Bullet Club

The Young Bucks, Jay White Trade Shots Over Recent Bullet Club Reunion In AEW

Following his return to action on last night’s NJPW Road To New Beginning tour top company superstar Jay White took a shot at the Bullet Club reunion happening on AEW, claiming that his group remains the real representation of the group. The Switchblade would later add that this era is still going to be his.

This is real Bullet Club right here. We’re not a cheap ripoff trying to recreate the past to try and regain some relevance and doing corny reunions just so you can sell shitty t-shirts to you all. Of course you all still buy them because you are you.

This would prompt a response from the AEW tag champion Young Bucks who explain that their mini-reunion helped make the original Bullet Club shirt one of the top sellers in a single evening.

The original Bullet Club t-shirt design hadn’t been in the Top Sellers List for two years.. until the night we all decided to throw up Too Sweet again. You’re welcome.

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