WWE Talking Smack Recap(7/24)

After last nights edition of Smackdown, WWE taped their latest episode of Talking Smack. The show featured Big E, an appearance from Baron Corbin, as well as a visit from Toni Storm.

Talking Smack(7/24)

Matt Camp welcomes everyone to the show, and introduces the viewers to his co-host, Peter Rosenburg. Kevin and Matt cover a few of the highlights from Smackdown, including the exchange between Seth Rollins and Edge, as well as the latest happenings in the Universal Championship picture. Matt throws things over to Kayla Braxton in
Cleveland, who is with the first guest.

Big E

Mr. Money in the Bank joins Kayla in the arena, and Kayla begins by asking Big E if he’s had time to process winning the briefcase yet. Big E responds, and tells Kayla “it’s honestly, you know me, I like shenanigans. But it was really fulfilling to have that moment in front of the fans. I sat in my room and reflected, and that’s the essence of what we do. It’s really been a moment of letting everything sink in.” Kayla brings up a post-match photo Big E took with his New Day teammates, and she wonders what that moment was like for him. The former intercontinental Champion tells Kayla “It was beautiful. I know those guys are busy, but of course I saw them first on the way through the curtain. We aren’t afraid to tell each other we love each other, and when we’re done with this, when our careers are over, we will all still be brothers.” Kayla asks a final question, and she wants to know which titleholder E is thinking about cashing in on. E tells Kayla “just watch the show, enjoy the show, and we’ll see. But I have my eye on someone. Maybe it’ll be Goldberg or John Cena, so who knows, I have many options.” Kayla pitches it back over to Peter and Matt, who sends the show to an ad break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ On the other side of the break, the host’s recap the brawl between Edge and Seth Rollins, until the second guest is ready in Cleveland.

Baron Corbin

Baron Corbin joins the show, and he looks absolutely miserable. Kayla kicks off the interview by asking Corbin how he fell from royalty so quickly. Baron explains “if i need to explain it, I will. My check used to be like 20,000 per week, and I would live large. Now at the end of the month you have all these bills, and taxes, I lost money from Bitcoin failing, and this all catches up. Then I lost the crown, and with the crown came the money. I can’t even say with pride what my check is now. They’ve taken my vehicles, my wife is disappointed, and I just don’t have the luck to even turn it around. When you fall hard, you fall fast.” Kayla attempts to encourage Corbin, and tells him you can only go up from rock bottom. Corbin responds, and says “you say something about rock bottom, but it keeps getting worse. You go ‘ok today is Friday and I’m in Cleveland I need breakfast, but I have no money…’ I mean look I had to open a can this morning by banging it on the street, and then I got this stain on my shirt.” Kayla wraps up the segment, and sends the show back to the studio.

⁃ Matt and Peter hope Corbin can turn things around, and send the show to a break.

**Commercial Break**

⁃ Matt recaps the Smackdown Women’s Championship match, until the final guest arrives.

Toni Storm

The former NXT UK Women’s Champion joins Kayla in Cleveland, and begins by talking about her debut on Smackdown. Toni tells viewers “honestly I don’t know how to put it all into words. It was everything I ever imagined, it was cool!” Kayla asks Toni about her look, and wonders where the inspiration behind it comes from. Toni explains “ok well I guess the story starts with my mom never growing out of the 80’s, and that really inspired me as a kid. So I got into wrestling, and thought I would run with that. You can probably smell my hairspray now, I’m highly flammable.” Kayla wonders if Toni has any personal goals on Smackdown, and Storm tells Kayla “I’m gonna become Smackdown Women’s Champion, I mean why not?” Kayla tells Toni thanks for the appearance, and sends it back to Peter and Matt one last time.

⁃ Matt and Kevin share their final thoughts on last night’s Smackdown, until the show comes to a close.

That’s all for this weeks Talking Smack Recap! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day everyone!

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