WWE's The Bump Recap (1/6/2021)

WWE’s The Bump Recap (1/6/2021): Triple H, Finn Balor, Billie Kay & More (Video)

Good afternoon wrestling fans, and welcome back to the recap of WWE’s YouTube show, The Bump! That’s right The Bump is back from its holiday hiatus, and today’s show is locked and loaded!

Joining the show today will be the head man of NXT, HHH, NXT Champion Finn Balor, and “The Femme Fatale” Billie Kay. The host of the show is Kayla Braxton, along side her co-hosts, Evan T. Mack, Ryan Pappolla, and Matt Camp.

Now let’s get down to business with our detailed recap of the 1/6/2021 episode of WWE’s The Bump, courtesy of Andrew Hatcher and Rajah.com.


Kayla welcomes us back to the show, and kick things off by talking about the upcoming Royal Rumble event. The hosts talk about the Rumble match, and we’re told that the first Royal Rumble match winner, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, will be on the show next week. They move on to sharing a few thoughts about WWE Legends night, and talk about how Goldberg “faked them out”, after initially challenging Roman Reigns to a future match. Kayla transitions into talking about the Twitter interactions between Cardi B, and various women on the WWE roster, as well as an exchange between B and Wale. Kayla questions her co-hosts on who they’d like to see Cardi face in a Wrestlemania match, and I vote no one. Kayla moves things along to more important things, and introduces the first guest, HHH.

Triple H

HHH joins the show, and Kayla asks about his return, back at the 2002 Royal Rumble. HHH tells Kayla “the journey is hard to put into words”. Hunter continues, and says the return, and the road to Wrestlemania, “was a moment of validation”. Matt chimes in, and asks HHH about being in the ring with Mr. Perfect, who also returned that night. Hunter tells Matt that Curt was “one of the greatest we’ve had here”, and seeing Mr. Perfect out there was “awesome”. T. Mack then talks about HHH’s Royal Rumble accomplishments, and Hunter tells them he’s “never really thought about it all”. He reviews his own accomplishments, and talks about how Pat Patterson came up with the idea for the match. Hunter tells us he doesn’t connect himself to the Rumble, but people like Steve Austin and Kane make him think about the match. He finishes the subject by saying he “correlates the rumble” more with his match against Cactus Jack. Ryan joins the conversation, and asks about HHH’s WWE Championship win in the 2016 Royal Rumble. Hunter says he had no idea that would happen, and doing it at the highest level, after a year off was “the most difficult challenge he’s faced”. Kayla wonders if HHH has a specific memory from the Rumble event, and he tells her he remembers his first rumble, and talks about working with Dory Funk Jr, calling it “the coolest thing of all time”. He continues sharing his own personal memories, and talks about things like his own return in ‘02, and John Cena’s return at Madison Square Garden. Matt makes his way back into the conversation, and wonders what it was like to be in the ring when Cena returned. Hunter tells Matt “when you’re in there with Cena, you know how it’s gonna be”. Hunter continues, and tells the hosts “its hard to explain how electric that feeling is”. He says he knows what it meant to him, and what it means to other people to return after time off, then reiterates that those moments are something special. Matt moves into talking about tonight’s episode of NXT, and asks about the nights matchups. HHH gives a brief rundown of each match, and shares his thoughts on what he thinks will go down tonight. Kayla asks what Finn Balors’ 2nd NXT title run has meant for the brand, and Hunter tells her its made NXT “a place where people can prove they are the best”. Hunter closes the subject by saying NXT is more “bell to bell” than Raw and Smackdown. Ryan asks about upcoming star Tyler Rust, and HHH says he thinks Malcom Bivens has “found a diamond in the rough”. T. Mack asks about next weeks NXT UK Main Event between WALTER and A-Kid, and HHH talks about how great WALTER is, comparing the champion to Brock Lesnar. He then talks up A-Kid, saying Kid “has alot of heart”. Kayla thanks HHH for joining the show, and sends him off. The hosts then move into “top rope topics”.

They take things back to last Friday’s Smackdown, and what went down afterwards on Talking Smack, between she and Jey Uso. Kayla felt disrespected by Uso as well as Paul Heymans comments, and says she’s “ready for all of them to be stopped”. Matt talks about the upcoming Intercontinental Championship match on Smackdown, and T. Mack talks about the return of Sonya Deville. Ryan closes the segment by talking about Otis and Daniel Bryan’s budding friendship, calling them “a heck of a tag team”. Kayla moves the show along, and introduces the next guest, Billie Kay.

Billie Kay

Billie says hello to “everybody but Kayla”, and they take a look back at BK’s appearance on this past weeks Talking Smack. Kayla wonders if they are “good now”, and Billie tells her no. Ryan jumps in, and questions Billie about her potential partnership with The Riott Squad. Billie says they are “playing hard to get”, and she believes she will hear back from them soon. Matt wonders what Billie is looking for in a partnership, and Billie tells them “they have to be a Billie Kay fan”. Matt continues questioning her about a potential partnership, and BK shares “fun facts” about herself. T. Mack talks about Adam Pearces offer to be his assistant, and Billie thinks she would be great at the job. Kayla wonders if Billie would like to be a manager, and Billie tells her she “is up for anything”. Matt chimes back in, and asks about Drew Gulaks PowerPoint presentations, and Billie tells Drew to “hit me up”. T. Mack asks Billie what it would mean to her to win the Royal Rumble match, and Billie says “it’s on my bucket list”. Kayla asks BK about her favorite Royal Rumble memories, and Kay talks about watching wrestling as a kid. Kay continues talking about the topic, and tells the hosts “The Rock completely inspired me beyond belief”, and talks about how watching wrestling with her brother was “special”. Ryan wonders how it would be for Billie to come across her former partner Peyton Royce at the Rumble, and Billie tells The Bump crew she “will always be there for Peyton”. Matt comes back into the conversation, and plays a game of “you call that journalism?” with Billie. Various clips of BK running down backstage interview personnel are shown, and Billie shares her thought on each of them, giving them all grades. BK finishes the segment by giving Kayla an F, and Kayla jokingly tries to end the interview. Billie gives the rest of the crew an A, and she leaves the show. Kayla moves things along, and a video of the kid who acted like Stone Cold is aired, followed by a tweet from Austin, which said “oh heck yeah!”. After that, the hosts share their thoughts on tonight’s NXT show, and each of them make a few predictions about what they think will go down. Kayla then brings in the next guest, a first time guest on the show, and NXT Champion, Finn Balor.

NXT Champion Finn Balor

Finn tells the hosts its “nice to finally be here”, and Kayla asks about the NXT Championship match tonight. Finn tells Kayla he’s filling “fit, strong, and confident” heading into the match. Ryan asks Finn if Kyle O’Reilly surprised him in their last match, and Finn tells him he wasn’t surprised, as he runs down Kyles’ career accolades. Matt wonders if there’s any “trepidation” heading into his return match, after 3 months away, and Finn tells him “it’ll be like riding a bike”, and he knows what he has to do tonight. T. Mack questions Finn about his preparation for the match, and Finn tells him he “goes into every match the same way”. Kayla asks if Finn of he has anything new in his arsenal of moves, and Finn jokes about some new moves he learned, before telling her we will get “classic Finn”. Matt moves into questions about Finns favorite Rumble moments, and Finn says his childhood memory of the rumble is watching Shawn Michaels perform. Ryan wonders how Finns current title reign compares to the first one, and Finn talks about how the roster was then, compared to now. Finn says 5 years ago they were “trying to build the brand”, and now the brand is established. Matt wonders if Finn ever takes a moment to think about his accomplishments, and Finn tells him he’s “focused on now and the future”. T. Mack jumps back in, and wonders if Finn has his eye on anyone. Balor says he wants to face Pete Dunne. Kayla asks if Finn has any final words for Kyle O’reilly, and Finn tells him “may the best man win”. Kayla ends the interview there, and moves into talking about Luke Harper, who tragically passed away during the holiday season.

A past interview with Luke is replayed, and he’s talking about his son. It’s quite the emotional interview, and Luke talks about wanting “to be as good of a dad as his dad”, as he holds back tears. Luke reflects on his career, and Kayla tells us “he loved life and his family”. The Bump hosts send their condolences to the family, and there’s a moment of silence for Luke to end the show. What a nice moment, RIP Luke.

That’s all for this episode of The Bump! Join me next Wednesday, as I recap the latest edition of the show.

Watch the complete 1/6/2021 episode of WWE’s The Bump via the YouTube video embedded below courtesy of the official WWE channel.

REACTION: WWE’s The Bump 1/6/2021

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