WWE Survivor Series 2019 Results (11/24): Chicago, IL

WWE’s Survivor Series 2019 took place on November 24th, 2019 at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

Survivor Series Kickoff Show results:

– Jonathan Coachman welcomes us to the Kickoff Show panel, and he’s joined by Booker T, David Orguna, and Charly Caruso.

– Paul Heyman is backstage for a brief interview about Brock’s Title defense against Rey Mysterio tonight.

– Shawn Michaels joins the Kickoff Show panel now to talk up NXT’s chances tonight.

– Bayley does an interview backstage where she says that everything going on is Becky’s fault.

Tag Team Battle Royal: The Forgotten Sons are eliminated first, and then the Lucha House Party. Imperium is eliminated next by Ziggler and Roode. Otis goes for The Caterpillar, but The OC and The Revival team up to interrupt and eliminate him. Ziggler superkicks Gallows for the next elimination. It’s down to The Street Profits and Ziggler/Roode. The Profits drop Roode, then Ziggler drops Dawkins with a DDT. Ford comes flying off the top with the Sky High on Ziggler. Roode runs in and ambushes Ford from behind and throws him out for the elimination. Roode and Ziggler are your winners.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

– Ziggler and Roode celebrate after the match, and SmackDown scores the first win of the evening.

– Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Christian joins the kickoff show panel now and gives his thoughts on tonight’s card.

Akira Tozawa vs. Kalisto vs. Lio Rush (c): Lio’s Cruiserweight Title is on the line in this one. Lio gets dumped outside early on, then Tozawa and Kalisto go at it in the ring. Rush gets involved again and knocks Kalisto outside. Kalisto pulls Rush out to ringside, then Tozawa looks for a dive but Kalisto stops him with a kick. Back in the ring, they fight up the turnbuckle and Lio hits a double Spanish Fly. All three men are slow to get up, and Kalisto and Tozawa start teaming up on Lio now. Kalisto ends up kicking Rush, then Rush takes out Kalisto. Tozawa nails Rush with some kicks then hits a German suplex. Kalisto breaks it up and turns it into a pin on Rush for a two count. Tozawa comes back and hits a big senton splash on Lio. Kalisto breaks up the pin then takes out Tozawa with the Salida Del Sol, then Lio comes flying off the top with perfect timing for a Frogsplash on Kalisto. Lio pins for the three count.

Winner & still Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

– Sami Zayn interrupts the kickoff show panel now and exchanges words with Christian. Sami starts cutting a promo about Nakamura, saying that he is performing better than ever before now. Booker T interrupts to break the tension, and Sami walks away.

– The New Day cuts a promo backstage at the Gorilla position. They’re wearing XW arm bands for Xavier Woods, who is on the injured list.

Big E & Kofi Kingston vs. Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Viking Raiders: Ivar, Big E and Fish start this one off. Fish gets knocked outside early on, and now Big E and Ivar face off with big strikes. Erik tags in for the double team. The Viking Raiders start beating down both Undisputed Era members now. Big E gets back in the ring and Kofi tags in. Kofi levels Erik with a dropkick, then he lays into O’Reilly with strikes. Big E tags in for the double team on Kyle for a two count. Kofi tags in for another double team on Kyle, then he dumps him out to ringside. Kofi kicks Fish off the apron next. Erik and Ivar get in the ring now, and Big E comes in too to back up Kofi. They start throwing strikes in the middle of the ring now, and Big E and Erik brawl out to ringside. Kofi, Ivar and O’Reilly brawl in the ring now. Ivar gets dumped outside, and the Era double teams Kofi. They start working over Kofi’s knee now and Kyle looks for the submission. Erik tags in and dumps Kyle out, then brawls with Kofi. The fight spills out to ringside, where The Era drops Kofi. Erik picks up Ivar on the apron, and throws him on to The Era and Big E. Back in the ring, Erik and Fish go at it now. O’Reilly tags in for the double team on Erik, and they keep Erik grounded now. Ivar finally gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house. O’Reilly accidentally kicks Fish, and Ivar drops O’Reilly. Kofi gets involved and Ivar fights him off, but the Era starts fighting back now. Erik gets the tag and kicks Fish now, then Ivar looks for a splash on him in the corner, but O’Reailly pulls Fish outside to safety. Back in the ring, Kofi hits a double stomp on Erik. Big E tags in and hits belly to belly supelxes on both Era members. Kofi and Big E hit the Midnight Hour on Erik, but Ivar breaks it up. They dump Ivar outside, then Kofi hits a dive on Ivar and The Era at ringside. Big E then spears Erik off the apron down to the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Big E and Kofi look for the Midnight Hour, but The Era breaks it up. It comes down to Erik and Big E in the ring, and Erik hits a big knee to the face. The Vikings hit a big double team German suplex. Kofi misses a Trouble In Paradise at ringside and hits his leg on the ring post. The Era hits the High Low on Kofi on the ringside floor. The Vikings chase the Era back into the ring, and The Era starts getting the upper hand. Fish hits a t-bone suplex on Erik, then they hit double team kicks on Ivar. Ivar hulks up and hits a springboard back double elbow. Ivar and Erik hit the double Viking Experience on Fish and O’Reilly for the three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

– RAW now has a win on the scoreboard as the Viking Raiders celebrate in the ring.

– We go back to the kickoff show panel where they run down the card for tonight’s show. It’s time for Survivor Series!



– We open up with a video package looking at tonight’s feuds and matches.

– Michael Cole welcomes us to the show and announces over 13,000 in attendance.

Women’s Elimination Match: Sasha Banks, Lacey Evans, Nikki Cross, Dana Brooke, & Carmella vs. Asuka, Kairi Sane, Sarah Logan, Charlotte, & Natalya vs. Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Toni Storm, Io Shirai & Candice LeRae: Nikki Cross, Sarah Logan and Toni start off. Shirai and Sane tag in and go at it now. Shirai drops hits a big dropkick on Sane, then Dana tags in and rolls up Shirai for a two count. The three women trade rolls up and reversals now. Dana ends up putting Shirai and Sane in the corner for a handstand elbow. Dana goes up top and hits a Swanton bomb on both women. Lacey tags in, and her and Dana double team Shirai for a two count. Candice tags in and goes at it with Lacey now. Asuka tags in and gets involved now. Rhea tags in and starts cleaning house. Asuka puts her in an armbar, but Bianca breaks it up. The fight spills out to ringside and it looks like Candice and and Io Shirai are both selling injuries. The match comes to a stop, and Candice and Shirai are both walked to the back by referees. Team NXT now only has three members. Charlotte tags in now, and several other women start fighting on the apron as this one turns into chaos. Bianca scores the first pin of the match on Nikki, with the help of her teammates from ringside holding her feet for leverage. Carmella comes in and hits a hurricanrana on Bianca, then a superkick on Sarah Logan. Bianca comes back with the KOD on Carmella. Carmella rolls outside to avoid the pin. Sarah Logan fires up now and starts nailing people on the corner. Sarah Logan hits a flying knee strike off the apron on Toni and Rhea at ringside, then back in the ring she goes back at it with Bianca. Bianca gets the upper hand, then goes up top and hits a 450 splash on Logan for the three count. Logan is now eliminated, and Charlotte comes in. Charlotte drops Bianca, then Carmella runs in and rolls up Charlotte. Carmella hits some kicks on Charlotte. Charlotte fires back with kicks on both women and drops them both. Carmella and Charlotte fight in the corner, and Carmella gives Charlotte a Frankensteiner onto Bianca Belair on the mat. Carmella tries pinning both Charlotte and Bianca for two counts. Charlotte comes up and drops Carmella for the three count. Kairi Sane comes in next and hits the flying elbow on Toni. Sasha breaks up the pin with a running knee strike on Kairi for the three count. Asuka comes in an takes out Dana Brooke with a roundhouse kick to the head for the three count, and Dana is now eliminated. Teammates Asuka and Charlotte get into a shoving match now, and Charlotte drops her. Lacey Evans comes in and starts trading blows with Charlotte now. Charlotte hits a suplex on Lacey, then Asuka spits the green mist in Charlotte’s eyes. Asuka leaves the ring and abandons Charlotte and Natalya. Lacey takes advantage and hits Charlotte with the right hand for the three count, and Charlotte is now eliminated. Natalya is the last member of Team RAW, and she comes in to brawl with Lacey and Toni now. Natalya rolls up Lacey in a small package for the three count. Natalya puts Toni in the Sharpshooter now, and then Sasha runs over and applies a crossface to Toni at the same time. Toni taps out and she’s eliminated. Bianca Belair, and Natalya and Sasha double team her. They hit the Hart Attack for the three count, and Bianca is now eliminated. It’s down to Ripley, Banks and Natalya. Sasha walks over to Natalya to talk strategy with her, then she blindsides Sasha with a sucker punch. She pins Natalya for the three count. It’s down to Rhea and Sasha. Rhea starts off strong and hits a cross body on Sasha for a two count. Sasha looks for a sleeper on rhea, but Rhea fights out. Sasha drops Rhea in the corner then hits the running knee strikes, followed by a series of knees to the face. Sasha follows up with the flying knee strike off the top rope for a two count. Sasha looks for another shot off the top, but Rhea kicks her out of mid-air. Rhea looks for a submission, but Sasha reverses it into the Banks Statement. Io Shirai and Candice LeRae come back out to the ring now and they pull Ripley out to ringside. Sasha hits a baseball slide dropkick on them, then takes Ripley back in the ring. Shirai and LeRae gets involved again, and this leads to Rhea hitting the Rip Tide for the three count.

Winners: Team NXT

– Ripley, Shirai and LeRae celebrate in the ring after the match. NXT now has two wins tonight, and RAW and SmackDown each have one. We go to replays, then Bianca and Toni join Team NXT on the stage to celebrate.

– Michael Cole introduces us to a video package looking at the NXT WarGames match last night, with Kevin Owens’ surprise appearance.

– Seth Rollins approaches Kevin Owens backstage, and Rollins says he needs to know where Owens’ loyalty lies. Owens says NXT doesn’t need him, but RAW desperates needs him, so tonight he’s Team RAW. Owens says Rollins should look at his own history before questioning anyone else’s loyalty. Owens walks off.

– Nigel McGuinness joins the commentary team.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles vs. Roderick Strong: Sami Zayn is at ringside for this non-title Triple Threat. The opening bell sounds and AJ starts off strong. AJ hits flying forearm shots on both men in opposite corners. Strong comes back with a backbreaker on Styles, then he knocks Nakamura out to ringside. Styles blocks a backbreaker attempt, then kicks Strong off the apron. Back in the ring, Strong fights back and looks for a submission on Nakamura. AJ comes back in and drops Strong. Strong starts firing back with forearm shots on both Styles and Nakamura, then he turns AJ inside out with an lariat. Strong hits a backbreaker on Nakamura, then a running elbow to the face on Styles. Strong hits a facebuster on Styles for a two count. Stong hits a side slam on Styles for another two count. Nakamura gets involved and lays into Strong with kicks and knee strikes. AJ breaks up the pin attempt, and all men are down and hurting now. AJ looks for a Calf Crusher on Strong, but Nakamura breaks it up. Strong drops Nakamura, then he starts working over Styles. AJ and Strong fight up the turnbuckle, then Nakamura runs over and gets involved. AJ picks up Strong on his shoulders, then Nakamura kicks Strong down. Nakmura throws AJ outside, and AJ tries to pull him out with him, but Sami hits a cheap shot on AJ. Strong takes advantage and knees Nakamura in the face, but he only gets a two count. The ref saw what Sami did, but hasn’t made any call regarding it. Strong looks for a suplex on Nakamura, but Nakamura fights out and hits a facebuster. Nakamura looks for a running knee, but AJ cuts him off with a big boot. Strong hits AJ now, then Nakamura comes back with kicks on both AJ and Strong. All three men start trading strikes back and forth now in the ring. Nakamura hits a Michinoku Driver on Styles for a two count now. Styles comes back and looks for the Styles Clash, but Nakamura fights out. Styles drops Nakamura again with an elbow to the face, then he hits the Phenomenal Forearm. Strong runs in and takes out AJ, then he steals the pin on Nakamura for the three count.

Winner: Roderick Strong

– Strong celebrates on the ramp as Styles throws a tantrum at ringside, and Sami helps Nakamura to his feet in the ring.

– We see Daniel Bryan warming up backstage, then The Miz walks in. The Miz gives Bryan a pep talk and talks about how serious the threat of The Fiend is. Bryan tells Miz to get out of his face and walks away.

Pete Dunne vs. Adam Cole (c): Cole’s NXT Title is on the line in this one. Dunne controls the opening moments of this one and he tris to break the Champion’s finger. Cole fights back and kicks out Dunne’s knees. Dunne fights back and hits a sit-out powerbomb on Cole for a two count. Cole rolls outside and Dunne hits a moonsault off the turnbuckle on him. Back in the ring, Cole goes back to working on Dunne’s knee. Dunne reverses a German suplex and kicks Cole, then he starts climbing the turnbuckle. Dunne goes for a moonsault, but Cole blocks with his knees. Cole follows up with the Last Shot for a two count. After a series of counters, Dunne hits the Bitter End for a two count. Dunne hits a series of strikes to the face, then Cole fires back with a kick. Dunne hits an enziguri then runs up the turnbuckle. Dunne looks for a moonsault, but Cole superkicks him out of mid-air. Cole looks for a shot off the top, but Dunne punches him out of mid air. Dunne rolls up Cole for a two count. Cole and Dunne fight on the apron and counter moves. Cole climbs the turnbuckle and gives Dunne the Panama Sunrise on the apron. Back in the ring, Cole pins for a two count, and Cole can’t believe it. Dunne tries to break Cole’s fingers, then he looks for the Bitter End, but Cole reverses it. Cole drives Dunne’s head into the mat, then hits the Last Shot to the back of the head for the three count.

Winner & still NXT Champion: Adam Cole

– Cole celebrates with his NXT Title belt as Dunne recovers. Cole meets with the other Undisputed Era members on the stage.

– Baron Corbin is backstage trying to give a pep talk to his Survivor Series elimination match team.

– We go to a video package looking at The Fiend’s road to the Universal Title, and his feud with Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryan vs. Bray “The Fiend” Wyatt (c): Wyatt’s Universal Title is on the line in this one. Wyatt comes out as The Fiend, with his head lantern. The lights are red for this match. The Fiend charges off the opening bell, but Bryan fights back with punches and a series of knee strikes in the corner. The Fiend charges out of the corner and tackles Bryan, then takes him out to ringside and throws him into the ring post. The Feind takes Bryan back in the ring and continues beating on him. Back out at ringside, Wyatt misses a shot and crashes into the ring post. Bryan climbs the turnbuckle and hits a big dive on Wyatt at ringside now. Back in the ring, Bryan continues exploding with offense, and hits a missile dropkick off the top on the Fiend. Bryan lays into The Fiend with the Yes Kicks now. The Fiend keeps getting back up over and over after Bryan hits series of kicks on him. Bryan gives it all he’s got but Wyatt keeps getting up. Bryan goes up on the turnbuckle, but Wyatt catches him with the mandible claw. Bryan applies an armbar over the ropes until the ref calls for the break. Bryan gets back in the ring, then Wyatt immediately applies the mandible claw for the win.

Winner & still WWE Universal Champion: Bray Wyatt

– Wyatt takes his belt up the ramp and looks back before leaving.

– Rey Mysterio is backstage for an interview. He’s holding a baseball bat, and says tonight “the new Rey Mysterio” will do things the old Rey would never do.

Men’s Elimination Match: Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre & Ricochet vs. Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman, Ali, Shorty G, & Baron Corbin vs. Tomasso Ciampa, WALTER, Matt Riddle, Damian Priest, Keith Lee: Braun starts off beating down everyone in his path. WALTER and Drew tag in, and the three monsters are in the ring now trading big strikes. Drew and WALTER gang up on Braun to drop him. Drew and WALTER trade big strikes now, and WALTER ends up dropping Drew with a big boot. Drew follows up with a leg drop on WALTER. Strowman gets back up and drops both men now. WALTER hits a German suplex on Drew, then he looks for one on Braun, but Braun fights out. Braun and WALTER Trade strikes now until WALTER kicks Braun down in the corner. Drew comes flying out of nowhere with a Claymore kick on WALTER for the three count. WALTER is now eliminated. Priest comes in next and goes at it with Drew. Braun misses a spear in the corner, then Priest drops Drew with a kick. Shorty G and Ricochet both tag in and trade shots now. Both teams are able to make frequent tags for the next several moments, culminating in Owens tagging in with a frogsplash off the top on Shorty G. Owens pins for the three count, and Shorty G is now eliminated. Roman Reigns enters next, and Corbin tags in too. Owens superkicks Reigns out of the ring. OWens looks for a stunner on Corbin, but Corbin rolls outside. Owens rolls outside and superkicks Corbin then hits a cannonball splash on Reigns. Ciampa tags in and hits a draping DDT on Owens for a three count, and Owens is now eliminated. Orton comes in next and has a stare down with Ciampa. They mix it up and Ciampa looks for the draping DDT, but Orton escapes and pulls Ciampa outside, throwing him into the barricade. Back in the ring, they go back and forth, then Orton hits an RKO out of nowhere on Ciampa. Priest runs up and Orton hits an RKO on him too, then pins him for the three count. Priest is eliminated. Riddle runs in and rolls up Orton for the three count. Orton is eliminated, but he hits an RKO on Riddle anyways. Corbin runs in and drops Riddle for the three count an elimination. Lee comes in now, and Strowman tags himself in to have a stare down with Lee. Drew comes flying off the top with a shot on Lee, then Braun and Drew go at it. Braun knocks all of Team RAW off the apron, then Braun goes outside and runs the ring and drops everyone in his path. Lee fights back and collides with Strowman on the floor. Braun gets eliminated by countout. Back in the ring, Ricochet goes at it with Corbin now. Ricochet hits a big springboard shot off the top on Corbin, then he hits a dive on Reigns at ringside. Back in the ring, Corbin hits the End Of Days on Ricochet for the three count, and Ricochet is now eliminated. Rollins, Ali and Ciampa are the legal men now. Ali and Rollins trade strikes, then Rollins dodges a shot and Ali hits a facebuster on Ciampa. Ali then hits a tornado DDT on Rollins, and Rollins rolls out to ringside. Ali hits a dive on both Ciampa and Rollins at ringside. Corbin argues with his own teammate Ali now, which leads to Rollins superkicking Ali for the three count. Ali is now eliminated. Reigns and Corbin start aruing at ringside now. The remaining competitors brawl all over the ringside area now. Drew and Ciampa brawl back into the ring, and Drew hits the inverted Alabama Slam for a two count. Reigns runs in and hits the spear on Drew now for the three count. Drew is eliminated. Rollins runs in and rolls up Reigns for a two count. Rollins hits an enziguri and Reigns rolls out to ringside. Rollins looks for a dive, but Reigns stops him with a punch to the face. Reigns follows up with the Drive By on the apron. Ciampa gives Reigns a draping DDT back into the ring. Ciampa looks for the Fairytale Ending, but Reigns escapes and hits the Superman punch. Lee gets in the mic and Corbin hits a cheap shot on Lee. Corbin appears to be attacking his own partner in Roman Reigns now. Reigns fires back with a Superman punc hand a spear on Corbin. Reigns and Ciampa now share a look of confusion. Ciampa pins Corbin for the three count, and Reigns lets him do it. Corbin is now eliminated. Reigns, Rollins and Ciampa are the last three men in the ring. They start going at it, and it looks like Rollins and Reigns are forming a temporary alliance. They take out Keith Lee, then throw Ciampa out to ringside too. Reigns and Rollins both head out to ringside and they take some stuff off the announce table. Rollins and Reigns looks for the double powerbomb on Ciampa through the table, but Lee runs over and takles them. Lee picks up Reigns, but Reigns slams him back into the ring steps. BAck in the ring, Ciampa hits a running knee on Rollins. Ciampa hits a backbreaker now for a two count. Ciampa and Rollins trade reversals, and Ciampa gets the upper hand. Ciampa looks for the Fairytale Ending, but Reigns breaks it up with a spear on Ciampa for the three count. Ciampa is eliminated. It’s down to Rollins, Reigns, and Lee. They knock Lee out to the apron, but Lee springboards back in with a flying crossbody on both of them. Rollins fires back with a series of kicks on Lee, then a frogsplash off the top for a two count. Rollins misses a superkick attempt, and Lee turns it into a Jackhammer for the three count. It’s down to Lee and Reigns. Reigns misses a shot, then Lee misses a spinning heel kick. Reigns comes back with the Superman punch for a two count, and Reigns can’t believe it. Reigns gears up for a spear, but Lee catches Reigns and gives him a sit-out Last Ride powerbomb. Lee immediately goes up the turnbuckle and looks for a moonsault, but Reigns moves out of the way. Reigns gets up and hits the spear for the three count.

Winners: Team SmackDown

– Reigns and Lee are both slow to get to their feet. They fist bump after the match. The music switches from the SmackDown theme song to Roman Reign’s entrance music, and Reigns poses on the turnbuckles before leaving.

– We go to a brief pre-taped promo from Becky Lynch.

– Vic Joseph and Jerry Lawler are on commentary for our next match. They send us to a video package looking at the feud between Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio.

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Rey Mysterio: This one is a No DQ match for Brock’s WWE Title. Lesnar gets pyro for his entrance, and Heyman is at ringside. Heyman does Brock’s ring introduction. The opening bell sounds, and Rey immediately rolls outside and grabs a pipe with a taped handle. Brock ducks the pipe shot and tackles Rey down. Brock takes the pipe from Rey and throws Rey out to ringside. Brock throws Rey into the Spanish announce table. Brock rips off the top piece of the table and leans it up against the table, then German suplexes Rey into it. Brock misses a shot and crashes into the ring post by himself. Rey rolls back in the ring and reaches for the pipe, but Brock stops him. Brock suplexes Rey on top of the pipe, then continues the offense on Rey. Brock hits a series of suplexes on Rey now. Dominic runs in the ring and he’s got a white beach towel. Brock takes the towel and throws it out o the ring. Brock grabs Dominic by the throat, and Rey runs up behind him and gives Brock a low blow. Dominic gives Brock a low blow next. Rey grabs the pipe and repeatedly hits Brock with it now. Dominic brings a steel chair in the ring and nails Brock with it. Rey and Dominic hit a double 619 on Brock. Dominic goes up top and hits a splash on Brock, then Rey goes up top and hits a frogsplash. Rey pins with Dominic on top of him for a two count. Dominic and Rey start climbing opposite turnbuckles, but Brock gets up. Brock gets up and gives Dominic and German suplex off the turnbuckle. Rey leaps, but Brock catches him and gives Rey the F-5 for the three count.

Winner & still WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

– Brock and Paul head up the ramp with the Title belt while Rey and Dominic recover in the ring.

Bayley vs. Becky Lynch vs. Shayna Baszler: So far on the show RAW has one win, NXT has three wins, and SmackDown has two wins. The opening bell sounds, and the three women stare each other down and are slow to engage. Shayna starts off strong with strikes, and the fight spills out to ringside. Becky hits a shot off the apron on both Bayley and Shayna. Becky takes Bayley back in the ring and works her over. Becky looks for a sunset flip powerbomb in the corner, but they end up getting tangled up. Shayna gets back in and tkes out Becky, then Bayley lays into Shayna with kicks. Shayna fights back and starts unloading with strikes. Becky runs back in and takes out Shayna, then her and Bayley start going at it. Shayna gets back in the ring and gets involved. Becky hits t-bone suplexes on Shayna and Bayley. Becky hits a double DDT on Shayna and Bayley, then she pins Bayley for a two count. Bayley tries to fight back, but Becky catches her in the Disarm Her. Shayna breaks it up and dumps Becky out to ringside. Bayley nails Shayna with a running knee strike for a two count. Shayna fights back, but Bayley stops her with a running knee strike. Shayna fights back with a flurry of punches. Shayna hits a vertical suplex for a two count. Bayley and Shayna trade right hands in the middle of the ring. Shayna picks up Bayley on her shoulders, then Becky hits a double stomp off the top on them both. Bayley kicks Becky off the apron, then she looks for a dive, but Shayna catches her in the Clutch. Becky breaks it up and Bayley falls out to ringside. Becky goes after Shayna now and gives the NXT Women’s Champion a powerbomb for a two count. Shayna puts Becky in the clutch, but Becky escapes and knocks Bayley off the apron in the proess. Shayna goes for it again, but Bayley breaks it up and pulls Shayna out to ringside. Shayna shoves Bayley into the ring post, then Becky hits a flying knee off the apron on Bayley. Shayna hits a running knee strike from behind on Becky, then slams Becky into the ring post. She throws Becky into the ring steps then slams her into the announce table. She slams Becky on the announce table again, and Becky is down. Bayley runs back over and clotheslines Shayn. Bayley takes Shayna back in the ring, and Shayna immediately starts looking for the Clutch. Bayley fights her off and hits a German suplex. Bayley goes up top but she misses the flying elbow drop attempt. Shayna applies the clutch and Bayley goes out. The ref calls for the bell.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

– Shayna celebrates as we go to replays. NXT has the most wins tonight with 4. Shayna climbs on the announce table and holds up her belt. All of a sudden, Becky Lynch pops up from behind the table and tackles Shayna. She lays Shayna on the announce table, then Becky climbs on the fan barricade. Becky hits a flying leg drop on Shayna through the table. Becky says this is “my f*****g show,” then she gets up on the table with her belt as the show goes off the air.


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