Booker T Shares His Opinion Of Kenny Omega Winning The Impact World Title

AEW IMPACT |By Andrew Hatcher |Mon, May 3, 2021 - 8:15AM EDT

Booker T recently pressed the record button on another edition of his own Hall of Fame podcast, where he shared his thoughts on Kenny Omega winning the Impact World Championship.

Booker said that he thinks the win by Omega is a good thing for AEW, but he’s not sure how well it will all work out for Impact. The Five-Time WCW Champion explained:

“I don’t know what impact is thinking right now,” said Booker T. “Maybe they’re thinking, you know, the rub. Maybe they’re thinking the rub. It’s a cool moment for AEW. It’s not a cool moment for IMPACT Wrestling unless I own both companies, and I was working the fans, you know what I mean at the same time, with both of my companies.”

Booker continued to discuss the Rebellion main-event, and mentioned that he wouldn’t let the “franchise player” in his own promotion lose to another brand's Champion. The Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer told listeners:

“For Rich Swann to go out and lose the title to Kenny Omega, it does absolutely nothing in my opinion. And just say for instance, if I was doing Deep Impact with TNA, and they wanted [the] Reality Wrestling Champion to lose and drop the belt, it wouldn’t happen. It just wouldn’t happen. If the champion gets beat, which is your franchise player, the number one guy, and he goes out and gets beat…I could be wrong, but for me, if it was my company, something like that wouldn’t have gone down.”

(H/T and transcribed by WrestleZone)