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WWE Won’t Give Luke Harper Release, Extends His Contract By Another 6 Months

The situation with Luke Harper is that despite him going public with his release request, WWE is not going to be letting him go and in fact, they have added six months to his contract.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company is doing this because Harper was inactive due to wrist surgery and there is verbiage in the talent contracts that allows them to add time to agreements if the wrestler is sidelined or holds out.

What this means for Harper is that his contract – originally set to expire in November 2019 – is now going to run into 2020, coming up due right around WrestleMania.

This might be a way for the company to dissuade wrestlers from going public with their release demands or saying that they are unhappy. Looking at the situation of Dustin Runnels, who was also out for multiple months with knee surgery, he never said a word, denied he was leaving when rumors of his departure were circulating earlier this year, and ultimately was allowed to walk away and join AEW in a good position.

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