WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Live Results (Nov. 26, 2022) – TD Garden – Boston, MA

Welcome one and all to Survivor Series: WarGames! Your host tonight is the one and only Iron-deficient Mike Hogan. Refresh this page frequently as we’ll have live coverage with updates pretty darn frequently. Tonight’s show is coming to us live from Boston, Mass, and is the fourth to emanate from there since the infamous Thanksgiving-night Survivor Series ’94.

Our official preview dropped earlier to hype tonight’s program, which features:

All this and much more, next on WWE’s Survivor Series: WarGames!



WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Live Results (Nov. 26, 2022) – TD Garden – Boston, MA


Ozzy Osbourne Welcomes us to WarGames!

Generals begin to gather before their masses as the bat-decapitating, drug-immune grandfather of all things heavy sings Black Sabbath’s classic War Pigs to a video full of clips of the various superstars for tonight. Ozzy’s still looking good considering we all thought he’d OD 40 years ago! And before you get butthurt and complain, I’m a big Ozzy fan and love the song. Get a sense of humor. Anywho, before I’m cancelled, lets go on! The three minute video ends with Ozzy welcoming us and we cut to the arena, where klaxons roar and the cage starts to lower!

Women’s WarGames Match: Team Belair vs Damage CTRL

Team Belair is out first, with the freshly-squeezed returned Becky Lynch out first. Mia Yim, Alexa Bliss, Asuka and Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair round out their team. Out next are their opponents, Damage CTRL, as represented by the combined forces of Bayley, Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky, Nikki Cross, and Rhea Ripley. We’re reminded that Belair is the only person on her team with experience in a WarGames match; Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky can make the same claim for their team. Team Belair will start with Bianca; Damage CTRL seems to be nominating four-time WarGames veteran Dakota Kai to start things off. We get the bell to start this match (Unofficially?) at 8:12pm. Belair and Kai look to lock up as Michael Cole and Corey Graves praise both women on commentary. They go so far as to remind us of Kai’s betrayal on Tegan Nox a few years ago at NXT’s WarGames event. Kai looks to use Belair’s pony tail to her advantage but the champ uses it to send Kai into the ring. We’ve got our WarGames Advantage clock up, crossing the three minute marker now. Remember, Damage CTRL has the advantage and will get the first entrant.
Iyo Sky is the first to join Kai in the ring and helps her tag championship partner establish a slow, steady beatdown of Belair. For three minutes, the duo completely dominate Belair until Asuka is out first for Team Belair! Asuka takes down Kai and squares off with her former bestie, the artist formerly known as Io Shirai. Sky and Asuka streak across the left, ramp-entrance ring back and forth as Kai watches over the downed Raw Women’s Champion and allows her partner to go one-on-one with the Empress of Tomorrow! Asuka fires off a series of strikes, battling Iyo down to the mat. Asuka climbs up top but Kai follows and the two battle on the back-to-back turnbuckles from the double-ring setup! Belair rallies picksup Kai in a pres, throwing her against the steel cage! Asuka follows it up with a drop kick and the two stand on the ropes, surveying their damage as their team takes the first control of the night! The clock continues to count down, with seconds remaining until Damage CTRL is joined by Nikki Cross!
Cross gets little reaction until she starts to fetch weapons from beneath the ring. Cross takes some kendo sticks, trash can lids and such into the ring. Cross helps Damage CTRL take a lead for the remainder of their advantage (three-minute period). Cross uses the trash can lids to batter Belair. Kai hands Cross a kendo, and Nikki uses the stick for a modified jaw lock. Asuka suffers in something similar at the hands of Sky and the crowd counts us down to our next entrant–Alexa Bliss, who stops to move a camera cable out of her way. Bliss is wearing blue and gold and a revamped color palette for her outfit and makeup. Looks sharp! Bliss drops former tag partner Cross with a mule dropkick then helps Asuka double team Iyo Sky! Belair stomps away at Kai int he corner and Asuka hits a bulldog on Sky, ramming her face into the trash can lid! Bliss DDT’s Kai onto the lid. Cross attempts to fight back, throat-chopping Bliss. All six women rise and begin to battle as the clock counts down. Nikki Cross climbs the cage and straddles it, watching as Belair, Bliss and Asuka beat the hell out of Kai & Sky with kendo! Cross laughs at the carnage, watching…waiting…then dives off the top, wiping out everyone with a Cross Body!
Bayley is next to join her team and drags a pair of ladders from out under the ring, tossing them inside. Bayley’s got a new ‘do and ring gear that’s more reminiscent of her gear prior to her injury. The crowd loudly chants “we want tables” so Bayley complies, pulling out a table to a HUGE pop! Bayley slides the table in and finally enters the WarGames cage with about 85 seconds left of their advantage! Bayley and Kai pull up the table and slide it from the left (ramp-side) to the right (commentary-side) ring with the assistance of Sky. They position Belair between the two rings, on the back-to-back, metal-plated apron, and use the table to pin her in the corner! Damage CTRL work to triple-team Bliss, hitting an assisted Moonsault. Bliss is favoring her knee. Bayley with a belly-to-belly on Asuka. Kai with a double-stomp to the abdomen of Asuka! The crowd counts us down with Damage CTRL and Cross posing around the pinned-in-the-corner Belair. Yim joins us next and starts to toss trash cans into the ring! Yim goes under the apron repeatedly, tossing can after can after can into the ring. Finally Yim enters and takes it to Bayley, ramming her with a can!
Kai leaps of the top and Yim deflects her by throwing a can at her, crashing it mid-air into Kai’s face! Yim uses a can lid to throat chop Iyo Sky! Yim gets Dakota Kai stuck between the ropes and cage and batters her with kicks before sending her face into a trash can lid once again! Cross hops on the back of Yim, looking for a sleeper. Yim struggles in the lock. Yim finally whips her off the back and hits a suicide dive from one ring to the other to spear Bayley! Belair, Asuka and Bliss start to rally and our eight women square off. Bayley and Belair battle from one ring to the other as Bliss takes it to Cross in the corner. Kai and Yim both start to climb a corner–heck, all eight women battle in pairs on differing corners! Our superstars all hit high-risk moves off their respective corners, taking everyone down. The crowd counts us down and Damage CTRL get their last advantage, as three-time WarGames veteran Rhea Ripley hits the ring! Ripley doesn’t bother with weapons and instead starts taking down various opponents, giving her team time to catch a breather. Ripley with a brutal German Suplex to the champ, then a stalling suplex to Bliss! “The Eradicator” of the Judgment Day continues to eradicate others in the ring, taking her time as she picks a target to stomp or club. The heels have the advantage as we still have two minutes left before Becky can join the fray! Finally at 8:40pm, she enters and we get the official start to WarGames!
Lynch motions for Damage CTRL to come get some, and they surely do try. But “The Man” fights them off one by one, finally focusing on Sky as she slams her face into the steel cage then a ladder! Lynch with a spinning back kick to Sky, then dodges an attempted trashcan smash from Cross! Cross nails her own team mate! Lynch positions the can and uses Cross to ramp the can into Sky, then puts the can over Sky’s head! Lynch with a leg drop off the top turnbuckle to Sky! Lynch motions to Bayley, yelling “getup you little bitch,” three times to make sure the camera picked it up. Bayley rises and the two start to slug it out! The two former Horsewomen of NXT exchange blows until Lynch unloads on Bayley! Another spinning back kick to send Bayley into the cage, then Lynch stomps her between the ropes and steel! Ripley approaches Lynch and the two jaw off. Lynch throws fists but Rhea blocks, smiles and nods “nuh uh” then follows it up with a headbutt! Ripley looks for Riptide but Lynch avoids it. Ripley goes for it a second time and hits it, covering for at wo! Asuka with a kick to the back of Ripley’s head to make the save! Asuka and Lynch team up to battle Ripley, with Asuka hitting the Poison Mist to Ripley’s face!

Bayley and Asuka start to battle in the corner. Lynch and Asuka team up against Bayley and attempt a pin fall. Bayley rallies, putting Lynch in a Tree of Woe. Bayley with a Pendulum Dropkick! Bayley mocks “The Man” and yells “I’m the damn Role Model!” Bayley hits the Rose Pant on the steel covering between the two rings! Bayley covers for a two but Asuka makes the save once again! Cross and Sky rally and start to double-team her. Belair is up and catches a whipped Sky with a pop-up facebuster attempt. Sky floats over to the cage and attempts to climb. Asuka follows her and Belair and Bayley and Kai all start to brawl at the base of it. All four to five women engage in a corner brawl, climbing up. Yim and Bliss get involved and it’s NXT WarGames ’20 as we’re setting up for a triple-tier, ten-woman superplex! Cross refuses to let history repeat itself and hits Belair with a kendo! The human construction starts to fall apart as various Superstars hit different moves of nondescript interest. Finally Iyo Sky climbs up top and hits the Moonsault off the top, wiping out Belair and Yim! Everyone is down! The crowd with an appreciative “this is awesome” chant.

Cross retrieves a pair of long-chained black cuffs and cuffs herself to Bliss. Asuka rises and hits knees to the face of Ripley after Bliss and Cross wipe each other out. Asuka looks for a Hip Attack but Ripley catches her and counters with a German Suplex. Mia Yim unloads a combination of strikes to Ripley; Ripley looks for a Riptide but Yim floats over and slaps on a sleeper! Ripley breaks the hold by running backward and ramming them into–and through–a ladder set up in the corner! Becky Lynch & Bianca Belair are the last standing for their team. Bayley, Sky and Kai–Damage CTRL’s core trio–line up and the five start to battle! Belair takes down Bayley as Lynch fights on Kai & Sky. Belair looks for the KOD but Kai land son her feet–and Lynch drops her with a Manhandle Slam! Lynch looks for a Manhandle on Sky but she floats over and right into a KOD from Belair! Lynch starts to climb the cage as Belair sets up a table, puts Kai & Sky on the table. Bayley looks to climb up after Lynch but Belair rips her off and this the KOD against the side of the cage! Becky takes up position at the top corner and hits a leg drop off the top of the cage, through Kai & Sky through the table, and covers to pick up the win at 8:52pm!
Your Winners, Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Asuka, Alexa Bliss & Mia Yim! (40 minute run time, WarGames official run time of 12 minutes)

Singles Match: AJ Styles w/ the OC vs Finn Balor w/ the Judgment Day

Finn, Damian Priest and Dominik Mysterio make their way out to a lengthy entrance as we get lots of hype for “The Callisto Protocol,” coming soon to a console near you. Finally at 9:08pm Eastern, we get the Phenomenal One’s entrance! Just like Finn, he comes out wearing a mask. Whereas Finn’s mask was, as a reader put it, “cosplay Cobra Commander” Styles wears a mask themed after the OC’s gas-mask/knives logo. Styles’ entrance takes less than a minute and we get our bell at 9:09pm! Styles and Balor start off slow and this match takes on a more technical pacing. The OC and the Judgment Day often exchange verbal barbs as the former Club mates jockey for control in the ring. Finn take the first lead, slowing the pace and mocking Styles often. Finn mocks the crowd at various times with the “two sweet” BS near and dear to all our hearts. Finn frequently switches to working holds, targeting Styles’ midsection with abdominal stretches and his shoulder with various holds. A few minutes in of slowness and commentary finally references Edge and Beth Phoenix, neither of whom have been seen since Finn beat Edge in an “I Quit” match a month or two back. Styles starts to rally with a sliding forearm strike that rocks Finn at 9:16pm, then sets up his Ushigaroshi! Dom attempts a distraction and the OC begin to brawl with the Judgment Day! Gallows & Anderson brawl with Priest & Mysterio (Dom), taking the lead as the ref warns them. Gallows and Anderson take the brawl over the barricade and to the outside to a big pop!
The action spills back into the ring as Balor and Styles again clash. Balor favors his left knee. Styles decides to attempt a calf-crusher but Balor counters, rolling through and stomping Styles with a standing double-foot stomp to the pecs! Ouch! Balor limps as he circles Styles, stomping away at the Phenomenal One. The ref checks on Styles as Balor continues, taking a kick at Styles before taking ab breather. Balor starts to trash talk Styles as he kicks him. Finally Styles has had enough and rises, pissed. Styles blocks a big boot and fires off his Phenomenal Combination! Balor attempts to duck underneath and looks for a 1916 but Styles escapes and signals for a move of his own. Balor quickly pivots and hits a guillotine strike. We see Balor’s back, his flesh turning red already. Balor pull-up Styles and calls for the Styles Clash! Styles attempts to fight it and turns it into a calf-crusher!
Balor escapes and the two clash, with Balor firing a big right at Styles. Styles counters with a Pele Kick; Balor fires off one of his own and both men are down! Pop from the appreciative 15,609 Bostonians in attendance. Styles and Balor battle int he corner, with Styles countering a whip with one of his own and following it up with a clothesline to Balor in the corner. Styles whips Balor back into he corner and looks for another clothesline. Balor pops AJ over the top rope. Styles looks to springboard into he ring but Balor catches him, hitting a modified jawbreaker for a close two! Finn pulls Styles up and hits the Ushigaroshi on Styles! Styles floats over another attempt and catches Balor with an elbow to the jaw! Styles with a middle-rope springboard inverted DDT for a close cover! Both men are down for a breather and the ref checks on both. Styles climbs to the apron, up the turnbuckles and dives–but Balor moves! Balor with a Shotgun Dropkick that sends Styles crashing into the corner! Finn climbs up top, cackling, looking for the Coup de Grace! Styles moves out of the way and Balor tweaks the bad leg! Styles rolls him through into a calf-crusher int he center of the ring! Balor’s got nowhere to go! Finn holds on, screaming in pain as Style wrenches the leg back! Finn attempts to crawl and threatens tapping again! Styles wrenches the calf back farther! Balor grabs Styles’ head and slams the back of his head into the mat repeatedly until Styles breaks the hold! Finn and Styles continue to battle for control until Styles hits the Phenomenal Forearm at 8:28pm, picking up the win!
Your Winner, AJ Styles! (19 minutes)

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match: Ronda Rousey(c) w/ Shayna Baszler vs Shotzi

hotzi is out first, followed by the champ and Baszler. We get our bell at 9:40pm! Shotzi takes a short lead about half a minute in, catching Rousey when she misses a strike at the ropes. Shotzi heads up top and looks for a cross body but Rousey redirects her mid-air, driving Shotzi into the canvas. Rousey kicks Shotzi, yelling, “I can beat you with my feet!” The smell of the feet is in the air! Rousey weathers a pair of blows from Shotzi and takes her to the mat at 8:43pm, taunting her and the crowd as they begin to shower her with boos. Rousey looks for another ankle lock but Shotzi attempts a step-up Enziguri to break free. Rousey hangs onto the ankle despite the stunning kick and rolls through, modifying it into a unnamed submission hold. Rousey continues to taunt Shotzi and the crowd with a weak chant. Shotzi escapes but eats a kick to the midsection from Rousey. Rousey unloads on her against the ropes as the ref counts a warning. Rousey repositions Shotzi and uses the middle rope to assist a working hold, kneeling on Shotzi’s neck against the rope. Rousey taunts that she can do what she ants; Shotzi catches her with a right that drops Rousey and commentary completely overreact about “one lucky punch.” God damnit, Jake Paul, you see what you did? “One lucky punch.”
Shotzi attempts some…unknown “high risk” move but both women crash to the outside. Shotzi decides to engage with Baszler, attacking her. Shotzi drops Baszler and rolls in and out of the ring to restart the ref’s count-out. Shotzi dumps Rousey into the the front row over the barricade, then dumps a charging Baszler into the crowd, too. Shotzi hits a cross body off the barricade, wiping Rousey and Baszler out onto “two gentlemen in the front row” that are a little jacked for your common front-row fan. No offense, folks. Ronda takes lead back and keeps the pace slow, using a Judo throw off the top rope to batter Shotzi before hitting the Piper’s Pit at 8:46pm and finally putting us all out of our misery at 8:47pm with an arm bar on Shotzi to retain!
Your Winner via Submission AND STILL SmackDown Women’s Champion, Ronda Rousey! (6.5 minutes)

United States Championship Triple-Threat Match: Seth “Freakin'” Rollins(c) vs Bobby Lashley vs Austin Theory

It’s time for our penultimate match of the night! The Almighty One is out first, with Bobby Lashley getting a decent pop. The youngest (insert random accolades here), Austin Theory, is out next, and the champ is sung out by the adoring crowd! The ref hoists up the belt and the crowd sings Rollins on as the bell rings at 9:04pm! Lashley immediately clotheslines Theory over the top and has words with Rollins. Rollins pauses, clotheslines an entering Theory over the top, too, and the two begin to battle it out into the corner! Rollins eats a shoulder to the midsection and then a neckbreaker as Lashley takes it out of the corner! Rollins chops Lashley’s chest to no effect, then throat chops him. Lashley looks for a Hurt Lock but Rollins drops down and hits an overhead kick. They battle tot he apron, where Theory rips Rollins off and rams him into the barricade! Theory, his beard coming in more, stares down Lashley as he exits the ring. Theory rushes into the ring and attacks Lashley as he follows him back in, stomping and pounding Lashley into the mat! Rollins is up and engages with Theory. All three men get back into it with Lashley threatening a Hurt Lock; Theory breaks it up by hopping on Lashley’s back and slapping n a sleeper! The action spills outside and back in as the champ often teams with Theory, low-key, to take not he Almighty One. Theory looks for a Pedigree early on but Rollins escapes. The action continues on at a quick pace. Rollins threatens a Pedigree and nearly secures the win. Theory and and Lashley lock up with Rollins looking for a Stomp; Lashley and Theory collide and Rollins only gets part of it. Rollins rallies, taking it up top and hits the Superplex + Falcon Arrow combination! Lashley spears Rollins mid-Falcon Arrow! Theory dodges another spear attempt and steals the win by covering Rollins at 10:19pm! Theory wins! What the deuce?!
Your Winner and NEW United States Champion, Austin Theory! (15 minutes)

WarGames Main Event Match: the Bloodline vs the Brawling Brutes

Kevin Owens, Drew McIntyre, and the Brawling Brutes–Sheamus, Ridge Holland and Butch–are out first. Looks like “the Butcherweight” Pete Dunne will be starting off for his team. Out next is the collective entrance of the Bloodline! The Island of Relevancy has come to Boston! Or, if you’ll humor me…FINALLY, the Tribal Chief has come BACK to Boston! Roman comes out wearing a red ‘Ula Fala! The Bloodline decide Jey Uso will start out for their team and he makes his way down to the ring. We get our introductions ahead of a 10:33pm bell! Our five-minute timer starts and “Main Event” Jey Uso yells across the two rings at Butch. “Whatcha gonna do? You’re int he big boy cage, Butch, and I’m about to get your ass!” Butch tells him to bring it and they spend the opening minute threatening conflict without doing anything. The crowd loudly chants “that’s not Ucey!” Haha!
Finally the two engage, with Butch taking it to Jey’s fingers. Jey finds his digits manipulated by the sadistic former-Bruiserweight, Dunne, who uses the cage to attack the digits! With two and a half minutes left on our timer, Jey starts to get some licks in, sending Butch face-first into the steel cage to give his fingers a break. Jey with a right to Butch, then hisses in pain at his hand. Jey with a pop-up neck breaker! We’re reminded that the Brawling Brutes team has the WarGames advantage after a big win last night. Jey nurses his hand briefly then hits a leaping arm breaker to Butch! Butch holds his wrist and rolls in pain with 90 seconds left before the Brutes get the advantage! Cole praises Jey’s tactic to weaken the wrist and digits of Butch in preparation for the Brutes’ advantage in just 60 seconds. Jey whips Butch into the steel cage, shoulder first, and continues to focus his assault on Butch’s shoulder for the remainder of the countdown.
Ridge Holland joins for the Brutes as their Advantage kicks in, and the two double-team Jey Uso. Holland with a sloppy, yet effective, Powerslam before hitting Jey with a series of running splashes into the corner, going back to the well three, four, five times! Butch hops in on the fun and hits a splash of his own. Holland throws Jey down and both he and Butch begin to club their chests in opposite corners, waiting for Jey to rise. “Main Event” Jey finds himself hit with a clothesline from Ridge as Butch sweeps the leg! Butch and Ridge focus their attacks on both arms of Jey, and Butch again targets the right hand digits, snapping the fingers apart wishbone style! Dear God, I hope Jey’s double-jointed because Butch twists fingers in a manner fingers are not meant to twist, then stomps on them! With 30 seconds of their Advantage left, Ridge & Butch continue to double-team Jey, hitting a double-jump stomp attack. The crowd counts us down and here comes Jimmy Uso…no wait, Roman stops Jimmy! Roman sends Sami out instead and the crowd goes apeshit wild! HUGE pop for the Ucey-est member of the Bloodline!
Sami and Jey try to get on the same page, their personal issues well documented. Ridge Holland and Butch lose control as the Bloodline get their shit together and start to chain together moves. Drew McIntyre is out next, stalking both Sami and Jey as they stand over the downed Brutes. Sami & Jey Uso both attack Drew as he enters their half of the ring. Drew easily weathers through their clubbing blows and shrugs them off. Drew sends “Main Event” Jey Uso into the cage repeatedly then throws him Lawn Dart style! Savage would be proud! Drew catches a charging Zayn with a belly-to-belly duplex toss, then a second out of the corner! McIntyre stands tall over everyone, waiting for Jey to rise. McIntyre with a brutal Spinebuster to Jey! “I’m feeling pretty Ucey right now,” screams Drew. He takes Jey tot he corner and positions him on top of the corner as Graves tells Cole “Brutes” is not the next “Ucey.” Sami comes to the aid of Jey, saving him from whatever devastating top rope maneuver Drew had in mind. Ridge takes down Sami and Butch runs up the top rope, only to eat a big right from Jey!
McIntyre, in a Tree of Woe, sits up and grabs Jey, tossing him off the top rope! Drew hits a Future Shock DDT on a charging Sami Zayn and kips up as the Advantage timer ends. Out next is Jimmy Uso! As Jimmy starts to take care of business, Jey and Sami continue to have words. Even Cole points out that Sami’s come to Jey’s defense multiple times tonight. All three Usos continue to dominate as Sheamus and KO watch on from their cage. The Brutes have about a minute to go until their next Advantage. Sami and Jimmy position a table int he corner and the trio continue to take down any Brute who attempts to rally. Sami yells at McIntyre about the Bloodline. Jimmy and Sami look to double team Drew through a table but he fights back with a Glasgow kiss headbutt! Kevin Owens is out next and gives the Brutes the Advantage, four on three. Owens sends steel chairs into he ring and enters, holding one, then blocks a Superkick with it. Owens with chair shots to Jimmy and Jey! KO smacks a chair out of Jey’s hand with his own the clubs Jey again! Spike DDT to Jimmy on the steel chair! Owens follows it up with a Cannonball to Jey int he corner! KO climbs up top and hits the Swanton! KO throws a chair at Jimmy and drops him where he stands, then throws another chair at a prone Jey! KO and Sami Zayn lock eyes but Ridge Holland begins to lay into Zayn. KO and Jimmy start to clash while Drew takes control of Sami. Jimmy with a right to Ridge, getting some separation for Sami but all in vain as McIntyre drops Sami Uso with a vertical suplex!
All six men are slow to pair up. Butch and Jey struggle over a steel chair while Jimmy starts to set up a table. Owens is rising, slowly, and Drew clubs Sami in the corner with huge rights. Jimmy eats a pop-up powerbomb through the table from Owens! Ridge with a kick to the gut of Sami, and Butch follows it up with a leaping forearm. The Brutes’ Advantage clock ticks down and here comes Solo Sikoa! We’re reminded, as always, that Solo Sikoa cost Drew the title against Roman at Clash in the Castle when he came up from NXT. Solo helps even the odds and the Bloodline takes control. Finally the Brutes get their final Advantage and here comes Sheamus at 10:56pm! Sami Uso attempts to hold the cage shut but Sheamus forces hi way in. Sheamus lays out the entire Bloodline, sans Roman, with body slams and back breakers, giving his teammates some crucial moments to recover. Sheamus with a double-clothesline dive to the Usos! Sheamus throws Jimmy into the steel cage with 103 seconds before our final entrant, Roman, makes his way out and we officially begin our match. Sheamus rallies the Brutes and finally all nine men rise. The Brutes pin the Usos & Sami between the ropes and steel cage and start to unload on them! Drew stomps away at Solo while they do. Finally Solo and Sheamus engage, with Solo looking for a Samoan Driver. Sheamus escapes and Solo looks for his “Spinning Solo” (Urinage, new name). Sheamus continues to fight out of it and sets up a White Noise off the middle turnbuckle! The crowd counts us down and here comes the Undisputed champ, Roman Reigns, who debuted ten years ago at Survivor Series alongside the Shield! The Tribal Chief surveys the damage and enters the ring at 11:00pm! Let the WarGames begin!
All ten men stand up, the Bloodline int he left ring and the Brutes in the right. The crowd rise and start a loud “Ucey” chant and finally both factions engage! Sheamus and Roman square off; Butch and Jey fight on one rope as Holland and Jimmy battle on another! Roman unloads, hitting huge rights to each opponent to drop them and give his Bloodline the upper hand! Superman Punch to Sheamus! Finally the Brutes rise and Sheamus & Drew attempt to set up an inverted Beats of the Bodhran! Both factions again clash and the Brawling Brutes hold all five members of the Bloodline between the two rings! The crowd goes wild as all five men hit two dozen Beats of the Bodhran, fueled on by the counting crowd and ending with a huge pop! Sheamus engages with Roman again; the champ with a big right that rocks Sheamus. Roman finds himself at the mercy of Sheamus and Drew, who both lay into the champ. KO watches then heads off to find someone to hit.
Sheamus rattles the cage, makes a “kiss my ass” gesture and plays up to the crowd as the champ is down! Sheamus begins to club his chest, signaling for a Brogue Kick. Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick to an entering Solo Sikoa and turns into a Spear from Roman Reigns outta nowhere! Butch comes flying from off-camera, making the save at 11:04pm! Sami starts to pound away at the back of Butch’s head in front of Roman, protecting his chief, yelling “you know who that is? That’s the tribal chief!” Again the crowd show some love for Sami Uso. Jey Uso looks for a Superkick on Butch but he ducks and Sami eats the kick! The crowd isn’t happy about that. The Usos double-team Butch as the crowd loudly chant “asshole” at Jey Uso! Haha! The Usos hit a 1D on Butch but Ridge makes the save, keeping his team alive! Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso hit stereo Superkicks on Ridge, and Reigns Spears him through the table set up in the corner! The ref checks on all the competitors as everyone’s down..except the Scottish Psychopath himself!
McIntyre pulls Roman to his feet and tosses him to the left ring, where a table is set up. Drew calls for a powerbomb but Solo Sikoa hits a Superkick to make the save! Sikoa hits his Spinning Solo through the table! Owens with a Stunner to Solo and a cover attempt! Roman makes the save at 11:07pm! Roman and Owens circle and jaw off-mic. KO yells “I’m not done with you” repeatedly and smacks Roman! The two slug it out, throwing rights back and forth! Roman looks for a Superman Punch but Owens dodges and attempts a Stunner! Roman dodges that and finally connects with a Superman Punch! Roman calls for the Spear and runs into a Superkick of his own! KO with the pop-up powerbomb outta nowhere! Owens is on fire! Owens with the shittiest Stunner ever! Sami makes the save by diving and grabbing the ref’s arm! Owens and Sami lock eyes. Both men rise and the crowd rips off a LOUD “Sami Uso” chant! Owens turns his back to Sami and addresses Roman. “That’s your family, huh?”
He asks Sami this question over and over. Jimmy looks for a Superkick but Owens catches it, and Zayn junk-punches Owens! Low blow! Low blow! Sami is visibly upset with his actions. Owens uses the corner to rise as Sami paces and eyes the carnage in the ring. Sami eyes the downed Tribal Chief and Cole wonders if Sami is second-guessing himself. Zayn squats and Roman nods. Sami hits the Helluva Kick on Owens! Big pop from the crowd! Zayn catches his former best friend and holds him as Jey starts to rise. Sami lays Owens down and offers him as a sacrifice to Jey! Jey climbs up top and hits the Uso Splash! Jey covers and picks up the win at 11:10pm!
Your Winners, the Bloodline! (38 minutes)

After the Match: Hug it Out

Afterwards, Roman Reigns would embrace Sami Zayn and, to a HUGE pop, Jey and Sami finally made amends and hugged it out. They squashed the beef and didn’t even need a rum ham to do it!

In Closing

And that concludes it for tonight’s premium live event! Have a great weekend, stay cool, stay frosty and stay safe out there, Rajahmaniacs. See you all Monday Night for Raw.


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