WWE Trying to Get “Stone Cold” Steve Austin Back in the Ring for WrestleMania 38

— It looks like another WWE Hall of Famer may be coming out of retirement for a match. In a shocking development, fightfulselect.com reports that the backstage “chatter” within WWE is that the company is going to attempt to bring back “Stone Cold” Steve Austin out of retirement for a match at the upcoming WrestleMania 38.

— Austin has not wrestled in almost two decades, retiring after WrestleMania 19 and all attempts by multiple officials and wrestlers to have him wrestle once more have thus far failed. WWE has naturally not commented on this story but many expect Austin back, and engaging in a physical role at the very least. The story adds that as of now, internally WWE is planning for Austin to wrestle Kevin Owens and the seeds for that feud have already begun to be planted on Raw and throughout social media.

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