Goldberg into the Mandible Claw but the WWE Hall Of Famer fights his way out of it. Goldberg catches The Fiend with another spear out of nowhere. And again. Goldberg hits a total of four spears and covers him. 1-2… Wyatt still manages to kick out.

Out of nowhere, The Fiend locks Goldberg in the Mandible Claw once again. Goldberg is trying to fight his way out of it, but The Fiend sinches it in tighter. Goldberg manages to make it to his feet while still in the hold. Goldberg headbutts his way out of the hold and finds himself in position to deliver his finisher, the JackHammer He hits it. 1-2-3. Goldberg wins. Goldberg is the new WWE Universal Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE Universal Champion: Goldberg

After The Match:

The lights go out and the music of Goldberg stops. When the lights come back on, Goldberg is in the ring alone with the WWE Universal Championship title belt.

“Just like that, ‘The Fiend’ is gone,” says Michael Cole. Goldberg looks around as his music cuts back on as the announcers go over the highlights of the match.

That does it for WWE Super ShowDown 2020. Thanks for joining us. For continued WWE coverage, follow me on Twitter @MattBoone1984.

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