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Hello again wrestling fans, and welcome back to the Talking Smack Recap! After Friday Night Smackdown came to an end, WWE taped another episode of Talking Smack, which is hosted by Kayla Braxton, and her co-host, Paul Heyman. The guests on today’s edition of the show will be Bianca, Chad Gable, and Otis. Now that we’re all caught up on what’s going down, it’s time to talk some smack!

Talking Smack (6/11/21)

Kevin Patrick kicks off the show by welcoming viewers back to the ThunderDome, and he introduces everyone to Paul Heyman. Paul says “I need subtitles, help! ‘break glass in case of emergency’”, and makes fun of Kevin’s Irish accent. Kevin and Paul cover a few of the highlights from the “incredible” edition of Smackdown, until Paul teases an answer to Rey Mysterio’s challenge “at the end of the show.” The hosts send the show to a commercial break, and the first guest’s are up next.

**Commercial Break**

Otis and Chad Gable

The Alpha Academy makes their way to the desk, and Kevin has “so many questions.” Kevin asks if Chad feels disrespected by The Street Profits, and Chad says “they mocked me. And when someone like Otis hears about that, that isn’t good for them.” Otis adds to that, and asks “how’s Montez doing?” Kevin says Ford has a rib injury, and it’s because of Otis. Kevin calls the attack “sadistic,” and Heyman chimes in. Otis mumbles into the mic, and Heyman asks Otis to speak up. Otis listens, and sends a message to Angelo Dawkins, saying “I would very worried about what’s coming for you. I feel sorry for you… look at your man Montez… He’s crushed, so think what will happen to you.” Chad mentions that he’s “terrified,” and adds “I’m so proud of you. This is my number one pupil guys!” Kevin wonders what advice Chad may have for the profits, and tells Kevin “if I were them, I’d make my appearances on Smackdown pretty scarce from now on.” Otis closes by sending one last message to Dawkins, and tells Angelo “I’ll see you soon.” Kevin and Heyman share a few thoughts on what Otis just said, and Kevin sends the show to another break.

**Commercial Break**

Bianca Belair

The Smackdown Women’s Champion, and “EST of WWE” joins the hosts, and she’s tells them “I’m happy to be here.” Kevin asks how Bianca turned the tables on Bayley, and Belair explains “I had to remind myself that I’m not gonna let a Bayley get to me. The laughing is over with!” Kevin wonders about the locker room’s “mood” toward Bianca, and Belair explains “there is a target in my back, but ain’t nobody hitting it.” Heyman jumps in, and he agrees with Belair. Heyman reminds Bianca that she will always have that “target on your back as Champion,” and “that’s the way it has to be.” Heyman adds “you have what they want. Your greatness will be defined by how you keep pressing forward.” Kevin chimes back in, and he asks Bianca what Bayley’s strengths are. Belair says “she believes she can only get to me mentality, because she can’t stand the test of time physically.” Kevin thanks Bianca for stopping by the show, and says that Heyman will “have the floor” next.

**Commercial Break**

Paul Heyman

Kevin kicks off the segment by asking Heyman about his tease from earlier in the show, and Paul declines to comment. Kevin presses the issue a few times, and Heyman smirks, while his arms are crossed. Kevin gets a bit heated, and Paul finally speaks. Heyman says “I warned Rey on this very show not to do it. I begged and pleaded, and fought back my own tears. But now it’s to late.” Heyman goes on to say “now Rey wants his revenge… on Father’s Day! Oh my god! You can’t write it any better than this. Rey Mysterio coming for revenge against Roman Reigns on Father’s Day, inside Hell In A Cell?! That is a hook, that is a lure, that is seduction to say ‘I want to see this story’.” Heyman closes by saying “on behalf of Roman Reigns, I accept the match”. Heyman adds “you are stepping in the ring against the savage Samoan, the devil himself, inside Hell In A Cell. You’re stepping into the demonic structure with Roman Reigns.”

That’s all for this weeks Talking Smack Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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