Zoey Stark

Zoey Stark Reportedly Receiving Significant Praise From WWE Talent, Officials

Zoey Stark has made a significant impact in WWE during her relatively short time with the company. Just a little over two years after joining WWE, Stark received a call-up to the WWE Raw brand and became involved in storylines with WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus and WrestleMania Main Eventer Becky Lynch. Impressively, she even secured a victory over Becky Lynch. Sources close to the situation have reported that Stark has garnered praise not only from the talent she’s worked with on the main roster but also from backstage personnel for her professionalism and adaptability following her call-up.

It’s worth noting that WWE had been keeping a close watch on Zoey Stark from early on in her career. She received commendation for her determination in recovering from a knee injury and seamlessly returning to in-ring action. WWE provided her with exposure on Main Event, where she received positive feedback internally. This ultimately led to her participation in the Royal Rumble event. Shortly after her Royal Rumble appearance, WWE made the decision to promote her to the main roster. By March, it was communicated to NXT that her time there would be concluding as she embarked on her journey with the WWE main roster.

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