Zack Ryder Talks Internet Title On WWE Network

Zack Ryder On Internal Reaction In WWE To His Internet Wrestling Title

In the latest WWE Network Pick of the Week video, Matt Hardy and Zack Ryder promote their new Table For 3 episode, which also features Xavier Woods of The New Day.

In the video, the two talk about the internal reaction to Zack Ryder’s old WWE Internet Wrestling Championship concept and his YouTube video series.

“I just don’t think people knew what was going on. Even with the Internet Title,” Ryder said. “I wanted to wear that, I got that made, I wanted to wear it out on TV. I’m not gonna say who, but somebody, when I presented the idea, just called me a mark for myself.”

Ryder continued, “I said, ‘No, I don’t really think I’m the champ of the internet.’ It’s like a gimmick. Like the Million Dollar Title, I want to come out with it. I didn’t make a belt because I have all these cool Twitter followers, it’s part of the act. I was never allowed to wear it on TV, but it was on one of my t-shirts, they made an action figure of it, it was in the video game.”

Check out the video below and the new Table For 3 episode by subscribing to the WWE Network today.

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