Zelina Vega Talks To Renee Young

Zelina Vega Remembers Her Father On Anniversary Of 9/11 Tragedy (Video)

On the 17th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11, Zelina Vega spoke with Renee Young about the passing of her father during the World Trade Center attacks in 2001.

Vega spoke about The Rock being her dad’s favorite wrestler. When asked by Young what her father would say if he could see her now living out their dream as a WWE Superstar.

“That I’m just as crazy as he is,” Vega laughed. “I think he’d be happy about it, I think he’d be super proud of it.”

Vega continued, “Because we were told no all our lives and to actually get the big yes, and to be representing for him, is such a cool thing for me. It’s like little wins for me, so to be here is just a big win for me.”

Check out the Zelina Vega 9/11 interview with Renee Young below.


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