WWE Talking Smack Recap(7/17)

After last nights edition of Smackdown, WWE taped their latest episode of Talking Smack. The show featured Finn Balor, an appearance from Bianca Belair, as well as a visit from Jimmy and Jey Uso.

Talking Smack(7/17)

Kevin Patrick welcomes everyone to the show, and reminds the viewers that we’re just one day away from Money In The Bank. Kevin is joined by Matt Camp in the studio, and the show has a completely new look. Kevin and Matt cover a few of the highlights from Smackdown, including the return of Finn Balor, and Bianca Belair successfully defending her title against Carmella. Kevin throws things over to Kayla Braxton in Houston, who is with the first guest.

Bianca Belair

Kayla begins by asking Bianca how it was to be in front of the fans, and Belair tells Kayla “tonight was amazing. Just being out there in front of the fans again was genuinely like homecoming night. I really wanted to celebrate with them. It was amazing.” Kayla talks about Belair’s successful title defense, and brings up a few Twitter comments Carmella had after the match. Bianca says “typical Carmella. People go on Twitter when they get bothered, but all I can say is if she wants a rematch, let’s do it again next week.” Kayla wonders if Bianca really means that, and Belair says “all I’m saying is she better be careful what she wishes for.” Kayla thanks Bianca for her time, and tosses it back over to Kevin in the studio.

⁃ Matt and Kevin share a few final thoughts on Bianca, and send the show to a commercial break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, the host’s recap the return of Finn Balor, who is up next.

Finn Balor

Kayla asks how Finn feels about being back, and the former WWE Universal Champion says “it feels great to be back, the energy is still flowing through my body.” Kayla follows up by asking Finn if he has any plans now that he’s back on Smackdown, and Finn explains “the reason that I’m here is to win championships.” Kayla changes gears, and asks if Balor has a message for the WWE Universe now that he’s back. Finn does have a message, and he tells the fans “I’m eternally grateful for the support throughout the pandemic, buckle your seatbelts, and get ready for the ride.” Kayla thanks Finn for stopping by, and Talking Smack returns to the studio.

⁃ Matt recaps the career Balor has had to this point, until Kevin sends the show to a break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ When Talking Smack returns, Kevin and Matt look ahead to Sunday’s Money in the Bank Kickoff Show, and pitch the show back over to Kayla in Houston.

The Uso’s

Kayla kicks off the discussion by asking The Uso’s if they feel like their opportunity tomorrow is a “must win” match, and Jimmy explains “we won tonight right? Tomorrow it’s The Uso’s versus The Mysterio’s. We know what we doing. Rey is the best luchadore to ever do it.” Jey chimes in, and adds “but we’re the best tag team to ever do it. On Sunday, we make the family proud. On Sunday, the family gonna be draped in gold. On Sunday… seven time champs.” Kayla quickly wraps up the interview, and sends it back over to Matt one last time.

⁃ Matt and Kevin share their final thoughts on last night’s Smackdown, until the show comes to a close.

That’s all for this weeks Talking Smack Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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