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The Young Bucks On How Much Longer Until They Retire, The Elite & More

Decorated wrestling tag-team The Young Bucks were recently interviewed by the folks at A Music Blog, Yah? (AMBY).” Below are some of the highlights.

On how much longer they see themselves being active pro wrestlers:

Matt: “It’s a constant state of jet lag, and tiredness, and caffeine. This is our life.”

Nick: “It’s cool though, because we know we only have a certain window to do this and we’re trying to enjoy every minute of it. Because, I’m not going to be do this in fifteen years.”

Matt: “No! I’m not going to be doing this in eight years.”

On how The Elite faction was initially formed:

Matt: “Yeah, it was like a tongue-in-cheek thing, ‘Yeah, we’re the elite wrestlers in the world,’ right? Then one day, on the fly- it was scripted for Kenny [Omega] to turn on AJ [Styles], but it wasn’t scripted for us to return to the ring – just the three of us – and then jump him and beat him up more, and then take a picture. That was something we just did on our own, and then we get to the back and people are already sending me picture on Twitter. I put ‘The Elite of the Bullet Club’ as a caption, and immediately people were like ‘Woah, what’s that?’ and I’m like ‘We need a shirt! We need a shirt!'”

On their ability to stay independent wrestlers while still achieving national and international notoriety:

Matt: “It’s because of them [the fans] that we still able to be independent, we haven’t had to go ‘corporate’ – or whatever you want to call it – and go sign with WWE, because we don’t have to. We absolutely don’t have to. We actually, probably, make more money with what we’re doing now, independently, as artists, than we do if we join that place, which is crazy, it’s mind-blowing to me that’s a thing. It’s a road less travel, or a road that’s never really done [before]. We paved this thing. Not a lot of people have gotten to do this, we’re kind of like the first guys to do, there [are] guys like Colt Cabana, who I have to give credit to, because the guy is a genius. He’s like the forefather of this whole thing.”

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