WWE Monday Night RAW Results (9/28/20): Amway Center, Orlando, FL

WWE Results |By Jamie Rush |Mon, September 28, 2020 - 8:00PM EDT
RAW Results 9-28-20

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WWE Monday Night RAW "Clash of Champions" Fallout Edition LIVE Results (9/28/2020) - Amway Center, Orlando, FL

Show Opening
We are welcomed to the ThunderDome by Samoa Joe, Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton who are on commentary, as they sit at the announcer's table by the ring. We immediately hear the entrance theme for Ric Flair sound in the ThunderDome at Amway Center in Orlando, FL to kick off tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW Fallout Edition following last night's WWE Clash of Champions: "Gold Rush" pay-per-view.

In Ring - Ric Flair

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair makes his way to the ring as his music sounds in the arena! The crowd pops as The Nature Boy makes his way down the ramp towards the ring!

Big Show Joins

The Big Show's music sounds as Ric Flair makes his way into the ring. Big Show makes his way down the ramp to join Ric Flair inside the ring.

Shawn Michaels Joins!

Shawn Michael's music sounds and the Heartbreak Kid makes his way down the ramp to join both Ric Flair and Big Show inside the ring! We see still photos of Michaels delivering Sweet Chin Music off the top of the ambulance to Randy Orton!

We continue to see other still photos showing Drew McIntyre delivering the Claymore and a big Kick to the skull before closing the doors of the ambulance to win the match and retain the title! Then The Nature Boy Ric Flair proceeded to drive the ambulance out of the ThunderDome to end the match!

We return to the ring where Shawn Michaels is on the mic first! Surrounded by Big Show, Ric Flair, and Christian "It's been a long time since I've done this... but, 'Welcommeee to Monday Night RAW~'" as the crowd pops! Shawn Michaels then continues on the state, "Without further ado, please welcome your WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre!!

Drew McIntyre Enters

Drew McIntyre's music sounds as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, joining Christian, Big Show, Ric Flair, and Shawn Michaels, giving everyone handshakes and hugs before the pyro goes off around the ring to welcome the champion to Monday Night RAW! McIntyre is handed a mic!

"Man, this is pretty cool. I'm standing in the ring with these four legends. I didn't expect to see you last night either, which was pretty cool too." McIntyre begins. "Not a lot of people know, I've known these people for a long time. I'll start with The Big Show and Christian. I grew up with these guys. I traveled the world with these guys! In my 20's, Christian was always looking out for me, going to bat for me, helping me improve in this ring." McIntyre continues on stating he will start with Big Show who smiles and looks nervous.

McIntyre tells Big Show to relax, he's not gonna say anything bad or put him over. "When times get tough, and they got tough a lot, you were there like a big brother, giving me advice, and I always appreciate that." He goes on to Shawn Michaels next, McIntyre notes their time in NXT, telling him he was a mentor, and he wouldn't be in the position he's in right now if it wasn't for him. McIntyre then moves on to Ric Flair, "I love your stories and I appreciate your advice."

McIntyre states, "I was thinking of a story, I don't know if i told you or many people, but when I first came to America, before you were retired, I won't say by who, you were still on the roster. I thought, I'm on the same roster as Ric frickin' Flair which I thought was awesome!" McIntyre continues, "Which brings me to the good news! Funny thing is what brought us all back together was our mutual distain for Randall Orton. I still stand here WWE Champion!" The crowd pops.

Shawn Michaels tells McIntyre that's the reason they were out there, to collectively thank McIntyre for, honestly, "Kickin' that Orton ass!" The crowd pops again. Michaels says while they were recovering from what Orton did, they wanted to "even the odds" and also "get a little revenge on their part" and if McIntyre was upset for that... "It was Nature's fault." As everyone smiles. McIntyre says he doesn't mind them hitting him, he doesn't care how many people attack him, he hopes people on the street start beating on him a matter of fact...

Randy Orton Via Video

"Drew! I hope you're enjoying this moment, because it will NOT last. This isn't over until I SAY it's over. You think you went through hell with me last night, brother, you have no idea what hell is. But you will. I will not be finished with you until I am WWE Champion." Orton states to McIntyre from the jumbotron above the stage.

McIntyre responds, "Let me guess, you're going to beg for another match, Randy. Hmmm?" Orton responds, "You just don't get it, do you? I don't need to BEG for anything, because I am Randy Orton. I am a 13 time WWE Champion. The ONLY reason I am here is to remind you and everyone in that ring, that there is a price to pay when you cross the Legend Killer." Orton turns and walks off, dragging a suitcase behind him as he exits through a door behind him.

"Such a shame, I guess Randy Orton has left the building." McIntyre states. He continues on to state with all the talk of titles, he's currently in the ring with four champion legends. He adds he's issuing an open challenge, to anyone in the back that he has not faced, for the WWE Championship. "Who wants to step up? Who wants to prove they are the man around here? Alright, I put that out here. Somebody, please step up." Mcintyre's music sounds.

McIntyre turns and once again hugs the men inside the ring.

Announcer's Table

Samoa Joe, Tom Phillips, and Byron Saxton discuss the match between Zelina Vega and Asuka from last night's WWE Clash of Champions: Gold Rush pay-per-view last night. We are sent to a quick video of highlights from their match last night. We return to the commentary team who then send us backstage where Kayla stands with Vega.

Backstage - Zelina Vega

Zelina Vega is stretching backstage as Kayla walks up and states Zelina came up short last night. Zelina cuts her off and says, "Came up short, looks who's talking!" Zelina continues on to state that she is just getting started and Asuka is not ready for what Zelina has in store! At this point, Asuka walks up and states, "Oh I am ready for YOU Zelina, ha-ha-ha. I hope you are ready to lose to me, one more time! Ha ha ha!" The two continue to bicker and argue as they are broken up and we head to the first commercial break of the evening.

Quick Announcement

We return from commercial break to be informed by the announcers that the Open Challenge from Drew McIntyre has been approved by WWE officials. They note that Seth Rollins continues to attempt to drive a wedge between Dominik Mysterio and his family. More to come on tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW!

RAW Women’s Title Match
Zelina Vega vs. Asuka

We then head back to the ring and Zelina Vega makes her way out first as her music sounds. Next, her opponent, RAW Women’s Champion Asuka makes her way to the ring. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome. The referee then signals for the bell.

The bell rings and Vega strikes first, taking Asuka down. They tangle on the floor and Asuka goes for an early arm bar but Vega fights it off. Asuka keeps control and Vega tries to pull her arm into a hold. Vega keeps going for the arm as Asuka dumps her on the mat. Vega with another submission on the mat now. Asuka finally turns it into a 2 count. Vega rocks her and sends her to the floor. Vega leaps off the apron but Asuka rocks her in mid-air, dropping her on the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Vega kicks Asuka while she’s on her knees. Vega taunts and then slaps Asuka but that just angers Asuka. She unloads and drops Vega into a big knee to the face. Asuka with a Hip Attack in the corner and more offense. Asuka with a big German and more offense for a 2 count. More back and forth now. Vega with another arm submission in the middle of the ring.

Asuka finally powers up and turns the submission into a suplex for a pop. Asuka with kicks to the face while Vega is down. Vega blocks the Asuka Lock. More back and forth on the mat now. Vega quickly gets the bottom rope to break the Asuka Lock. Asuka is distracted by the referee when Vega nails the Backstabber for another close 2 count.

Vega stomps Asuka while she’s down now. Vega goes to the top and hits a moonsault but Asuka gets her knees up. Asuka goes right into the Asuka Lock and Vega taps out.

Winner: Asuka

After the match

Asuka stands tall with the title as her music hits. We go to replays. Vega stares Asuka down from the mat.


We see Big Show, Ric Flair, Christian and Shawn Michaels backstage playing some poker.

Quick Announcement

Drew McIntyre’s Open Challenge for the WWE Title. The only eligible Superstars are ones who have not challenged Drew for the title yet. Back to commercial.

In The Ring - Zelina Vega

We return from commercial break and Andrade was standing in the ring coming out of the break. Andrade states to Vega from the ring "You are nothing without me! Nothing!" Vega looks on from ringside. Andrade continues, "You blame ME for everything. Look at you, Asuka beat you!" Vega headed to the back. Andrade continued his promo while looking into the camera. Andrade said Garza was a weak link and that’s why he was hurt the night before. Andrade boasted that he is the greatest in WWE and asked who wanted to face him.

Keith Lee Accepts

"... for he is Limitless!" The music for Keith Lee sounds as Lee makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, accepting Andrade's challenge.

Andrade vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee enters the ring and stands across from Andrade. The referee signals for the bell, and this match is officially underway! Andrade with a Waistlock on Lee who powers the arms of Andrade apart and counters the move. Lee lifts Andrade up by one arm, manhandling Andrade. Lee throws Andrade across the ring. Lee rushes in, Andrade side steps and Lee is sent into the turnbuckle. Andrade looks to rally as he heads off the ropes, Lee hits a Crossbody on Andrade.

Andrade stands in the corner and Lee hits a Splash, crushing former United States Champion Andrade. Andrade starts throwing strikes at Lee. Andrade heads up top, Lee catches Andrade in a Chokehold, Andrade counters, sending Lee into the turnbuckle, followed by Double Knees by Andrade. Andrade muscles Keith Lee back up to his feet. Lee hits a Spirit Bomb for the counter, then the cover for the three count pin and win! Bask in his Glory!!

Winner: Keith Lee

After the Match

Keith Lee stands tall in celebration of his victory looking into the camera with a smile.

Video - "Earlier Today"

We see a video with The Hurt Business sitting backstage eating when Lashley walks up to the table and there's a random man sitting there as well with MVP and Shelton Benjamin. Lashley says to the man, "You're sitting in my seat." He tries to scoot over, Lashley states, "You're still in my seat!" The man tries to move quickly grabbing his plate when Lashley adds, "...and you're going to take my plate?" The man drops his plate and runs off. Lashley asks MVP, "You want something to eat?" The Hurt Business members laugh together and we head to commercial break!

Announcer's Table

Byron Saxton, Tom Phillips, and Samoa Joe discuss the ongoing feud between Seth Rollins and the Mysterio's as we head into a video from last Monday.

Video Clip - "Last Week"

Seth Rollins declaring "You are NOT the father!" to Mysterio. Rey responds, "She's just 19 years old man, really? She's naïve and knows nothing about our world!" to which Aaliyah runs backstage upset and Rey looks confused.

Backstage - Murphy

As the video clip ends, we head backstage where Murphy is standing alone in the weight room, Seth Rollins walks in and says, "my disciple" and leans in to hug Murphy who keeps his hands clasped at his waist. Rollins asks, "What is wrong? Tonight is a beautiful night. It's the night after Clash of Champions. What's better is tonight is huge night, we get to see what the Mysterios say to Jerry Lawler. Lighten up, it's a big night..." Rollins looks confused by Murphy's ring attire, "What are you wearing? You don't have a match tonight, what are you doing? We have to celebrate tonight, go put on that suit I got you, you look great in it, I got it especially for you. Go on, you'll look great."

Murphy exits as Rollins smiles on. Suddenly, Rollins' smile fades, Rollins notices Murphy's phone laying where Murphy was just sitting. Rollins picks it up and with a sly smile, puts it in his coat pocket. We head to commercial break.

In-Ring Interview - Jerry Lawler and The Mysterios

We return from commercial break and The Mysterio's (Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Rey's wife- Angie, and Rey's daughter Aaliyah) all make their way to the ring which now has a red carpet and a gold couch. "Rey, thank you for joining me tonight. Do you care to comment on what went down last week?" Rey states, "Yes I do." Rey notes that Seth cannot control his own house, so he tries to destroy Rey's. Rey says his family mean the world to him. He adds it takes an evil man to make up such allegations.

Dominik chimes in stating "this has been going on way to long, and has gone way to far. The next time I see Seth Rollins, I'm going put an end to this" Lawler states, "Hold on, hold on, Seth Rollins MAY be lying, because we didn't see any documentation. We did however see Aaliyah get upset at you stating she is naïve and knows nothing of this world." Lawler goes on to point out that Aaliyah went backstage and was approached by Murphy. Aaliyah says that Murphy came up to her, she didn't go looking for him. So she doesn't know what to think of him.

She goes on to state she DOES know that anyone that surrounds themselves with someone like Seth Rollins needs to re-evaluate who they hang around, he's a fraud.

Rollins Responds

"Such harsh words, Mysterio's.... I know I may be the last person you want to see right now. But what I have to tell you tonight, is more important. And it's going to bother me as much as it does you. I need to tell you the truth. One of you, isn't being completely honest with the family. The truth, is that Aaliyah, might not be telling the truth about how she feels about my disciple Murphy. I know, why would you believe me or anything that comes out of my mouth."

Rollins continues, "The thing is, you don't have to believe, my words you can see it for yourself. Take a look at what I found in Murphy's phone" A clip is shown where Rollins apologizes again, adding he hopes she's doing ok, Aaliyah says "Thank you" and says she might take Murphy up on the offer of "someone to talk to" and she then adds "Happy Birthday".

Rollins continues on, "The truth hurts, don't it Rey?" Aaliyah states Murphy is NOT like Seth and exits the ring. Rey and Angie follow.

Murphy Enters

Murphy steps to Rollins and snatches his phone. "What are you so upset about? Seth asks. "You just put it all out to the world. You don't know anything. You don't think the truth is important" Seth begins to laugh. Murphy goes to hit Seth when suddenly Dominik comes in and attacks Murphy. Dominik unloads on Murphy and they brawl as officials try to break it up.

In-Ring - Natalya and Lana

Natalya makes her way to the ring as we are told by Tom Phillips that due to WWE WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler not being medically cleared to compete, they will still have to defend against The Riott Squad when they can. He then adds that Natalya and Lana weigh in after the break.

We return from commercial break and Lana makes her way out. "Lana and I will stand out here all night if we have to, until Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. Phillips announced Dominik Mysterio vs. Murphy for later in the show…

Natalya and Lana stood in the ring and said they would stay out there all night if Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax weren’t stripped of the WWE Women’s Tag Titles. Adam Pearce came out and said they can’t strip Baszler and Jax of the titles, but they could give them a match against the newest members of Raw’s women’s division. Mandy Rose made her entrance and was joined by Dana Brooke. Phillips said Dana Brooke was now a member of the Raw roster…

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke Enter

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke head to the ring as Lana and Natalya look on.

Lana & Natalya vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke

All four women are now in the ring. The referee signals for the bell. The first two women in the ring are Natalya and Brooke. The bell rings and Natalya goes right to work on Brooke, taking her down to the mat. Rose comes in and hits a suplex on Natalya. Brooke comes back in and kicks Natalya in the face for a 2 count. Lana with a cheap shot to Brooke, pulling her down as Brooke didn’t see the tag.

Lana works Brooke over for another 2 count. Lana and Natalya unload on Brooke in the corner now, stomping away. Natalya and Lana with more double teaming and quick offense on Brooke. Lana grounds Brooke and manhandles her some. Lana gets up and slaps Rose in the face while she’s on the apron. Lana goes back to Brooke but ends up getting kicked in the face. Rose tags in and unloads on Lana, also knocking Natalya off the apron.

Rose ends up dropping Lana on her face for a close 2 count. Natalya runs in but Brooke stops her with a clothesline. Lana misses a big kick on Rose. Rose comes back with a pump knee strike for the pin to win.

Winners: Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

After the match

Brooke returns to the ring to hug Rose. They stand tall in the middle of the ring as Rose’s music hits.

Video Clip - "Last Week" On RAW Underground

We see what happened last week with Braun Strowman and Dabba-Kato on The KO Show, with Aleister Black attacking Kevin Owens.

Backstage Promo - Aleister Black

We then cut to backstage somewhere where Aleister Black cuts a promo on Owens. Black says Owens is a good man and good men don’t let bad things happen to them. He goes on and says Owens also has a knack for betraying people. Black recalls how Owens said he was previously with family so he couldn’t help Black, when he had his eye hurt months ago. Black goes on and takes the covering off his eye, saying he doesn’t forget.

Kevin Owens vs. Aleister Black

As Black finishes his statement, we return to the ring and out first comes Kevin Owens as we head to commercial break.

(We return from the break and we see RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits joining the WWE Legends in the back for their poker night.)

We go back to the ring and out comes Aleister Black as his new theme song sounds in the ThunderDome as Owens awaits his opponent inside the ring. The referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and they go at it. Black takes control early on. Owens takes it to the corner and chops Black, then clubs him in the back. Black with a back elbow. Black keeps fighting but Owens drops him again and talks some trash. Owens with more big strikes. Black fights out of the corner and uses the middle rope to choke Owens as the referee warns him. Black with more offense until Owens drops him with an elbow. Owens hits Black while he’s down and kicks hi in the face.

Black kicks Owens and fights back out of a corner. Black clubs Owens and puts a knee to the throat against the ropes. Owens rolls Black up for a 2 count out of nowhere. More back and forth between the two. Black kicks Owens but Owens comes right back with a clothesline. Owens with another clothesline and a senton in the middle of the ring but Black is right back up. Owens with a big German suplex. Black rolls to the floor to regroup as Owens taunts him from the ring as the referee counts.

Owens leaps from the ring and hits a big senton to the floor for a pop. Owens yells out and returns to the ring as we go back to commercial with Black down on the floor.

Black caught Owens with a kick to the back of the head and covered him for a two count. Owens dodged another kick, then superkicked Black and covered him for a two count. Owens fired punches at Black, then sold a leg injury while slowing climbing the ropes. Black cut off Owens and tried to superplex him, but Owens punched him off.

Owens went for a senton, but Black put his knees up. Black hit Owens with a knee to the head and got a near fall. Black covered Owens two more times and got the same result. The referee pulled Black off from attacking Owens. Black turned into a punch from Owens. Black fought back and accidentally hit the referee, who called for the bell.

Winner By Disqualification: Kevin Owens

After the Match

Owens put Black down with a Cutter. Saxton said Black was seeing red and didn’t realize he hit the official. The replay showed that when Black was pulling back to throw a punch at Owens, his elbow hit the referee in the gut.

Backstage - The Hurt Business

The Hurt Business trio of MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin were shown walking backstage. Mustafa Ali exited their locker room. Ali said he must have been lost. MVP said he must have lost his damn mind. MVP shoved Ali. Apollo Crews and Ricochet showed up and held back Ali, then the two sides bickered as we head to commercial break.

Triple Threat 24/7 Championship Match
Drew Gulak vs. Akira Tozawa vs. R-Truth

As we return from commercial break, Phillips notes the next match is a Triple Threat Match between Gulak, Tozawa, and Truth and during the match the normal 24/7 Championship "anytime/anywhere" rules are suspended. The only way to win this match are pin fall, or submission, no count outs. The referee signals for the bell.

Gulak and Tozawa team up on Truth in the corner of the ring, then drag him to the other side of the ring, continuing to attack Truth. Tozawa goes for the cover, Gulak breaks it up throwing him off. Gulak goes for the title, this time Tozawa pulls him off. Truth goes for the cover on Gulak, kick out. Truth attempts the cover on Tozawa, kick out again! Truth begins pummeling Gulak in the corner of the ring when Tozawa Strikes Truth from behind. Tozawa slams Truth into the top turnbuckle. A Double Suplex by Tozawa and Gulak on Truth. Gulak grabs the arm of Truth as Tozawa takes Kicks to the shoulder of Truth.

Truth is now being stretched by both "We will share this title if necessary!" Gulak turns and covers Tozawa who looks angry after the kick out! Gulak throws Tozawa who bumps the referee. Truth up to his knees throws Strikes at Gulak. Gulak goes for the Gu-Lock. Tozawa heads up top and flies into Gulak. Truth sends Tozawa face-first into the canvas. Truth does the AA (nod to hero, Cena) to Gulak and gets the three count pin and win!

(41 Time) Winner: R-Truth

After the Match

Truth quickly exits the ring as commentary notes the whenever/wherever pin fall rule is now back in effect.

Backstage - Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

Charly Caruso notes they will be on RAW Talk tonight. She then asks how the duo became a tag-team. Mandy says Dana has always been there for her. Dana says Mandy is an inspiration as she may get knocked down, but she gets back up again and fights! Mandy notes she knows that The Riott Squad are next in line for the title shot, but just wants them to know, she will be watching.


Dominik Mysterio is seen getting ready for his match tonight with Murphy. We head to commercial break.

Murphy vs. Dominik Mysterio

Out first is Murphy as he makes his way to the ring for his match-up this evening. As Murphy heads down the ramp, we see a clip of Murphy attacking Rollins for sharing his private messages and then Dominik jumping Murphy from behind which set this match for tonight. Out next is Dominik. The referee signals for the bell, the match begins. Immediately as the bell rings, Dominik heads in on Murphy, powering Murphy into the corner. Dominik hyped up sending Murphy to ringside.

Dominik slams Murphy into the barricade several times before rolling him back into the ring. Dominik heads up top as Murphy rolls out of the ring. Dominik goes for the Baseball Slide, Murphy side steps but is still sent into the Announcer's Table. Murphy tosses Dominik OVER the announcer's table. Murphy rolls back into the ring. Murphy rolls back out and drags Dominik to ringside, slamming his head into the apron.

Back in the ring, Dominik off the top with a Crossbody. Dominik hits a Hard Right "I told you not to mess with my sister!"

More back and forth, Dominik hits a Tornado DDT followed by several strikes Murphy is sent to ringside. Dominik follows him out. Dominik sends Murphy into the apron. Dominik pulls the kendo stick from beneath the ring. Aaliyah comes running out, "Just put it down Dom!" Dominik tells her to get out of here. Murphy grabs Dominik from behind and hits a roll up pin!

Winner: Murphy

After the Match

Aaliyah tries to explain that Murphy is not like Seth, Dominik states, "Dad was right, you are naïve!" to which Aaliyah slaps Dominik across the face then leaves him standing at ringside as she heads back up the ramp. We head to commercial break.

Video Clip - Apollo Crews vs/ Bobby Lashley at Clash of Champions

We return from commercial break to see a video clip of Bobby Lashley putting the Hurt Lock on Apollo Crews last night during their match at WWE Clash of Champions to retain the title.


Dolph Ziggler says "I've got something good for you" to Pearce backstage, they head to his office.

Six Man Tag-Team Match vs.
Shelton Benjamin, MVP & United States Champion Bobby Lashley vs. Ricochet, Apollo Crews, & Ali

Out first is The Hurt Business represented by MVP, Bobby Lashley, and Shelton Benjamin as they make their way to the ring in their gold sparkly matching shirts... gangster. MVP grabs the mic and states "Insanity is doing the same thing over, and over, and over and expecting a different result." MVP continues stating he sent Benjamin to Hurt Business boot camp so he doesn't make the same mistakes over and over like Apollo Crews. MVP says he told Crews they would get the title, and he would never see it again. "It looks better on me anyway" Lashley adds.

MVP proceeds to point out the times Crews lost, over, and over adding tonight he's gonna get dropped again. Ricochet, Apollo Crews, and Ali make their way to the ring. All six men inside the ring, MVP and Benjamin are taken out by Ali and Ricochet as they were exiting the ring and giving daps. They then turn their attention on Lashley. They continue brawling at ringside when suddenly...


The lights begin to flicker, Hurt Business members all jump back into the ring and look around as we head to commercial break.

We return from commercial break, and the fight has continued and The Hurt Business has taken control in the match up. Lashley knocks Ricochet off the apron. German Suplex by Crews to Lashley. MVP and Crews (the two legal men) are left as the only two in the ring. Frog Crossbody by Crews takes MVP down. MCP struggles to his corner for a tag. Benjamin tags in as Ricochet tags in too, jumping to the middle of the top rope and flying through the air taking him down! Standing Shooting Star to take out Benjamin.

Ricochet goes for the cover, Benjamin kicks out. Benjamin hits a viscous Knee MVP tags back in. They double team Ricochet with a slam to the canvas for the cover, Ricochet kicks out at two. MVP looking for the Play Maker, Ricochet tries to get a Roundhouse Kick as MVP holds his foot, MVP leans back and Ricochet misses, but Ricochet immediately flies back in the opposite direction and lands the kick from the other direction! Ali in and gets the Neck breaker for the two count.

Lashley runs in and yanks Ali out of the ring to break the pin. MVP left all alone inside the ring as Benjamin nihilates MVP rolls Ali up for a two count, Ali off the top, then hits the Satellite DDT, Ali back up hitting the 450 cover for the THREE COUNT pin and win!

Winners: Apollo Crews, Ricochet and Mustafa Ali!

After the Match

The three victors stand tall with their hands raised to celebrate their victory.

We go backstage to the WWE Legends continuing their poker game. Ric Flair gets a Royal Flush and then hits the "Nature Boy strut" out of the room as we head to commercial break.

Quick Announcement

Dana Rose, Mandy Rose, Mustafa Ali and Murphy are announced to be on tonight's RAW Talk

Video Clip

We see the Retribution promo that dropped last week. "The powerful continue to grow, while we are left with nothing."

Drew McIntyre "Open Challenge" Continues

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre makes his way to the ring as pyro goes off in the ThunderDome. We head to commercial break!

We return to the ThunderDome and in-ring McIntyre stands with a mic. "OK, I am not going to keep the people waiting, who is ready to step up? Nobody then? OK, I guess I'll just talk for the next ten minutes." McIntyre asks how everyone is doing, but is interrupted by....

Dolph Ziggler Joins

Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the stage as McIntyre states "I'm pretty sure I said someone that hasn't had an opportunity."

Robert Roode Accepts!

Robert Roode has returned!! A man that has never challenged for the WWE Championship one-on-one! "I'm back!" Roode exclaims as he makes his way down the ramp. Ziggler states, "Good to see ya!" Roode enters the ring with McIntyre.

WWE Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Robert Roode

The match is officially announced. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Roode goes for the knee of McIntyre (who kicked the driver's side door off the ambulance where he injured his right leg). McIntyre catches Roode in the corner! The match heads to ringside, McIntyre launches Roode into the apron as he catapults him off his back face first. We head to commercial break.

Back from commercial break, Roode continues to attack the injured knee of McIntyre. Roode hits a Clothesline off the top and gets a two count. Roode locks in the Figure Four on McIntyre who is writhing in pain! Drew looks angry as he drops back in agony, McIntyre flips over, reversing the pressure! Roode gets to the bottom rope, breaking the submission, but the damage is done to McIntyre! Roode returns to his feet. McIntyre unable to stand, hits a Glassgow Kiss Headbutt. McIntyre finds a second wind as he feeds off his adrenaline! Roode hits a Spinebuster for the two!

McIntyre rushes in at Roode in the corner, Roode lifts his leg and lands a Kick! DDT by McIntyre on Roode for a two count, only half a second away from retaining the title. Glorious DDT for the two count by Roode. Roode is in disbelief! Roode gets back to his feet shouting "Get up!"McIntyre hits the Claymore for the three count!

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: Drew McIntyre!!

After the Match

McIntyre snatches the belt away from the ref and exits the ring. We head into replays.


A janitor pushing a cleaning cart walks over to "LEGENDS LOUNGE" door, holding a chair. He removes his hood and face mask... It's RANDY ORTON! He puts on Night vision goggles, turning the lights off and we hear lots of slamming!! Then thuds and breaking. "What is Orton doing?" Orton turns the light back on and everyone is laid out and the room is trashed. Orton walks out of the room, putting his hood back on and points as the refs come rushing by. Orton walks off quietly pushing the cart.

The show ends!

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