WWE Thrilled With NXT Ratings; Backstage News On Why They Are Loading Up Shows

  • WWE has been paying extra attention to its NXT ratings on TV, aiming to maintain the recent strong viewership, according to a report from fightfulselect.com. WWE sources have emphasized the importance of NXT’s Tuesday night viewership, leading to the frequent appearance of “main roster” stars like Becky Lynch and Judgment Day on recent shows.
  • The main reason behind this increased focus is WWE’s effort to bolster its audience, which could enhance negotiations for new TV rights fee deals or packages. Both Raw and NXT’s current deals are set to expire next year, and showcasing that minor adjustments, such as featuring top stars on NXT, can boost ratings gives WWE an advantage in these discussions.
  • Despite NXT’s consistent high ratings in recent weeks, WWE officials were particularly pleased with the viewership generated by the Becky Lynch vs. Tiffany Stratton match on September 12. It marked NXT’s highest viewership in nearly three years and peaked at over one million viewers, a milestone not achieved in even longer.

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