WWE Survivor Series Updates

WWE Survivor Series Updates: Banned Words, Interesting Lesnar/Bryan Note, More

Here are some exclusive news and notes from WWE’s first draft production sheet for tonight’s Survivor Series. Check back later as I continue to gather and compile more news on tonight’s PPV you probaby won’t find anywhere else.

– Jonathan Coachman, Jerry Lawler, Beth Phoenix and David Otunga will be on the Kick Off Show panel for he first hour. Lawler will be replaced later in the show by Booker T and they will all be joined by Drake Maverick.

– The Kick Off Show is scheduled to wrap up at 6:59:45 ET.

– Not sure what to make of this, but they have Survivor Series noted as going off air at 10:05:45 ET, which seems to be quite a bit earlier than expected.

– WWE has banned the following words from TV: belt, feud, strap, kill, hate, stupid, hell, ass, violence, fake, revenge, Number One Contender, in the back, National Television, DQ, spot and girls.

– On their talent roster chart, WWE lists both Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar as “male heels” and Becky Lynch as “female heel.”

– AJ Styles and Randy Orton are not listed in this chart so it doesn’t appear they will be making any appearances on the PPV. But interestingly, WWE lists Bayley, Sasha Banks and Ember Moon under the “female babyface” category even though they are not booked in any matches.

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