WWE TLC 2019 PPV Results From Minneapolis

WWE TLC Results From Target Center In Minneapolis, MN. (12/15/2019)

WWE TLC 2019 results are in, as the pay-per-view took place on Sunday, December 15th from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The WWE TLC 2019 PPV featured “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt vs. The Miz, Roman Reigns vs. “King” Baron Corbin, The New Day’s Kofi Kingston & Big E. putting the SmackDown Tag-Team Titles on-the-line against The Revival and The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) defending the WWE Women’s Tag-Team Titles against Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair.

Also featured on the card was The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar) defending their RAW Tag-Team Titles against an un-announced tag-team, Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy in singles action, Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley in a Tables Match and Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo on the Kickoff Show.

Featured below are our complete WWE TLC 2019 results here at eWrestling.com from Minneapolis, MN.


The fans are filing into the Target Center in Minnesota now. The building is starting to fill up now, as the Kickoff Show is officially underway (Watch Below).

The Kickoff Show features an “expert panel” consisting of Booker T, Jonathan Coachman and David Otunga. They are joined by the host of the panel, as the foursome break down some of the matches scheduled for tonight’s show, with video packages airing to tell the stories behind the matches.

Additionally, we get a couple of live backstage promos from the likes of Aleister Black and others to deliver the final hype for their matches tonight.

As noted, the Kickoff Show match scheduled for this pre-show is Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade in one-on-one action. That is coming up next.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Andrade

Pre-show match-up underway as the rematch from Raw between Humberto Carrillo and Andrade (w/ Zelina Vega). Andrade dominates his younger opponent, Carrillo early in the match keeping him on the mat.

Carillo fights back with a dive to the floor followed by a forearm. A top-rope Moonsault for the win.

Winner: Humberto Carillo

Check out the WWE TLC 2019 Kickoff Show video stream below.


SmackDown Tag Team Championship TLC Match

The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder)

The New Day making their way down the ramp and into the ring for the first match of the night for this Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match. Next to the ring is The Revival tag team members Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. The bell rings and this match begins. Lots of back and forth fast paced action as both tag teams waste no time early on.

Kofi sends Wilder face first off the ladder. Big E throws Dawson into the announcers table. Dawson throws Big E into the ringside stairs. The Revival double up on Kingston, then put the ladder into the ring together. Kingston flies into the ring trying to rally, intercepted by Dawson and Wilder as they smash the ladder into the body of Kingston. Kingston sacrifices his body to take out The Revival as he flies high off the ropes to the outside of the ring.

Big E goes for a Splash off the side of the ring. Kingston once again launches himself at The Revival to no avail. An attempt up the ladder, knocked over. Dawson and Wilder double team with a baseball slide kick into the ladder slamming between the legs of Big E. Kingston trying to make his way back into the match, uses the ladder as a teeter totter as he jumps on one end from the top rope, smashing the ladder into the face of both Dawson and Wilder at the same time.

Big E lifting Dawson, Kingston with a shot to the ribs of Wilder then throwing him out of the ring. New Day with a momentary advantage. Kingston grabs the ladder as a weapon, slamming it into the midsection of Dawson. Dawson left hugging his arms to his midsection as Big E and Kingston set up the ladder. Big E standing guard at the bottom of the ladder. Kingston is knocked sideways from half way up the ladder, jumping to the top rope with breath taking balance from midair and takes out Dawson followed by trouble in paradise on Wilder.

The Revival members slowly make their way to their feet and set the ladder up once again. Big E launches through the ropes with a Spear to the ribs of Wilder. Big E re-enters the ring using a second ladder as a javelin on Dawson. Big E sets up two ladders side by side in the center of the ring, smashing Dawson into the ladder. A third ladder is brought into the ring by Big E. Dawson makes his way back to his feet to try and fight off Big E. Dawson laying face first on the ladder being held between the turnbuckle and the other two ladders.

Wilder saves Dawson, Dawson gets to his feet on the ladder and Suplexes Big E onto the ladder, almost breaking it. Next a Splash from the top turnbuckle, this time breaking the ladder in half. Dawson and Wilder both start climbing the two ladders remaining in the center of the ring. Kingston out of nowhere makes his way up the ladder, fighting both men. Kingston caught in the ladder. Big E makes his way up the ladder, to the rescue of Kingston.

Wilder goes flying off the ladder with Big E. Kingston still trying to get back up. Dawson goes for the belts, Kingston throws Dawson into the ladder on the mat. Both belts swinging wildly in the air, Kingston leans over the top of the ladder, grabbing the belts and unhooking them for the win!!

Winners: The New Day (Big E & Kofi Kingston)

Backstage Promo

Kayla Braxton talking to King Corbin asking if he’s concerned after provoking Roman Reigns. Corbin says he’s already beat him mentally, not he will beat him physically tonight saying he’s going to show the big dog who’s boss. We go to commercial.

Announcers Table

We come back into the arena where Vic Joseph, Jerry Lawler and Samoa Joe are speaking at the announcers table as we come back from commercial. Kickoff earlier tonight is recapped showing the events leading up to tonight’s pay-per-view.

Buddy Murphy vs. Aleister Black

Supercard’s Buddy Murphy makes his way to the ring first as his music sounds in the arena and he heads down the ramp and into the ring. Murphy is sitting in the center of the ring “indian style” staring up the ramp for his opponent. Aleister Black appears from the blacked out arena, raising up and heading towards the ramp, making his way down and entering the ring after locking eyes with Murphy. Black flips over the top rope, joining Murphy in a smooth transition into sitting “indian style” right in front of Murphy.

The bell rings and the match officially begins. Both men waste no time in this fast paced tit for tat blows. Murphy is knocked out of the ring, quickly jumping back in where Black is now sitting calmly in the center of the ring. Murphy goes for a boot to the face, Black leans back causing Murphy to miss. A knee to the jaw of Black. Black with an arm lock on Murphy.

An elbow to the face of Black by Murphy. Black counters with three pinpoint kicks to face of Murphy. Black with a leg sweep on Murphy who is standing on the outside of the ropes. Murphy counters a kick attempt by Black. Black going face first into the turnbuckle followed by being face planted into the stairs. Murphy and Black both re-enter the ring.

Things going his way for the moment, Murphy with a boot to the face of Black in the corner turnbuckle. Black attempts to turn things around by lifting Murphy up, Murphy quickly counters and puts Black into a submission hold. Black makes his way out, only to go jaw-first out of the ring. Murphy slams Black face first into the announcer’s table.

Black’s nose is definitely broken, as he attempts to re-enter the ring with a bloody nose. Black comes into the ring in a frenzy, attacking Murphy. Murphy catches the foot of Black who’s face is a complete mess. Black crawling up the ropes to try and get back to his feet. Black continues to throw elbows, blocking his face with his arm.

Black counters and takes control of the match. Moonsault off the ropes and a pin attempt on Murphy. Black gets back to his feet, breathing heavy from his mouth as he lifts Murphy to his feet and then throws an elbow knocking Murphy all the way to the outside of the ropes, still on the mat. Murphy counters with a kick. Black with a Moonsault onto Murphy on the outside. Black jumps back in and a Flying Knee on Murphy for another pin attempt. Murphy kicks out at two.

Black kicks Murphy into the turnbuckle, then goes for a Suplex to no avail. Black with a striking kick at Murphy who’s sitting on the top turnbuckle. Murphy tries for a Powerbomb, Black holds on. Multiple kicks to Black and Powerbomb. Both men laid out on the mat.
Several quick knees and blows to Black by Murphy who continued to build momentum, Murphy with a pin attempt. Black kicks out at two. Murphy looks to the referee asking if he’s sure it wasn’t a three count. Black leaning against the turnbuckle as the crowd is chanting “Aleister”. Kicks and blows back and forth, Black with a big kick to the jaw of Murphy and a pin for the three count. Aleister Black sits “indian style” right next to Murphy following the count. The referee reaches for Black to raise his hand in victory, Black puts up his finger, needing a moment before getting up. Black grabs his jaw one more time before standing up and raising his hand. Black stands in the center of the ring looking angry and covered in blood.

Winner: Aleister Black

Backstage Promo

Charly Caruso is with Rusev backstage asking for his reaction to the upcoming proposal by Bobby Lashley on Rusev’s ex-wife Lana to which he responds he is elated as he will no longer have to pay alimony. Rusev continues on to say she better cancel any plans she has for this evening, as all she will be doing for the rest of the night is picking splinters out of the back of Bobby Lashley.

A recap from last Monday’s Raw where the window of the limosine is smashed out by Kevin Owens before AOP deliver a beat down as Seth Rollins is revealed to be the man in the van. Rollins says he’s sorry as he proceeds to stomp on the seemingly passed out Owens.

The Viking Raiders vs. The OC

The Viking Raiders make their way down the ramp and into the ring as their music sounds in the arena. Four fans are shown sitting ringside eating KFC as they watch from the best seats in the house. Erik and Ivar begin, “Last week we threw down the gauntlet and dared any team to try and take our championships. We dominated then and tonight, we are prepared to destroy. So now, let the raid begin.”

The OC’s music sounds as they make their way to the top of the ramp where Gallows and Anderson respond, “Lookie here. An open challenge, that is oh so lameskee. It’s lame, just like Minneapolis. Let me tell you why it’s lame. There’s only one team in the world that’s beat the Viking Raiders. The OC, we have the trophy to prove it. But this isn’t just us challenging for the tag team titles, it’s for you avenging your loss and for us to reiterate our spot at the top.” dropping the mic and making their way down the ramp and entering the ring. The bell rings and the match begins.

Spinebuster by Anderson, Erik kicks out. Gallows tags in, multiple uppercuts on Erik followed by a Suplex. Another kick out by Erik. Erik is dropped with another kick. Anderson tags in and jumps on Erik for yet another pin attempt. Erik kicks out. Erik attempting to fight his way out of OC country. Ivar bulldozing down Anderson who lands awkwardly on his right knee. Ivar throwing hands on both members of The OC.

Impressive agility by Ivar as he flips over the top rope, then makes his way to the top turnbuckle about to make a high fly move, Ivar is knocked back into the ring. Ivar with crazy athleticism as he flips off the rope and Gallows breaks the count, saving Anderson from Erik’s pin. Both teams on the outside of the ring laid out, nobody made it back into the ring before ten. Both teams counted out, the referee waves for the bell to ring.

Winner: Double Countout

The four winners of the KFC challenge jump back as The Viking Raiders smash Anderson through the table (the crowd yelling “KFC”). Still the champions, they hold their belts in the air.

Backstage Promo

Kayla Braxton backstage with The Miz asking about his daughter and how The Miz is feeling. Calling this match the most important of his life, with Bray Wyatt. The Miz continues by saying he is not fighting as “The Miz” or as a WWE Superstar. He’s fighting as a father, a man protecting his family.

Video Package

A video package of the storyline leading up to the King Corbin/Roman Reigns feud.

King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

It is announced there are no DQ’s only way to win is by pinfall or submission. King Corbin is brought to the ring carried in on a throne. “You all need to learn some respect, the man about to come out from behind those curtains has no respect. I’m gonna show you exactly what I do to people that don’t show respect. He will be forced to bend the knee to your king.”

There is a pause as King Corbin looks up the ramp waiting for the music to sound. Roman Reigns comes out, slamming his fist into the ground setting off his pyro. Several of Corbin’s guards go at Reigns, who picks them off one by one with ease. Corbin makes his way up the ramp towards Reigns. Corbin is thrown into the big tron by Reigns.

Reigns drags Corbin through the crowd to continue his brutal attack. Corbin counters and takes control as he starts pushing Reigns through the crowd. Reigns with a right shoulder over the baracade, standing next to the announcer’s table. Reigns looks out into the crowd as they cheer. Reigns bounces Corbin’s head off the announcer’s table before throwing him back into the ring. Deep Six by Corbin, changing control of the match up.

Corbin throws multiple blows at Reigns. Back and forth between both men in and out of the ring. Corbin dominating the match. Reigns with a Clothesline on Corbin. Reigns with a boot on Corbin, still protecting his ribs. The crowd is chanting “Roman, Roman” as Reigns feeds off the energy. Superman punch is counter by Corbin with a Chokeslam. Corbin driving his knee into the back of Reigns.

Reigns with a Superman punch on Corbin and a pin attempt, Corbin barely kicks out. Reigns rolls over to the side of the ring trying to gather his barings, then grabbing a table from ringside and throws it into the ring. Corbin wisely rolls out of the ring. Reigns turns around looking for Corbin who is gone. Reigns goes to lift Corbin up by his head into the ring, Corbin hits Reigns with a can of unopened dog food out of nowhere and re-enters the ring, slamming Reigns through the table he himself set up.

Corbin exits the ring and grabs a ladder, only to throw it. Corbin clears off the announcer’s table and the German announcer’s table as well. Corbin re-enters the ring and lifts Reigns to his feet, throwing him to the outside of the ring. Corbin drags Reigns to the announcer’s table and climbs up, holding his hands in the air towards the crowd before turning back to Reigns, lifting him to his knees on the table. Reigns lifts Corbin at the last second for a Samoan Drop through the announcer’s table, sacrificing himself.

Reigns makes his way back to his feet as Corbin begins to stir on the mat. Reigns once again feeding off the WWE Universe, howling with the crowd. Reigns begins running around the ring going full force towards Corbin. Out of nowhere Dolph Ziggler comes out from under the ring, taking out Reigns. Corbin hugging Ziggler. Ziggler grabs handcuffs and dog food from under the ring. Reigns takes out both Ziggler and Corbin at the same time with a Superkick.

Reigns grabs a kendo stick from under the ring. Corbin’s security come at Reigns one by one, Reigns taking out each one as they come at him. The Revival come running down the ramp attacking Reigns as well with his own kendo stick. Reigns with Superman punch on Dawson and then on Wilder. Reigns flies over the top rope onto all the men on the outside of the ring. Reigns is taken down by Ziggler once again as he howls inside the ring.

The Revival with the Shatter Machine on Reigns. Corbin with The End of Days onto the chair in the center of the ring for the three count pin and win.

Winner: King Corbin

After the Match

The Revival and Dolph Ziggler kneel down to King Corbin who wears his crown and holds his septor as he stands up on the turnbuckle, Reigns still laying in the center of the ring. The referee checking on Reigns as Corbin exits the ring, raising his hand in victory.

Announcers Table

The table still a mess as they discuss Bray Wyatt and The Miz match-up coming up, first showing a video package showing what lead up to the match. Three weeks ago being attacked by Wyatt after interrupting an episode of Miz TV. Miz being knocked out backstage with a family photo being laid on his chest. Two weeks ago during a home interview, his daughter in her crib with a doll left by Wyatt.

The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt

“Awesome” sounds in the arena as The Miz makes his way out and down the ramp towards the ring. The Miz enters the ring, looking out to the crowd. Bray Wyatt comes out to his childlike music while smiling and waving at the crowd, wearing a Mr. Roger’s-like sweater. Wyatt teases as he enters the ring, backing up to look at the crowd that’s cheering multiple times before actually entering the ring. Wyatt smiling ear to ear while leaning against the turnbuckle. The referee motions for the bell ring, the match begins.

Miz wastes no time pouncing on Wyatt, slamming him into the turnbuckle. “We’re even” Wyatt says, asking him if he got it all out of his system. Miz with multiple kicks and stomps on Wyatt who has yet to fight back. Miz lifts the sweater over Wyatt’s head, attacking him then pulling it off. Wyatt grabs Miz by the throat pushing him backwards. Miz continues with an offensive attack on Wyatt. Wyatt’s expression changes.

Miz with Skull Crushing finale move, but no cover. Wyatt laughing as Miz slams Wyatt’s face into the mat over and over. Miz trying to torture and punish Wyatt, bending his arm back and his fingers back, Wyatt yells, “Do it!” Miz complies. Wyatt exits the ring and starts slamming himself into the baracade, possibly to put his shoulder back into place. Miz baseball slides into Wyatt on the outside. Miz dominating Wyatt on the outside of the ring, slamming him into the ring stairs, then the announcer’s table.

Miz re-enters the ring to break the count, then runs at Wyatt. Wyatt side steps Miz, sending Miz over the baracade. A faraway look as he delivers a Sister Abigail, then quickly switches back to a fun loving smile as Wyatt re-enters the ring. The official and the crowd begin to count in unison as the count gets to 8, 9… then Miz slides back in just in time. Wyatt looks at Miz and says “please stop” before delivering another Sister Abigail and a pin for the three count win.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

After the Match

Wyatt stays kneeling next to The Miz, smiling innocently, looking down at The Miz. Suddenly the jumbo tron has that familiar face, Wyatt says, “ok, i’ll do it” with a smile as he exits the ring and goes under, grabbing a giant mallet of sorts. The crowd chanting, “Let him in!” The sound changes and Wyatt smiles ecstatically, saying, “He’s here! He’s here!” Wyatt smiling like a giddy school child. A running knee by someone in a hoodie.

A hairless Daniel Bryan exposes himself from under the hoodie. The crowd begins chanting, “Daniel Bryan”. Bryan begins kicking Wyatt, running back and forth with huge kicks. Wyatt laying in the center of the ring. Bryan with multiple stomps to Wyatt as the crowd chants “Yes” with each stomp.

Bryan picks up the giant mallet, as he goes to hit Wyatt the stadium goes black. The lights come on and Wyatt is gone. Bryan confused, slams the mallet down and Daniel Bryan climbs to the second turnbuckle and starts another “Yes” chant with the crowd before stepping down to look at the championship belt left in the center of the ring, then climbing out to walk back up the ramp. We go to commercial.

Video Package

A video package mimicking “TMZ” shows the storyline when Lana kissed Lashley in front of Rusev, fake cheating, fake pregnancies, restraining orders, and multiple arrests. Divorce contracts and new relationships ultimately leading to TLC pay per view.

Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley makes his way out to the top of the ramp with Lana by his side. They hold hands as they walk down the ramp towards the ring. Lashley helps Lana up the stairs and into the ring, climbing in behind her. Out next is an angry Rusev who is looking into the face of Lana and Lashley as he quickly makes his way to the ring. The referee motions for the bell to ring, the match begins.
Lashley helps Lana out of the ring, Rusev jumps out and attacks Lashley with a fury of blows and a Clothesline. Rusev pulls a table up and pushes it into the ring. As he climbs in, Lana runs over and pulls the table out of the ring, Rusev trying to grab it but no luck. Lashley pulls Rusev in and attacks him. Lashley on the outside of the ring, sets up a table.

Rusev runs at Lashley and starts fighting him up the ramp. Lashley laying on the ramp, Rusev drags him back towards the table picking Lashley up on his shoulders. Lashley flips the table from the top of Rusev’s shoulders. Lashley throws Rusev into the stairs, then throws Rusev spine first into the turnbuckle. Lashley grabs another table and throws it at Rusev who jumps out of the way in just enough time for the table to smash in half across the turnbuckle where Rusev was standing moments before.

Lashley re-enters the ring where Rusev is already standing, throwing him into the corner. Rusev with blows on Lashley who brought another table into the ring. Lashley with right hands, throwing Rusev at the table. Back and forth between both men, several close calls at going through the table. Spinebuster by Lashley onto Rusev. Lashley lifts Rusev to the top turnbuckle, swinging his arm around Rusev. Rusev hoists Lashley over his head, Lashley kicks his way down.

Rusev on the inside of the ropes, Lashley on the outside, both men with a table behind them. Rusev pushes Lashley to go through the table on the outside, Lashley flies over the table. Rusev comes to the outside, carrying the ring stairs with him, hitting Lashley with them. Rusev then walks up the ramp and to the side of the top of the ramp grabbing the steel guard rail, smashing it into Lashley. Rusev then sets the guard rail up like a ramp on the ring.

Lashley throws Rusev through the steel guard rail, crushing it under Rusev’s weight. Lashley goes under the ring, grabbing a kendo stick. Rusev still not even up to his feet. Lashley with hard hits to the body of Rusev with the kendo stick. Rusev walking towards Lana pleading with her, Lana laughing in his face. Lashley throws Rusev back into the ring followed by several blows with the kendo stick.

Rusev crawling around the mat, welts forming all over his body as Lashley sets up yet another table in the corner of the ring across from the table set up direcly across from the first one. Rusev builds momentum and begins slamming Lashley multiple times with his own weapon. Rusev with a big kick on Lashley as he stands up. Rusev’s eyes change as he yells at Lashley. Lana jumps on the back of Rusev. Rusev shakes her off, Lashley attempts to throw Rusev through the table, it doesn’t break. He tries again on the second table, this time Rusev going through.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Backstage Promo

The Street Profits are speaking on the previous match. Offering advice to Lashley, “Bobby, I got three words for you. Get a vasectomy.” As he is about to elaborate, noise is heard from off camera. The camera pans to the right as they are interrupted by a fight going on backstage between Roman Reigns, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler and several others… they jump in as well as we go to commercial.

Announcers Table

Jerry Lawler speaking to the other two broadcasters on the road to Wrestlemania set to begin. The Royal Rumble is highlighted, set to take place on January 26th in Houston Texas, tickets go on sale. WWE Women’s tag team championship coming up.

Video Package

A video is shown highlighting the events leading up to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship match set for tonight’s TLC pay-per-view between Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair and the Kabuki Warriors.

WWE Women’s Tag-Team Titles (TLC)

Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair vs. Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane)

The Women’s Tag Team Championship belts are shown hanging above the ring as the match is announced. Becky Lynch’s music sounds as she makes her way down the ramp and into the ring, carrying her Women’s Championship belt, hoping to become a two-belt holder after tonight’s match up.

Out next is the ten time women’s champion, the queen herself, Charlotte Flair. Flair enters the ring, twirling around. Lynch barely even looking in Flair’s direction, kicking her feet back and forth avoiding eye contact. Next out to the ring is the Kabuki Warriors, Asuka and Kairi Sane as the make their way down the ramp and enter the ring.

The bell rings and the match begins with Lynch and Flair quickly going after Asuka and Sane. Lynch throws Asuka through the chairs on the outside of the ring. Flair grabs a chair herself, putting it down and throwing a right hand at Sane. Flair with a big boot to the face of Sane as she flies off the ring towards Flair. Flair and Lynch dominate the beginning of this match up.

Flair slams Sane’s face into the turnbuckle instead of throwing her through the table. Flair and Lynch re-enter the ring to the set up ladder, before either starts climbing, Sane begins throwing random chairs into the ring, getting the focus on herself. Both women climb out of the ring and go after Sane who crawls under the ring. On the outside of the ring,

Lynch and Flair pull on the legs of Sane and as they pull her from under the ring, she has a fire extinguisher and blows it into the face of both Lynch and Flair. Asuka helps Sane in the attack. Flair is stuck in the computer chair on the outside of the ring being beaten by both of the Kabuki Warriors before being knocked to the ground. Lynch is still laid out on the floor next to the ring. Lynch is slammed onto the ladder, then tied to the ladder. Sane laughing and covering the mouth of Lynch.

Flair back to her feet, grabbing the leg of one of the Warriors. A baseball sliding kick into the face of Flair knocking her back to the mat. Flair thrown over the baracade into the front row of the crowd. Lynch still tied to the ladder. Flair unleashing a frenzy of blows with the kendo stick on both Sane and Asuka. Flair slams the ladder into the body of both girls on the outside of the ring. Asuka tossed over the head of Flair following a running throw of Sane.

To the excitement of the crowd, Flair makes her way over to Lynch starting to untie her. Before she can get the ties loosened, Asuka rebounds, hitting Flair in the back with a chair. Warriors throw Flair into the ring stairs. Lynch breaks free from the ladder and screams with rage as she begins to attack the Warriors. Flair back to her feet, they find their third and forth wind as they attack both of the Kabuki Warriors.

All four women make their way back into the ring where two chairs are set up. Lynch and Flair place the Warriors in the chairs and begin attacking both of them. Lynch and Flair fly off the ropes together and slam into the Warriors at the same time, knocking them both out of the chairs. Flair sets Asuka up on the table on the outside of the ring, Lynch flying off the ring onto Asuka, going through the table.

Lynch and Flair carry Sane on their shoulders, slamming her into the ring post and then dropping her on the floor. Lynch clears off yet another table and throws the chairs out of the way. Setting up another table close to the ring, Sane is dragged by her hair by both Lynch and Flair going for a Double Suplex. Sane counters with a Double DDT. Sane slamming Flair’s face into the table, then same with Lynch, setting them both up. Flair flew out of the way at the last second, Sane only landing on Lynch. The table didn’t break. Sane slamming Lynch’s face into a chair on the outside.

Flair struggling to her feet, Spearing Sane. Asuka puts a table on Lynch and multiple chairs on Flair, attempting to bury Lynch. Sane laying on the broken table, Asuka helps her back to her feet. The Warriors grab the ladder off of Flair, attempting to get it into the ring.

Opening the ladder directly under the tag team championship belts, the Warriors are stopped as Lynch and Flair are back up, slamming Sane and Asuka with chairs. Asuka gets a chair to the face by Flair. Lynch slamming Sane with a folding chair of her own. Flair with a signature, “Woooo!!” as she makes her way to the top turnbuckle. Flair Powerbombed through the table on the outside.

Back inside the ring, Lynch attack Asuka, beating her with the rope still attatched to the ladder. Asuka grabs the rope with Lynch half way up the ladder, pulls the rope sending Lynch flying outside of the ring. Asuka climbs the ladder and grabs the belts for the win.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

After the Match

King Corbin, Roman Reigns, and half of the fighters from backstage are brawling and swinging like crazy. Reigns Spears Corbin onto the group of superstars still brawling beneath them, knocking everyone to the floor as the show closes.

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