WWE Worlds Collide Preview For Tonight (4/24/2019)

WWE Worlds Collide Preview (4/24): Cross & Belair Take Aim At NXT U.K. Crown

Not only does new episodes of NXT TV (Preview Here) and NXT U.K. TV (Preview Here) premiere on the WWE Network today, but the latest installment of the Worlds Collide series debuts this evening as well.

Immediately following this week’s NXT TV show at 8/7c, the latest Worlds Collide special premieres at 9/8c featuring four brand-versus-brand matches that will be capped off by Toni Storm defending the NXT U.K. Women’s Championship in a Triple-Threat Match against WWE Superstar Nikki Cross and NXT Superstar Bianca Belair.

WWE.com released the following preview for tonight’s show:

WWE Worlds Collide preview, April 24, 2019: Cross and Belair take aim at Storm’s NXT UK Women’s crown

Worlds Collide continues this week on WWE Network with four huge brand-versus-brand matches featuring female Superstars, capped off by Toni Storm defending the NXT UK Women’s Championship in a Triple Threat Match against WWE’s Nikki Cross and NXT’s Bianca Belair.

NXT UK Women’s Title on the line in Triple Threat Match

You can’t say Toni Storm isn’t a fighting champion.

The reigning NXT UK Women’s Champion will be put to the test on Worlds Collide when she puts her title on the line in a Triple Threat Match against WWE’s Nikki Cross and NXT’s Bianca Belair. Even setting aside the fact that Cross and Belair are, arguably and respectively, the most unpredictable and most athletic Superstars in WWE, the match still poses a major risk to Storm’s title reign given the Triple Threat circumstances.

After all, the match cannot end by disqualification or by count-out — not that Storm is the type to take the easy way out — and the champion doesn’t have to be involved in the decision to lose her title, meaning Storm will have to stay extra-aggressive if she hopes to escape Worlds Collide with her crown.

Can Storm tame Cross’ chaos and counter Belair’s power, or will NXT UK soon have an outsider as its Women’s Champion? Don’t miss this must-see title clash when Worlds Collide streams Wednesday at 9/8 C on WWE Network, immediately following NXT.

NXT UK’s Piper Niven in action against Zelina Vega

Piper Niven has wasted no time making her presence felt in the NXT UK Women’s division, but on this week’s Worlds Collide, the Scottish powerhouse will get a chance to prove herself against Zelina Vega.

Although Vega is best known as Andrade’s calculating business associate, she has also demonstrated her ring prowess when the situation calls for it. And while she may be petite, no one has ever questioned Zelina’s scrappiness. It’s a different matter entirely whether that will be enough to get the win against Niven — one of the most imposing Superstars in WWE, who is also intent on making a splash in only her second match on WWE Network since the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

The Genius of the Sky meets SmackDown LIVE’s striking specialist

For those who subscribe to the adage that “styles make fights” — heck, even for those who don’t — this week’s showdown between NXT’s Io Shirai and SmackDown LIVE’s Sonya Deville is as compelling a matchup as the WWE Universe has seen on Worlds Collide.

Deville can be counted on to bring devastating punches, kicks, knees and takedowns, all of which were techniques she perfected in MMA before applying inside the squared circle. The Genius of the Sky, in contrast, is an elite high-flyer, a springboarding, moonsaulting burst of energy who’s hard to pin down and whose attacks are even harder to avoid.

Will Deville’s smashmouth approach ground Shirai, or can the NXT fan favorite soar to new heights in this inter-brand bout?

Red-hot Candice LeRae faces the unbeaten Kay Lee Ray

Candice LeRae and Kay Lee Ray are both riding tidal waves of momentum heading into their Worlds Collide clash. LeRae continues to build steam toward her goal of NXT Women’s Title contention, having recently dealt a decisive loss to her rival, Aliyah. The methodical Ray, meanwhile, is 2-0 since her widely hailed arrival in NXT UK last month.

You can bet that both Superstars will be out to impress, with the eyes of the WWE Universe — not to mention, NXT General Manager William Regal and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint — on them. Add in the extra pressure and pride that comes with any brand-versus-brand matchup, and you’ve got the makings of a truly explosive encounter.

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