WWE Raw Talk Recap (1/11/2021)

WWE Results |By Matt Boone |Tue, January 12, 2021 - 11:32AM EST
WWE Raw Talk Recap 1/11/2021

Featured below is a complete recap of the 1/11/2021 episode of Raw Talk, courtesy of Andrew Hatcher and Rajah.com.

Welcome back to the Raw Talk Recap! Joining the show today will be Bobby Lashley and MVP of The Hurt Business, Nia Jax, and Angel Garza. The show is hosted by Sarah Schreiber, who is subbing in for Charly Caruso, and R-Truth. Now that everyone is caught up to speed, it’s time to talk!

Sarah Schreiber welcomes the viewers back to the ThunderDome, alongside her co-host, the reigning “24/7, Seven Eleven, I-95 South, European TV Champion” R-Truth. Sarah talks about one half of "Char-Truth" being unavailable tonight, and she wants her and Truth to be called “Truth Syrup”... Please dont make that a thing. Anyways, they recap the segment between HHH and Randy Orton, as well as Alexa Bliss, and all I can say about that segment is wow. Truth says Alexa has “creepy characteristics” about her, and questions why someone would do what she did to another person. Truth tells Sarah “it’s to much”, and Sarah moves on to talking about Drew McIntyre, who has accepted Goldberg’s challenge, for the match at the Royal Rumble. Sarah calls the night “thrilling and terrifying”, before bringing out the first guest, Angel Garza.

Will You Accept This Rose?

Garza kicks off the interview by asking Sarah why she’s “so alone”, and he gives her a rose. Sarah questions Garza about being tricked by The Boogeyman last week, but Garza continues to flirt with her. Angel tells her they can “look in each other’s eyes”, as replays of last weeks segment are aired. Sarah says the flirting has cost him the title, and wonders if it has cost him any opportunities. Angel says no, and tells Sarah that when he sees her “everything is ok”. Truth starts to get frustrated that Garza is ignoring his questions, and starts to make fun of him for thinking he would see celebrities backstage. Garza tells him to “shut your mouth” and “give me your chair”. Garza and Truth start to argue, and Sarah asks what he wants to happen in 2021. Truth says “he wants a woman” and Garza tells Sarah “2021 is my year”. Garza flirts with Sarah one more time, and Truth tells her not to “fall for that”, as Garza walks away. The show then heads straight into the next guest, “The Irresistible Force” Nia Jax.

Every Woman For Herself

Nia joins the desk, and Sarah asks about her and Shayna winning tonight. Sarah wonders if Shayna winning for them will cause a rift between the two, since Nia looked a little upset after the win. Nia tells Sarah not look down on her, and says she supports Shayna, even though Shayna scored the win for them. Sarah continues trying to imply that the team may have problems, and Nia says there are no problems between them. Sarah slows her role, and calls the duo a “dominant team”. Nia says she was “off kilter” tonight, but when it’s every woman for herself at the Royal Rumble, everything will be ok. Nia ask Truth if he trusts her in the Royal Rumble, and Truth says “hell nah”. Remember when Nia and Truth crossed paths in the Rumble? Pepperidge Farm remembers! Anyways, Nia asks what would happen if it came down to the two of them in the final 2 of the rumble match, and Nia says everything will be great when “they win”. Sarah makes sure she understands what Nia is telling her, and wonders again if she and Shayna will work together, or fight each other. Nia tells her “you’ll just have to wait and see”. Sarah talks about Shayna’s loss last week, and Nia tells her Shayna “is a legitimate killer”. Nia finishes talking about her partner, saying “when she’s able to turn it on, get out of her way”. Sarah thanks Nia for joining, and her music plays her off. Next up, The Hurt Business.

Business is Booming

MVP and Bobby Lashley join the desk, and Sarah asks them about both or their matches with Riddle. MVP brags, because he still has Riddles blood on his jacket, and that’s not sanitary. Truth, who has had his problems with The Hurt Business, tells MVP he doesn’t want to “end up in Nelson from the Simpson’s”. Lashley joins the conversation, and he cant be heard, because he’s holding the mic down for some reason. Sarah presses forward with the interview, and calls Riddle a thorn in Bobby’s side. Lashley, who we can hear now, laughs at the statement from Sarah, and says Riddle isn’t a problem, before mentioning that “The Hurt Business has big plans this year”. Truth gives his two cents, and tries to ask another question, but MVP grabs him by the collar, and starts to threaten him. MVP begins to talk again, and Truth pokes fun at him and Lashley, telling them they both “look like they could eat a sack of nuts”. Truth then asks for an apology, but MVP snatches him up again, until Bobby pulls him off. Truth tells Sarah MVP “don’t know how to act”, as The Hurt Business walks away. Sarah thanks the viewers for joining, and the show fades to black.

That’s all for this weeks edition of the Raw Talk recap! Join me next Tuesday morning, for a brand new edition of the recap.