La Rosa Negra Reflects At Length About Incident With Tessa Blanchard

AEW IMPACT Other |By Matt Boone |Wed, February 17, 2021 - 4:12PM EST
Tessa Blanchard, La Rosa Negra

Women's pro wrestling veteran La Rosa Negra recently spoke with Fightful for an interview where the discussed a number of pro wrestling topics.

During the discussion, she touched on the infamous incident she had with former IMPACT World Champion Tessa Blanchard, contacting All Elite Wrestling for a job and more.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On knowing her worth, not letting Tessa Blanchard disrespect her and refusing to ask her for an apology: "Let me tell you one thing. For whatever Tessa wants to do in her life and her career, good for her. It has no bearing on me. But when someone wants to be respected, they have to respect others. But if you don’t respect others and all you want is to humiliate others and to be above everyone and push your family name, which you’re quite small in being a part of that family. There was a WrestleCade where I talked and she didn’t say anything to me, but I spoke with her. I told her, ‘I forgive you. To hell with that. I can’t live my life holding that grudge.’ I don’t hate her. I just feel poor for her. She needs to grow. Nowadays, she denies what she did. Did she grow? Really? Okay, she grew. Me, I will keep growing. I lost a contract. I lost money for my family. She took a lot of opportunities in that year, but now I need to think about what people say on Twitter about her. I don’t care right now because if she did something, she needs to accept it. I accepted that she spit in my face, that she humiliated me. She also needs to respect the fact that I made her respect me for better or worse. You are not someone to humiliate people, but you made me grow. Now, I feel like I know my worth because I could defend myself and show that she is not above anyone else. It affected my personal life and my finances and me being able to provide for my family. I had to stay in Puerto Rico and grow. I came back and look where I’m at now. In 2021, I’m the Mission Pro Wrestling champion. A lot of wrestlers wrote to me and I want to say thanks to all those wrestlers. At the time, I was telling them to shut up about it and to forget about it. I accepted it. She spit at me and disrespected me and I showed her respect. She stays in her lane and I stay in mine. Not much else to talk about. I don’t need her apology because it’s too late. It’s too late and she still denies it. I got my conscience and it’s clean. You know what, kisses to you Tessa."

On reaching out to AEW for a job: "Look, I didn’t have to wait on Mission Pro Wrestling to send an inquiry about AEW. I already inquired about that and I’m waiting to see if they call. I don’t know what is going to happen. Whether or not I get a call, I’m still here working. I would love a chance to compete in AEW, whatever big company is out there. I would love to return to Japan, just so you know. I know not everyone wants to go to the same company. WWE is good, but I would love to return to Japan. I love the Mexican style and would love to show that I’m capable of wrestling [in Mexico]. I love the Japanese style. When they hit me hard, I get angry, I get furious. When it’s like that in combat, it motivates me more to do more wrestling. I also like the American style and mixing it with old school Puerto Rican wrestling when I started there in 2012. It’s what allowed me to thrive into the wrestler you see and to become the Mission Pro Wrestling champion."

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