WWE Evolution Update

WWE Superstars Disappointed With Lack Of Promotion For WWE Evolution PPV

The general feeling backstage among WWE management and talent is that the Evolution PPV on Sunday is “no big deal” with some of the women disappointed in WWE’s lack of promotion for the PPV.

While the Roman Reigns story and the Saudi Arabia controversy has dominated the headlines, several performers are upset that more of a focus wasn’t placed on the show during Raw and Smackdown this past week (and for the last month) and that Evolution has taken a distinct backseat to Crown Jewel.

Reportedly this is actually because a lot of the upper management don’t see the show as being on the same level as a regular PPV which has reinforced the thought backstage that the main purpose of the show was basically a front to take away from the attention that WWE is not going to be taking any of their female performers or executives to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel.

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