WWE Survivor Series Results (11/21/2021)

WWE Survivor Series Results From Barclays Center In Brooklyn, NY. (11/21/2021)

WWE returns to the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York this evening for the latest annual Survivor Series pay-per-view.

On tap for tonight’s dual-brand show, which marks the 35th annual event in Survivor Series chronology, is a six-match lineup, with a one-hour pre-show featuring a special 25-Man Battle Royal.

Scheduled for the main PPV show this evening is Roman Reigns vs. Big E., Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair, RK-Bro vs. The Usos, Damian Priest vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, as well as the two traditional five-on-five Survivor Series elimination matches.

Featured below are complete WWE Survivor Series results from Sunday, November 21, 2021.


The official WWE Survivor Series Kickoff Show has finally begun. There are two matches set to take place as part of the official pay-per-view pre-show, with the 25-man dual-brand battle royal and Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Damian Priest scheduled.

After the WWE Then. Now. Forever. Together video starts off the pre-show broadcast, we shoot inside Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. where Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the Kickoff Show.

We see the camera pan around the arena as the fans make a ton of noise. The camera settles down at the pre-show panel, which features Braxton, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Booker T, Kevin Patrick and Peter Rosenberg. Each panelist is introduced and makes some quick opening comments as the fans roar behind them and break out into chants.

Now the pre-show panelists begin running down the lineup for tonight’s pay-per-view event, with them giving brief comments and background info on each match as the official bout graphic flashes across the screen. They stop at the Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair match and then introduce the first elaborate pre-match video package that tells the full story leading up to tonight’s showdown.

When we return from the video package, we settle back at the panel while the panelists try and give their insight and analysis into the Lynch-Flair feud and match tonight while doing their best to ignore the “AEW! AEW!” chant from the fans in the background.

Following the Flair-Lynch talk, we shoot to some highlights of Sasha Banks and Shotzi Blackheart’s latest match and the post-match handshake gone wrong.

We then shoot backstage live on the pre-show where Sasha Banks talks about being the team leader and then she gives specific praise to each team member until she gets to Blackheart. She then pretends not to know her name and mocks her, even dropping the “It doesn’t matter what your name is” line as a tip of the cap to The Rock. Banks and Blackheart argue and then we shoot back to the panel for some commentary on what we just saw as well as the women’s team elimination match later tonight.

After that we move onto the video package for Randy Orton & Riddle vs. The Usos, as well as the season two premiere of “WWE Ruthless Aggression: Hollywood Rock.” The panelists then send us down to Pat McAfee, Byron Saxton and Jimmy Smith, the three-man commentary team that will be calling our first pre-show match.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Damian Priest

We now hear the intro for the Intercontinental Champion as Rick Boogs plays the guitar riff for Shinsuke Nakamura’s theme. Out he comes for our first match of the evening.

He settles in the ring and his music fades down. Then, we hear Damian Priest’s theme and the U.S. Champion makes his way out and settles in the ring.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our opening contest of the evening. Early on we see Priest taking the early offensive lead. Every once in a while Rick Boogs plays a guitar riff while standing at ringside.

Eventually, Nakamura starts to fight back into competitive form and he ends up taking the offensive lead. It doesn’t last for long, however, as Priest controls him on the mat while Boogs goes nuts on the guitar at ringside again in an attempt to distract him to help Nakamura.

It doesn’t work, and Priest ends up acknowledging him and giving him his “final warning.” Nakamura starts to show signs of life again, until Priest blasts him with a big jumping roundhouse kick that decks him. He follows up with another big shot and then runs from corner to corner, whacking Nakamura with a leaping elbow.

Priest clotheslines Nakamura down and then hits a near-finisher for a pinfall attempt, but Nakamura kicks out. The two each go for roundhouse kicks but Nakamura lands his. He stalks Priest waiting for him to get up and runs right into a big shot from him. Priest springboards off the ropes into a scissor kick from Nakamura for a super close near fall.

Nakamura again goes for a big finishing blow but Priest avoids it and counters with a heaven’s chokeslam for another close near fall. He goes for the reckoning but Nakamura avoids it and ends up slapping a flying armbar on Priest. He goes to extend the arm but Priest counters into a triangle choke from the bottom. Nakamura fades and eventually goes out.

Rick Boogs plays the guitar and it brings Nakamura back to life. Priest knocks him down again and finally goes out after Boogs, yanking the guitar from him and breaking it in half over his knee. He then blasts him with part of it as Pat McAfee freaks out on commentary. Nakamura comes out and tries to attack Priest from behind, but Priest knocks him out too.

The ref calls for the bell. Nakamura is going to get the win via disqualification. Priest angrily walks off to the back as the fans boo.

Winner via DQ: Shinsuke Nakamura

Bobby Lashley Arrives, Kevin Owens Talks & Vince McMahon Has Gold

We return to the panel where the panelists show Bobby Lashley and MVP arriving backstage. From there, we see Kevin Owens approach the panelists and grab a microphone. He talks about his match tonight and then we shoot backstage again to see Vince McMahon coming out of a limo. He shows people a giant golden egg he is holding from The Rock’s new Netflix film, “Red Notice,” and then we shoot back to the panel.

After that, the panelists run down the lineup and then wrap up the Kickoff Show. After the pre-show finishes, we shoot to the elaborate, bad-ass Survivor Series pay-per-view opening video package.

The video mixes action leading up to the matches scheduled for tonight’s show as well as clips from Red Notice, the new Netflix film starring The Rock, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

We then head to the ring for our first match of the evening, which is the highly-anticipated champion versus champion non-title grudge match between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch. The pre-match video package airs.

Once the package wraps up, we hear the theme for Charlotte Flair and out comes “The Queen” for the first PPV match of the evening.

Now we shoot to the commentary section, which features Michael Cole, Pat McAfee and Corey Graves introducing themselves and then hyping the opening bout that is about to take place inside the squared circle.

“The Queen” settles into the ring and then “Big Time Becks” theme hits and out comes Becky Lynch. The fans give her a big pop as she emerges through the smoke billowing out of the top of the entrance area.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with this one. The two charge right at each other and then Charlotte starts to take it to Lynch, focusing her early attack on her leg. Lynch counters and gets her DisArmHer submission finisher early, but Charlotte escapes.

From there, Charlotte takes back over and decks Lynch. She follows her down to the ground and starts firing away with ground and pound. The two roll under the bottom rope and continue trading shots and brawling on the floor at ringside. Lynch runs Charlotte into the steel post and then heads back into the ring.

Once Charlotte re-enters the ring, the brawl picks up where it left off, only this time with Charlotte dominating the action. Lynch eventually fights back into the lead and sends Charlotte out to the floor where she slams into the barricade. Lynch follows her out to add to the punishment, but Charlotte sends her into the barricade the hard way.

Back in the ring again, Charlotte jumps back into the offensive lead, again focusing her attack on the softened up leg of “The Man.” Lynch tries to fight back, but Charlotte fights her way out of a triangle choke by hoisting Lynch up and powerbombing her down for a close near fall.

“The Queen” hooks Lynch and blasts a t-bone suplex, launching Lynch over her head where she crashes down to the mat behind her. Charlotte yells to Lynch to talk all the crap she wants now and then heads to the top rope. She goes for a moonsault but lands on her feet when Lynch rolled out of the way, but then she hits a standing moonsault that does connect for a near fall.

Lynch kicks out and this match continues. Lynch takes over on offense again from there. She gets Charlotte laid out across the middle rope and then heads up the ropes for a flying leg drop to the back of her head for a close near fall of her own. The fans inside Barclays Center break out in a loud “This is awesome!” chant.

Charlotte takes over again and taunts Lynch as she crawls to the ropes, mocking her and telling her to “run away Becky!” before delivering more punishment. Lynch hits a counter after kicking out of a near fall attempt following a big boot from Charlotte. Lynch hits an inverted DDT for a close near fall. Lynch goes for a big leg drop off the top but misses.

Flair goes to take over but Lynch counters with a ManHandle Slam for a near fall that almost ends this one, but Charlotte gets her foot on the ropes just before the count of three. Charlotte takes over from there, getting the figure-four leg lock on Lynch and nearly finishing her off. The fans chant “This is awesome!” again after Lynch finally escapes the hold.

Charlotte then blasts her with a big boot that knocks her on the floor at ringside. She follows up with a top-rope moonsault to the floor that partially connects. Lynch then gets her Disarm Her submission on Charlotte and nearly finishes her off with it, but again, this match continues after “The Queen” escapes. Lynch fires up again and covers her, grabbing the ropes for leverage, which the ref doesn’t see. That’s how this one ends. Lynch wins via pin fall.

Winner: Becky Lynch

Team Raw (Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Finn Balor, Kevin Owens & Austin Theory) vs. Team SmackDown (Drew McIntyre, Jeff Hardy, King Woods, Happy Corbin & Sheamus)

After a quick ad time out, we shoot back inside the Barclays Center where the familiar sounds of Bobby Lashley’s theme hits as “The All Mighty” one himself makes his way down to the ring accompanied by MVP for our first five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination match.

Austin Theory’s theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring as well. Then Finn Balor’s music hits and the fans pop like crazy as he heads to the squared circle. Kevin Owens’ theme hits and he comes out and then finally, Seth Rollins makes his way out.

From there, the Team SmackDown members are introduced, starting first with “King” Xavier Woods. He makes his way to the ring and then out next is Jeff Hardy, followed by Sheamus, Happy Corbin and finally, Drew McIntyre.

The teams argue over who will start things off when the bell sounds to get this one underway. Eventually it is decided that Kevin Owens and Xavier Woods will start things off. As soon as they go to lock up, Owens rolls out to the floor and heads to the back. The ref counts him out and he is eliminated. He turns and stares at the ring and talks some trash before heading to the back.

The ring announcer informs us that Owens has been eliminated and that it is five to four now with Team Raw trailing by one member. Theory hits the ring and Woods starts beating him down. Woods establishes the offensive lead and then tags McIntyre into the ring. “The Scottish Warrior” goes to work on Theory in the corner, blasting him with loud chops that echo throughout the Barclays Center.

Theory finally tags out and in comes Seth Rollins, who is immediately on the defensive as Happy Corbin begins beating him down before tagging Woods in to pick up where he left off. Woods works over Rollins’ arm and then tags in Hardy. Hardy also picks up his offensive attack by focusing on the arm of Rollins. Sheamus now tags in and he too works over Rollins’ arm.

Finally, Rollins makes the tag and in comes Sheamus. He tags in Balor and then Corbin beats Balor down and tags Woods back in. There is a lot of momentum shifts as this match continues. Balor finds himself in the opposing teams corner and he starts blasting everyone in sight with shots before going for a near fall on Corbin, who kicks out. Lashley tags in and he begins wearing everyone out.

Corbin comes back in and goes back to work on Balor until Balor moves and blasts him with a kick. He heads to the top and connects with his coup de grace for the pinfall. Happy Corbin is now eliminated and we’re back to an even match, with four members left on each team. Hardy and Balor start the next action off and the fans are cheering and chanting before they even lock up.

Hardy does well but Balor takes over and tags in Lashley. Lashley dominates Hardy and then tags Balor back in. Balor and Rollins are up on the top rope with Hardy and they go for a double-superplex, only to be knocked down to the mat, where Hardy hits his flipping turning spot off the top. Woods finally gets the tag and he comes in and knocks everyone off the apron before hitting Rollins with a big shot.

Theory gets Woods from behind but Woods counters him and takes him down to the mat with a vengeance. He climbs to the top rope but Rollins distracts the ref and Lashley knocks him off the ropes. Lashley tags in and stalks Woods. When he finally gets up, Lashley spears him and then puts him in the Hurt Lock. Woods fades and he is eliminated after going out. Team Raw now has the 4-to-3 man advantage.

We see a double sling blade but Lashley makes the save before anyone else is eliminated. McIntyre tags in and the fans and commentators hype up the big showdown between these two big fellas as they slowly circle and stare each other down. Lashley backs up and looks for someone to tag, but no one is on the apron yet. McIntyre then begins unloading with a flurry of big shots.

He continues to brawl with him until Lashley sends McIntyre into the canvas face-first. He then splashes him in the corner and goes to work blasting him with big shots. The brawl ends up on the floor where Lashley hoists McIntyre up and goes to lawn-dart him into the steel post, but McIntyre escapes and hits him with a back elbow. Lashley and McIntyre end up in the crowd fighting and eventually the ref counts both of them out, so they are each eliminated now.

As the action resumes, we see a big Claymore Kick from McIntyre. Finally the referees break things up and try and get Lashley and McIntyre to head to the back, as they are no longer in the match. Rollins mocks McIntyre from behind. McIntyre headbutts him with the glasgow kiss which allows Sheamus to go for the cover. Rollins manages to kick out just before the count of three. We’re down to three on two in this traditional elimination match.

Sheamus works over Rollins and then he blasts Sheamus with a big boot that shifts the momentum back in Rollins’ favor. Rollins goes for the cover but Sheamus kicks out. Sheamus takes over on offense and then slams Balor down. He goes for the cover but Balor kicks out. Balor heads to the top rope and goes for the coup de grace but misses. Theory hits a double boot to Sheamus and Rollins takes back over, controlling Sheamus on the mat. Sheamus escapes and begins fighting back.

“The Celtic Warrior” hits a big spinebuster on Rollins and then he tags in Hardy. Hardy picks up where Sheamus left off and begins taking it to Rollins. He connects with a big jawbreaker. He heads to the middle rope and connects with a big splash for a near fall. Rollins kicks out. Sheamus and Hardy work over Rollins and Theory together, hitting the old Hardy Boyz leaping-off-the-back into the corner splash spot. They follow that up by each doing the Sheamus clubbing blows forearms spot over the ring ropes.

From there, Sheamus goes back to work until Theory ends up blasting him and covering him for the pin fall. Sheamus is eliminated, but before he leaves, he attacks his own teammate in Hardy. Rollins hits a big splash off the top for a near fall, but Hardy kicks out. Hardy fights back and heads to the top. He hits a swanton and covers Theory. He gets the pin fall. Theory is now eliminated and now we’re down to only Hardy and Rollins left for their respective teams. The fans chant for Hardy as Rollins recovers on the floor.

The action continues again with the final two participants in this match. Rollins tells Hardy his prime has passed him and he’s gonna tell him how he’s gonna beat him. Instead, Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Rollins avoids it. He ends up hitting a semi-finisher and goes for the cover, but again Rollins keeps this one alive. The fans chant “This is awesome!” as they re-engage. Rollins lays Hardy out and goes for the cover but Hardy kicks out as well. Hardy hits the swanton and goes for the twist of fate, but Rollins avoids it and connects with a stomp. He pins Hardy and that’s how this one ends. Rollins is the lone survivor for his team.

Winners: Team Raw (Lone Survivor – Seth Rollins)

Backstage: Mr. McMahon Talks To Roman Reigns About “Red Notice” Egg

After a quick time out, which included highlights from the Be A Star Rally, we once again see the footage of Vince McMahon arriving in a limo during the pre-show with the golden egg from “Red Notice” with Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot.

We return live and we see a security guard standing outside of a dressing room labeled as Mr. McMahon’s room. In walks Roman Reigns who takes a seat and McMahon tells him to check out the aforementioned golden egg. He tells Reigns that his cousin, The Rock, gave it to him. He mentions how Rock debuted in WWE 25 years ago at Survivor Series.

McMahon does some of The Rock’s catchphrases and talks about the significance and expensive cost of the egg. Reigns jokes that the money amounts McMahon just listed were “almost as much as his last contract.” He stands up and walks off to end the segment.

25 Man Battle Royal

We return from another commercial break to see Omos making his way to the ring, which is nearly filled up with the 25 Superstars that will be taking part in the battle royal. Ricochet’s theme hits and he makes his way out to the ring. Next out are The Street Profits, who head to the ring with a pizza hut box and pretend to present it to an excited Byron Saxton before ultimately giving it to Michael Cole.

The bell sounds and we see the 24 men in the ring starting to duke it out in their “Raw” and “SmackDown” red and blue t-shirts to show which brand they represent. AJ Styles starts the match on top of the commentary table cheering on Omos, who immediately eliminates multiple participants, including Shelton Benjamin.

R-Truth gets a hold of a piece of pizza and tries using it to entice Omos and then Otis. Eventually Otis gets distracted by it but then eliminates another participant. We see Mansoor eliminate Cedric Alexander as a “we want pizza” chant breaks out from the Brooklyn fans. Moments later, Ivar and Angel Garza are eliminated. We see Omos and Shanky stare each other down and then Omos starts beating him down. He ultimately eliminates him.

Apollo Crews tries to eliminate Cesaro, but “The Swiss Superman” ends up hanging in there. Omos begins manhandling people again, eliminating Robert Roode for his fifth elimination thus far in the bout. Dolph Ziggler tries making a deal with Omos but finally AJ Styles enters the ring by leaping off the top-rope with a phenomenal forearm before eliminating Ziggler. Zayn pulls fellow SmackDown brand members Cesaro and Ricochet aside and tells them to team up with him to represent the blue brand as a unit.

Instead, Ricochet and Cesaro beat Zayn down after he goes too far in his attempt to unify the three SmackDown members left in the match. Zayn is eliminated moments later. Montez Ford just barely avoids elimination and then we see Omos get his sixth elimination by throwing out Commander Azziz. Styles and Omos seem to be running things now. Styles taunts Azziz from the ring and we see a similar spot to Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair/Sid Justice where Azziz nearly pulls Styles out to eliminate him, instead Omos ends up accidentally throwing Styles out.

He then throws out another member for yet another elimination. Cesaro, Ricochet and The Street Profits agree to gang up on Omos. Omos is still standing after taking big shots from all of them. We see Omos start to fight back and then he eliminates Cesaro and Angelo Dawkins for his ninth and tenth elimination. He finally tosses Montez Ford out and we’re down to the final two — Omos and Ricochet.

Ricochet takes his shirt off and gets ready to lock horns with the giant. He blasts Omos with leg kicks and then nearly goes over the ropes with his own momentum. Ricochet tries to eliminate him but Omos hangs on and gets his 12th elimination by tossing Ricochet out to the floor. After the match, Omos stands tall until The Street Profits return and start throwing pizza out to the crowd to end the post-match scene. We move on to another quick ad time out.

Winner: Omos

The Usos vs. RK-Bro

Once we return from the commercials, we shoot back to the ring where we hear the familiar sounds of the entrance music of The Usos. Jimmy and Jey make their way down to the ring and their music fades down.

From there, the theme for Randy Orton hits and out come RK-Bro. Out comes “The Viper” and Riddle. The commentary team sing Orton’s praises for breaking the all-time WWE pay-per-view appearance record with this match tonight.

The bell sounds and it will be Riddle and Jimmy kicking things off for their respective teams. We see “The Original BRO” jump off to the early offensive lead. He hoists Uso up in the gut-wrench suplex position and begins spinning him around in circles before slamming him down.

Orton tags in for the first time in the match and the crowd pops. The commentators continue to sing his praises for breaking the all-time PPV record tonight and then we watch as Orton finds himself on the defensive with Uso working him over in the corner.

Riddle gets involved again and helps shift the offensive momentum, but it doesn’t last for long as The Usos start to pull ahead and widen the gap between themselves and their competition. The action spills to the floor where The Usos hit some more big spots before bringing the action back into the ring.

Uso starts taunting Riddle and then charges at him, only to get caught coming in with a big roundhouse kick to the head. The two fight back and forth some more and then each guy makes the tag. Orton and Jey hit the ring, but it is Orton who takes the hot tag and starts firing up into “Viper Mode.”

The action hits the floor and we see Orton hoist Uso up and slam him onto the commentary table. He does the same to Jimmy Uso when he gets involved. Orton gets Jey back in the ring and hits his vintage draping DDT spot. He goes into full-Viper Mode now as he drops down to the mat and starts pounding it as he stalks Jey looking for the RKO.

He goes for it but Uso avoids it and catches him with a brutal super kick. Riddle tags back in and starts taking it to both Usos. He ends up splashing onto the raised knees of Uso and this allows Jimmy and Jey to take back over the control of this contest. Eventually as Usos fight back, one of the Usos comes off the top and lands directly into an RKO out of nowhere for the pin fall.

Winners: RK-Bro

Backstage: Vince McMahon’s Egg Stolen

We shoot backstage after another commercial time out and then we see another shot inside Mr. McMahon’s dressing room. Seated at his desk this time is Sonya Deville and Adam Pearce.

He discovers that his egg has been stolen and demands they find it before saying if it’s not found by night’s end, he’ll get to the bottom of it on Monday Night Raw tomorrow night.

They announce that both brands will be appearing on the post-Survivor Series edition of Raw. We then head to another commercial break.

Team Raw (Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Carmella & Queen Zelina Vega) vs. Team SmackDown (Sasha Banks, Shayna Baszler, Shotzi Blackheart, Natalya & Toni Storm)

We head back to the ring after another break and the ring announcer begins the introductions for our next five-on-five traditional Survivor Series elimination match. Out comes each member of Team Raw.

Out next are the five members of Team SmackDown. The commentators once again sell the rules of this traditional elimination bout as we wait for the bell to get this one off-and-running.

The action gets underway and we see Carmella roll out to the floor and then we see her roll out to the floor where a couple of people help her apply her protective face mask. She never gets it fully on and when she rolls back in the ring, she is immediately pinned and eliminated.

Belair and Blackheart go to work as the next two participants and Belair takes control and tags in Liv Morgan. We see Banks and Belair trade super close near falls time and time again and then Vega tags herself in. Toni Storm ends up in the ring for her team and she pins Vega to score another elimination. Moments later Storm is eliminated by Morgan.

As the action continues, we see some unwilling teamwork between Banks and Blackheart lead to Morgan getting eliminated. Ripley hits the ring and now she and Banks are duking it out. Moments later, Baszler eliminates Ripley. We see Banks end up on the floor where Blackheart and she start arguing. Baszler and Nattie get involved and Banks ends up getting counted out to be eliminated.

Belair is now left by herself against three remaining members. She eliminates Nattie and then Baszler and now it’s down to one-on-one with Belair and Blackheart remaining. The two duke it out and then Belair hits the KOD finisher on Blackheart and pins her for the win. Belair is the lone survivor for her team.

Winners: Team Raw — Lone Survivor: Bianca Belair

Paul Heyman Talks To Kayla Braxton Backstage

After another ad break, we return backstage and see Paul Heyman walking the hallways with his cell phone in hand. He is stopped by Kayla Braxton and is startled. She then goes on to ask him about Brock Lesnar. Heyman says she should ask Adam Pearce. We fade back into another commercial break.

Big E. vs. Roman Reigns

We see the pre-match video package for our main event of the evening. When we return from the package, Big E. makes her way down to the ring for our final bout of the show.

He settles into the ring and then Roman Reigns’ theme hits and out he comes as he slowly heads to the ring with Paul Heyman. The commentators hype the main event and now we wait for the bell to get this one started.

The bell sounds and we’re off-and-running with our main event of the evening. We see Reigns jump off to a quick offensive lead as he beats the WWE Champion down and nearly finishes him off early on. Instead, he grounds The New Day member and pounds him into oblivion.

Reigns picks Big E. back up and takes him to the corner of the ring where he continues to ragdoll the top dog on the Raw brand. Big E. fights back into competitive form and ends up taking Reigns to the hard part of the apron outside the ropes. He heads to the top and goes for a big splash but Reigns moves and Big E. takes a rough spill, hurting his knee upon landing.

“The Tribal Chief” takes over again from there, connecting with his running drive-by move before taking the action back into the ring. He continues to beat down the WWE Champion and goes for a cover, but has yet to get more than a one count. He puts some more work together and beats Big E. down with a big boot for his first two count of the bout.

We see Reigns take the fight to the floor where he tells Heyman to move before getting ready to whip Big E. into the steel steps. He stops to talk some trash first and Big E. ends up reversing him and running him into the steel steps. This shifts the offensive momentum, as Big E. brings Reigns back into the ring and tries to add to his growing offensive momentum.

Big E. continues to work over Reigns, as the fans chant and cheer him on. He hits a big splash and then stalks the Universal Champion waiting for him to get up. Big E. ends up getting countered, as he walks right into a Samoan drop from Reigns. Both guys are down and slow to get back to their feet now.

Reigns takes Big E. to the corner of the ring and pounds the hell out of him with repeated forearm shots. He goes to set Big E. up for a big spot, but Big E. counters with a urinagi. He goes for the Big Ending, but Reigns avoids it and now he muscles Big E. up and brings him down the hard way for a close near fall.

Now we see Reigns looking to connect with a Superman punch, but Big E. avoids it and he hoists Reigns up and plants him down with a modified Rock Bottom type of move for a super close near fall. The fans start chanting for The Rock with “Rocky! Rocky!” chants and then Reigns survives the pin fall attempt and connects with back-to-back Superman punches.

Big E. keeps no-selling them and then Reigns blasts him with a third one that keeps him down. Reigns taunts the fans inside Barclays Center before eventually returning his attention to the task at hand. He calls for his finisher and stalks Big E., waiting for him to get up. He goes for it but Big E. counters into a Big Ending attempt. Reigns ends up getting speared through the ropes and out to the floor by Big E.

After some more back-and-forth action we see Reigns hit a big spear in the ring. He taunts the crowd and Big E. and again waits for him to get back to his feet to finish him off. He goes for the guillotine but Big E. scoops him up and drives him into the corner. Moments later, Reigns does apply the guillotine choke and pulls guard. Big E. ends up muscling him up and blasting him with his Big Ending finisher. He immediately goes for the cover, but Reigns grabs the ropes before the count of three.

The fans break out into another “This is awesome!” chant as the action spills out to the floor where Big E. bounces Reigns’ head off the announce table. Reigns ends up blasting Big E. after that and then connects with a Superman punch. He brings him back into the ring and we see Reigns take out Big E.’s bad knee before connecting with another spear. He goes for the cover and this time he gets the pin. After the match, Reigns heads to the back with Heyman while Big E. recovers in the ring. Michael Cole thanks us for watching and wishes us a Happy Thanksgiving as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Roman Reigns


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