X-Pac Talks About Liv Morgan's Injury

X-Pac Talks About Liv Morgan’s Injury; Road Warrior Animal Interview

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Sean Waltman On Liv Morgan’s Injury on Monday Night Raw

The natural instinct when you get concussed, when you get knocked out, as soon as you come up is to get up and fight and keep going. It’s a really weird experience because you all of a sudden are laying on the ground and there’s this deja vu thing. Happens every time I have a concussion….Even last year in the U.K, I got knocked out it was the same thing all of a sudden I am on the ground on the mat having deja vu going through my head… It’s a tough call in a situation like that on live TV and everyone is in the moment, I saw a clip of that and to me it just looks like the last one caught her because she was registering the kicks when she would get kicked. It was just their timing, it got messed up, it looked like to me. And as she was coming back down from registering the kick she got kicked with the last one. It looked like just the last one is what knocked her out to me. Shit happens, and no one means to do that…I am not gonna fault anyone for not doing anything if wasn’t part of protocol. However, this might be a good learning experience to start training the referees on what to do… That would be something I am pretty sure they’re already talking about.

Road Warrior Animal on His Experience at All-In

The thing we all wonder every time is ‘Do you still got it?’…As soon as he said ‘What A Rush’ and that motorcycle hit, man, especially when I got on stage all the L.O.D chants starting out and half those fans probably weren’t even around when Hawk and I were on top going full board. So it was really cool to see. What I loved about ALL IN is that those guys did it right, they combined guys that were in the legend status, and some of the new guys. And they intertwined both the eras and that is so important in our business. I think too many times the new companies get caught up with just putting on the new guys.

Road Warrior Animals Talks About Cody Winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship

I thought it was awesome. I think what it did is it gave the NWA title which has been dead for a few years some clout again. Behind the scenes I was very very impressed with how Cody ran that show. He ran it like a total professional, man. He was calm, cool, collective, nothing bothered him. Reminded me a lot of Dusty. Dusty was always calm when he was directing TV shows… To be associated with that ALL IN show was really freaking cool.

Road Warrior Animal Talks about his Best Time in Wrestling and Favorite Territory

In the states here it would have to be the NWA days. I mean back in the late 80’s when we would be in the same city, just say Philadelphia. As WWF would be in and WWF would be selling out the Philadelphia Spectrum and we’d be selling out at the Civic Center. One held twenty-four and one held twenty-two thousand people the same night. And that was a fun time in the business when we would go to major cities like that. I think the NWA for me and Japan for us because this business is about getting treated with respect. And when we were in Japan there was never any headaches, it’s always a respectful tour, it was always fun. There was never any hang-ups or attitudes. Business was business. If a guy needed to go over you got him over and if a guy needed to get beat he got beat. It just was what it was. The egos weren’t like today business where someone goes through a camp and thinks he can be champ the next day. Unfortunately, that’s the way the business has groomed guys today. But I think the NWA days cause we had great teams to fight too. We had the Koloffs, The Midnight Express, we had the Four Horsemen.

Road Warrior Animal Shares His One Regret in Pro Wrestling

The only thing that I regret in the wrestling business is, Hawk and I would’ve loved and we threw this idea around in WWE at the time. ‘Why don’t you put us in a six-man match with Hulk (Hogan) and take it around the country?’ Because we would have loved to have been in a match with the Hulk as our partner. That would have been awesome.

Road Warrior Animal On the Japanese Influence on Today’s Wrestling

The Japanese influence has always been there, the only thing that is different now is there are different TV outlets today for them to get over here. With the Internet and Youtube and everything else, they started slowly creeping over, creeping over and now with Fite TV on the Internet everybody gets to be on TV. It just goes to show you when you sell out a place like Madison Square Garden in fifteen minutes for New Japan. And New Japan always had a great reputation from the wrestling fans who read magazines for being the top company over there and All Japan. I mean those were always the two companies that everybody wanted to go over and work for. Fortunately, for me, I got to work for about four different companies. Most of it was with New Japan and All Japan.

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