WWE Chairman Celebrates 72nd Birthday

WWE’s Investigation Into Vince McMahon Accusations Complete; McMahon Completely Done With WWE

— In WWE’s latest press release reviewing their third quarter results, it was noted that the special investigation that the company undertook to look into the accusations against Vince McMahon is now complete and cost WWE almost $20 million. One line in the filing which read “McMahon could exercise ultimate control over our affairs” by virtue of his being the controlling stockholder” raised some eyebrows and fueled rumors that Vince could be headed back to WWE.

— Fightfulselect.com reports that the overwhelming consensus backstage within WWE is that this is not the case and that McMahon is “done, done” with the company and would not be returning to any of the roles that he has vacated and which have been primarily filled by Triple H and others. Furthermore, with Vince gone, morale within the company over the last few months is said to be the highest it has been in over a decade.

— One longtime WWE employee initially had “reservations, hesitations and fears” about whether McMahon truly was gone, suspecting that once everything blew over, he’d quickly be back i charge, however, they don’t believe that to be the case anymore. This employee went onto state that those who are currently in charge understand that if Vince came back to WWE, it would be looked at as a major step back for the company.

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